We just won't cop it, say Melton police



We just won't cop it, say Melton police


2 Aug 11

AN African-Australian refugee advocacy group says Victoria Police’s response to reports of racist gangs operating in Melton is ``completely unacceptable’‘.
Dr Berhan Ahmed from Footscray-based group African Think Tank said it was “completely wrong to say that there is not a particular issue’‘.
Police have again played down fears, saying there is no evidence or reports made to suggest racist gangs are attacking the town’s African population.
The concerns were raised after a report, Bridging the Gap, was commissioned by Melton state Labor MP Don Nardella.
The report claimed that two anti-black youth gangs were operating in Melton.
Police say one of the groups mentioned has been shut down and believe the other is not operating.
They also say online pictures and videos of the gangs are quite old, and some of the people pictured have already been dealt with by police.
Superintendent Graham Kent told Melbourne radio last week gangs were not operating in Melton.
“There are not gangs, let alone heavily armed gangs, roaming the streets of the north-western suburbs terrorising people,’’ Supt Kent said.
“It is not happening in Melton.’‘
Dr Ahmed said Australian-African community leaders have tried to get the police to take action regularly and frequently.
“There is a particular issue and it is growing,’’ Dr Ahmed said.
“Just by posting their hate-filled videos and photos online, these gangs have committed a crime.
“Preaching hatred and racism must never be acceptable by anyone in Australian society.’‘
Acting Chief Commissioner Ken Lay has reportedly held a meeting with Dr Ahmed to discuss his concerns.
Melton state Labor MP Don Nardella said he fully supported Melton police in assisting African residents in Melton.
“Their recent African Forum in Werribee, and the recent Melton Police African Community Forum in June 2011, were both resounding successes in understanding cross cultural issues and in community fabric building,” he said.

It will take time until white Australians will accept Africans into community.
One thing I can say for sure is that Africans should learn how to beehive towards white people, after all they are newcomers and should accept our culture, not just us accepting their culture. Africans should cut down their arrogance towards Australians to be more accepted in our community. Their culture uniforms is also causing disturbance as it is with Islamic in Australia. They came here from disturbed nation and brought with them their culture displaying it openly across the board. Why they don’t accept our culture and leave behind their past troubles and start to join free country that is behaving like humans.