"Aryan Nations" Hold Rally


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"Aryan Nations" Hold Rally

BETHANY BEACH, Del. - Members of the Aryan Nations protested in a rally on the boardwalk of Bethany Beach today, but others protested back.

The white supremacist group disguised their faces with confederate flags in fear of losing their jobs, but they say they held the rally to make their point.

Throughout the day, members of the group went back and forth with the screaming crowd to try and voice their opinions about immigration, race, and the government.

The organizers also defended themselves, saying they were not being racist. "If you focus on color, then I call you the racist," said one of the members. "That's what I say, I don't focus on color. You look at us because we're flying an Aryan Nations flag, and you look at us and we're flying the Betsy Ross flag. You don't see swastikas."

But there were people that felt offended by the words that were said.

"The message of hatred upsets me, white people don't wake up everyday and think about the color of their skin," said a local woman.

Another man said he supported their statements but is not a racist. "They wanted to be able to go home tonight and say these guys are nutty racists look at the guys wearing this shirt," said the man, who was wearing a shirt with a swastika.

In response, the first resident said, "I'm sorry, as a Jew I can't get past the swastika on your shirt."

There was constant yelling and screaming at the rally between these people.

They were holding signs protesting against the rally and their statements.

However, one man seemed to be taking his own side. He said that many should accept the group. "I think it's the organization that people are more inferiorated by and not really accepting the presence of the organization," he said.

Delaware State Police, Bethany Beach Police, and even the F.B.I was on high alert. Fortunately, there was no physical violence.