White Revolution newsletter (Summer 2011)


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The White Revolution Newsletter

P.O. Box 1721, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560

Summer 2011

Racial greetings to all White Revolution members and official supporters!

This has been one of the hottest summers on record for the past thirty years, as most of you know, which has severely limited most outdoor recruiting activities. Everything has not been stagnant due to the heat, however. Our alliance with The Knights Party led by Pastor Thomas Robb has grown stronger than ever after my speech at their Faith and Freedom Conference, and White Revolution has sponsored multiple group trips to the shooting range this summer, as well as a float trip and a couple of barbecues. Our focused activism online, particularly through social media networks such as facebook, where our network has grown to over a thousand, has led to new members and supporters, and extended networks of community based mutual support. Many of these online activists have since brought their families out to meet our families, and become friends, as well as political allies and comrades in the cause of White racial survival.

All of us know, with the temporarily forestalled budget crisis, the roller-coaster stock market, and the sickly economy, that the United States of America will cease to exist as we know it within our lifetimes. As riots in Greece, England, and across the U.S. from Philadelphia to Wisconsin show, things will unravel quickly, once the tipping point is reached. When America goes down, we all need to have established networks of friends and families in our communities with whom we can barter, trade, cooperate, and even support through mutual defense against any aggressor, from a horde of starving urban third worlders, to tyrannical government from any level, or any foreign nation. Think of it as a Zombie Apocalypse scenario, and build those relationships NOW. Network with rural farmers, mechanics, gun dealers, hunters, and those with skills and outlooks which will help them and their families when the time comes. Become known to them on a personal level, and befriend them. So long as they are White and not Anti-Racist, politics can be secondary to these community networking relationships. Begin networking with others online, too. You’d be surprised how many people locally you will meet online whom you might never meet otherwise, even though you live geographically close to them.

Nationalist Party of America campaign update

For those who are interested in pragmatically helping us gain as much amplification of our White Nationalist message as possible through the controlled media, you can join in by directing people to http://www.nationalistpartyofamerica.org, where our political campaign is directed towards gaining and networking the volunteers needed to gather the signatures of registered voters on ballot access petitions available from their state’s Secretary of State’s office, to allow us to get on the ballot in their state. If you haven’t visited the NPA website yet, take a look!

Google “Billy Roper café press”� to see the ten different designs of campaign merchandise, including t-shirts, duffel bags, bumper stickers, hoodies, water bottles, clocks, baseball jerseys, caps, and all kinds of other items available for order to help spread the word about the campaign! Get yours now…;->

White Family Network Christmas Drive

White Revolution is already gearing up for the White Family Network Christmas Drive.

We have collected, and are collecting, new and good used children’s clothes, jackets, and toys, and will be distributing them to needy White families who are struggling in this terrible economy. It is up to YOU to send us the donated clothes, toys, and gifts, and to nominate eligible White families who need help. Our only expense will be in shipping the donated items to the families in need, which we call upon our members and supporters to help with, throughout the fall. Send donated items, funds for the expense of shipping them, and the name and addresses of families needing assistance to: White Revolution, P.O. Box 1721, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560. When nominating families for the White Family Network Christmas Drive, please include the ages, gender, and sizes of clothing of their children, if possible.

White Revolution Prisoner Affairs Department: White Prisoner Newsletter

There are currently over one hundred racially conscious White prisoners on the White Revolution Prisoner Affairs Department White Prisoner Newsletter mailing list, who receive at least a monthly newsletter from us containing articles, essays, poems, and other material of an inspirational nature. Many of them also receive personal correspondences from us, and to be frank, we receive more correspondence from White prisoners, than we do from our own members and supporters on the outside, in any given month. If you would like to help write to some of these prisoners to remind them that they are not alone, or if you would like to designate a donation specifically towards the printing, stamps, envelopes, and paper to continue this service for them, don’t hesitate to let them know.

AlThing 2011

At the end of this month, the Blood and Honour American Division, of which White Revolution is an organizational member, will be holding our annual AlThing in Missouri. There will be plenty of food, live music, camaraderie, camping, Highland games, speeches, and a whole weekend of solidarity. Contact us ASAP if you are interested in attending this event over Labor Day weekend.

In late September, White Revolution Chairman Billy Roper has been invited to speak at the Aryan Nations Congress in Louisiana. Many of you may have heard his recent internet radio interviews with different White Nationalist organizations from Christian Identity ministers to Creativity Movement leaders, or read several internet blog interviews or mainstream media articles about the Nationalist Party of America presidential campaign. If not, you haven’t been paying attention! Check in at our organizational website, http://www.whiterevolution.com, to stay current, and remember that the WR Forum is always available for discussions on organizational issues, news, and current events of interest to our people. I’d like to encourage all of you to network more with one another, and with our larger racialist community, as well as with potential allies in your own communities. Look around yourself, and seek out those whom you like to have watching your back when canned food and ammunition become the new currency, as it soon might. Until that time, let’s work on awakening, encouraging, and activating as many of our fellow White Americans as possible, so they will be ready to stand with us on that day.

Please remember that you can reach White Revolution Chairman Billy Roper through e-mail at roper_billy@yahoo.com, and look us up on facebook, as well as the Nationalist Party of America community there.

Thank you all for your friendship and support over the last few months, which have been challenging for our family, as it has been for many others, but we still stand strong and proud, and hope you do, too!

Billy Roper
P.O. Box 1721
Mountain View, Arkansas 72560