NSM anti-immigration fliers upset some (not all)


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NSM anti-immigration fliers upset some (not all)

Neo-Nazi anti-immigration fliers upset some in Fort Collins
National Socialist Movement distributes anti-immigration materials in Old Town

About 300 anti-immigration fliers were distributed by the nation's largest Neo-Nazi group last week in Old Town, sparking outrage by some Fort Collins residents and peace groups.

The fliers were created and circulated by the National Socialist Movement, or NSM, and included the depiction of a white baby lying in a white hand as well as a call to stop illegal immigration written in capital letters.

The flier said the mission to stop illegal immigration came from "the God who created our great race."

Paul Bame received a flier on his car parked on Walnut Street outside of the Armad
illo restaurant. Bame said he didn't know what the flier was at first, but when he read it, it made him sick to his stomach.

"It makes me concerned about legal and illegal immigrants in our community," Bame said.

"To me it's disgusting," said Fort Collins' Carron Silva, whose neighbor showed her a flier.

"The image suggests an underlying message not just of immigration but keeping pure-whites pure.

"It was not a message of tolerance but of separation, and I found it appalling."

Peace groups such as the Center for Justice, Peace and Environment's Fuerza Latina and Not in Our Town Alliance, or NIOTA, are responding to the incident.

Fuerza Latina held a meeting Sunday to discuss reactions, and the peace groups are working together to create "action steps" in support of Hispanic populations and to prevent any further possible injustices, NIOTA's Cheryl Beckett said.

Beckett did not get a flier on her car.

The 8½-by-11 fliers were handed out just north
of Old Town Square on Linden Street and the surrounding area, tucked under vehicles' windshield wipers.

A crew of five NSM members passed out the fliers, including NMS' Denver unit leader, Neal Land.

Land said the fliers were created to spread awareness about illegal immigration, to which the NSM organization stands overtly against.

"As a group, we are dead against it for the first word there: Illegal. Unlawful. Wrong," Land said.

Fort Collins police patrolman Marcus Hopkins said police had been notified, but no charges were filed.

"It's freedom of speech," he said.

Police were notified only to increase awareness about the activity in case more serious incidents occurred.