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https://www.unz.com/jfreud/america-...elf-extermination-to-the-world/#new_comments/ Jung-Freud, 28 Dec 22

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"Good-Evil" Don't Exist Except As Madness, Like Satanism And Hubris
(Apollonian, 1 Jan 23)

No, "evil" (or "good") is not "plain to those w. eyes to see"; it couldn't be as it is abstract, an idea or notion or perhaps a quality of idea or notion--to judge fm how it is understood and spoken of. "Evil" couldn't be "greed" as it is so common, not always acted upon, and regarding "violence," there is defensive violence--these are just examples of ur own mental incoherence and the great difficulty in saying what it is or could be.

"[H]atred of life on earth?--I guess Homer is "evil" when he says (in effect) that life sucks--life is one problem after another, and it can be quite painful and bothersome at times for lots of folks. "Hatred"/repulsion has degrees to it, like love/attraction, they being emotional reciprocals. Hatred could be mild dislike or annoyance, like affection is somewhat attractive fragrance.

Yes, "evil" and "good" are subjective--"evil" is what I don't like, etc. So u effectively admit as it is subjective, it doesn't and couldn't really exist. "Ethno-religious fanaticism"?--well, I take it seriously, and as I note, Christianity and satanism are two tremendously PHILOSOPHICAL-oriented religions, "religion" the outer husk and vehicle designed to make them (the philosophy) relatable or practically applicable for humans, the social gatherings and prayers, the icons and statuary, even the music and choral singing, etc. U may see it as "fanaticism," but I merely consider I take it w. great seriousness--as so many do--pls excuse us for that seriousness which u see as "fanatic," but I assure u I try to temper it all w. reason, as Christ (or the Holy Spirit) would have us do, right?

Thus Judaism is forthright militarism--war against humanity and "Amalek" (gentiles), and it entails sociology, politics, and economics. Christianity is literary allegory upon TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) as it makes its painful way through life of persecution and suffering, each one who defends such truth having to bear his/her "cross," which truth can NEVER be killed as u Pharisees tried to kill Christ, because truth arises fm the objective reality. And such God-given reality cannot be killed, truth ALWAYS RESURRECTING, coming back to bite--u Jews universally and understandably hated by all races and cultures, kicked-out of nearly every country numerous times--there are more expulsions coming, comrade, don't doubt.

Thus the Christ figure in New Test. need never to have existed in actual reality and history--it's just a mythic characterologic substitute for the sacred truth. And "satan"?--satan doesn't exist either, but satanism surely does: it's that extreme HUBRIS which imagines it is literally God-like, as the Jews do, pretending they create reality, according to the definition. But satanism isn't "evil"--it's simply madness--somewhat like u, Mulga, would u say?

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268. mulga mumblebrain says:
January 1, 2023 at 5:10 am GMT • 8.2 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

Evil is plain to those with eyes to see. Evil is greed and violence, and the hatred of Life on Earth. Of course the judging of Evil is subjective. You may indeed find the destruction of Life and unbridled greed to not be wicked. That is your prerogative. You may indulge it, and your pretentious illiteracy to your heart’s content.
I certainly don’t see Evil in everyone, but I get a whiff of it reading your pompous rant, with its stench of ethnoreligious fanaticism. Satan keeps you awake at night, does he? Apollo? More a cut-rate Dionysus, drunk on his own bombast.
https://www.unz.com/jfreud/america-...elf-extermination-to-the-world/#new_comments/ Jung-Freud, 28 Dec 22

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Mulga Resorts To Babbling For Opposition To Western (Hence Christian) Culture
(Apollonian, 2 Jan 23)

Sorry Mulga, buddy, but I don't think u're all there; u make no sense (as regarding ur "good-evil" nonsense). Christianity is worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), perfectly rationalistic, and it effectively provides its philosophic framework in the mythic allegory as presented in New Test.--no less than the previous Western, Greek paradigm given by Homer in "Illiad" and "Oddysey"--Christianity was/is the "new wave," so to speak, including, entailing, but also superseding Homer, as it did Old Test.

Thus Christianity affirms the OBJECTIVE reality in opposition to the extreme subjectivism/satanism given in Judaic "Oral Law Trad."--which devilry seems to rule ur mind, eh?--along w. so many others. And there are no "Christian atrocities" anymore than there are Homeric atrocities. U admire "hubris"?--I suggest that's good part of ur problems--u seem to imagine chutzpah is the be-all and end-all for things. Get a brain and a clue.

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274. mulga mumblebrain says:
January 2, 2023 at 7:58 am GMT • 6.8 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

But Apollo, how do you explain ‘Christian’ atrocities? You know, the Thirty Years War, colonial exterminations in the New World, witch-burnings, Inquisitions, religious wars like the one in Ukraine now, Judeophobia such as yours etc. Satan taking over, is it.

Christ is a great moral teacher, but is he any greater than the Buddha, Lao Zi, Mo Zi, Confucius etc. His morality, minus the religious mambo-jambo, has been reiterated by other moral teachers for millennia, and mostly totally ignored by ‘Christians’ only really interested in ‘pie in the sky, when you die’. What on Earth does ‘objective reality’ or Truth have to do with belief in a patriarchal, vengeful, God? Doesn’t Jesus say that you must accept all the Judaic insanity of the Old Testament, with its misogyny, homophobia, contempt for nature (‘subdue the world’)etc? I do admire your hubris, however.
https://www.unz.com/jfreud/america-...elf-extermination-to-the-world/#new_comments/ Jung-Freud, 28 Dec 22

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Poor Mulga, Filled With Chutzpah (And Little Else) Stuck Upon Horns Of Dilemma
(Apollonian, 4 Jan 23)

Mulga, buddy: u're just one of the more successful TROLLS for Unz Review, aren't u?--not that I object, old buddy. For what is a troll but some cantankerous individual who cannot be handled so easily, rhetorically or polemically, by the regulars--who can't pin a troll like u down except to observe u're a troll who hypocritically calls out others for their trolling, right? Ho ho ho

But so far we've exposed u for ur chutzpah pretending to be arbiter of non-existent "good-evil," typical denouncer of "racism" which is actually outstanding virtue of LOYALTY. And now here we see u want to play both sides of Christian vs. satanic (as if u even understand Christianity)--like u do for "good vs. evil," and now subjective vs. objective.

Regardless, TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) can only exist in an objective reality--which rejects ur satanism which satanism is founded naturally in subjectivism, satanism the exploiter of subjectivism and hence all the pathetic, over-populated "liberals" and leftist weaklings and inferiors--where truth becomes merely "truth" of the relativist (subjectivist), Talmudic "midrash" and "party-line," enforced by the Gestapo, so to speak, of arbitrary good/evil and "liberal" enforcers as we presently see--anti-fa and Black Lives Matter, et al.

So here's ur problem, Mulga, buddy: as Aristotle pt'd out, objective reality is axiomatic--meaning it can't be denied without contradiction--as subjectivism is grossly and plainly absurd. We only understand as we reason and make use of logic, and u can't have those without objectivity--so we're stuck w. objectivity, which precludes ur chutzpah and equally absurd and non-existent "good-evil" which only works for children and inferiors like "liberals" and leftists. Poor Mulga who cannot stand truth or objectivity.

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287. mulga mumblebrain says:
January 4, 2023 at 7:43 am GMT • 4.9 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

What ‘objective’ reality would that be? Life after death, for Eternity, or boiling in agony in Hell, for Eternity? What is Eternity after all? That is meant to be ‘Truth’ in your psychic inferno, is it? And what is an atrocity committed by ‘Christians’? ‘Collateral damage’ to the ‘Truth’? You’re not even seeking the Truth-apparently you had it from birth.
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"Nuremberg Trials"?--Just A Big Joke On Humanity
(Apollonian, 4 Jan 23)

What National Socialist "crimes against humanity" are u talking about?--don't u know there's no such thing?--are u daft? "Nuremberg judges"?--that was a kangaroo court and a gross farce--and what is it that u pretend to "know"?--tell us.

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548. René Fries says:
January 4, 2023 at 9:17 am GMT • 4.1 hours ago • 100 Words ↑
@mulga mumblebrain

Albert Speer

I’ve quoted out of his book Au coeur du Troisième Reich and I forgot to mention that if he is quite trustworthy as to anecdotal statements (for instance Bormann ranting against the Church), he is simply lying each and every time when writing about his “ignorance” of the Nazi crimes against Humanity. Indeed he was part of Hitler’s inner circle, and owed his life to the Nuremberg judges not yet knowing what we now know.
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Satanist Subjectivism Vs. Christian Truth--As In Book Of Revelations
(Apollonian, 4 Jan 23)

<blockquote>"Can’t wait for the part when the plebs wake up and go on a zombie massacre."</blockquote> I quite agree, but note there are other possibilities as the oligarchs imagine they'll stay in their bunkers while the goyim kill one another off--which also seems plausible. But regardless, these oh-so-clever masterminds will still need their "shabbat-goyim," and that's where it gets "real." For then, the masterminds themselves will inevitably fall-out w. one another, the reductio-ad-absurdum to the whole trans-humanist scheme, plot, and conspiracy. For "there's no honor among thieves."

Consider that it's already happening: the "globalist"-atheist, leftist Jews, on the one hand, who seriously want to reduce population, but who are opposed by those "rightist" Jews, as of Israel, supported by the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org for expo) heretics, who want to keep goyim around for shabbat duty--maybe it's a genuine conflict there among Jew masterminds who otherwise feature such collectivist solidarity.

Regardless, it only goes to show the enduring reality of Darwinism, Hobbes, Homer, St. Augustine, and that sinful nature of humanity as depicted so well in the topic article. It's truly TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. lies (JOHN 8:44), and Book of Revelations, truth founded necessarily in objective reality vs. that subjective reality being satanically imposed as by fake-news, public edjewmacation, etc.

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7. mephisto says:
January 4, 2023 at 6:08 am GMT • 7.7 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

1)Revolution, which this whole thing is in a sense, always breeds counter-revolution. The moment Rothschild, the true master, comes out of hiding, he will be cut down in a counter-revolution struggle for power.

2)True AI with true consciousness, if that ever comes to pass, will kill them all. Justice is a universal value, just like the speed of light. To be truly conscious is to have justice. True AI will destroy all these vermins even if they succeed in killing us all.

I have survived the first part so. As I have posted many times before here, that it was all Darwinian. We’ll see many more deaths in the years to come. TBH it’s exciting as hell. Can’t wait for the part when the plebs wake up and go on a zombie massacre.
Below-copied by ap submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/jtaylor/what-it-means-to-be-white/#comments/ Taylor, 23 Dec 22

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Satanic Process And Historic "Decline" Phase Requires Urgent Expo
(Apollonian, 4 Jan 23)

One has difficulty disagreeing w. u, as u're so well on top of the subject-matter, BUT I always pt. out that the primary cultural problem is SATANISM--and it's gotten really horribly bad lately, and it is true, Jews are leading satanists, most organized due to their thematic collectivism, and their Zohar (Cabala) is notorious source of their definitive "mysticism" (distinct fm Talmudic law), featuring satan as mere "emanation" (form) of God--God with a double nature.

And again, note the most receptive satanist dupes among the goyim are the presently over-populated, dominant, and even militant "liberals" and leftists now legion among the dupes and goons, so insistently, obsessively, and compulsively keen upon non-existent, moralistic "good-evil" which is totally subjective, hence under control of satanists/subjectivists--like Jews, who take fullest advantage, these dupes and goons, so over-populated, led by such as "anti-fa" and BLM, among others, and including such as Anti-Defamation League leaders, "organizers," and especially financiers--George Soros infamously funding the communist, satanist local District Attorneys, et al., not to mention the "fake-news" media which is integral instrument of the latest, un-folding satanist developments and activities, and the public "edjewmacation," etc.

Note these over-populated goons, inferiors, and weaklings, desperately seeking approval of their masters are the NATURAL consequences of a corrupt and DECLINING culture as described so well by Oswald Spengler in his "Decline of the West." For the original founding generations of conquerors soon enough give birth to following generations who have it too easy, not having to fight and work like their forbears, who become HUBRISTIC and corrupt, pretending now they're "good" by means of their treason and satanic corruption.

Specifically, note the criminal and fraudulent instrument of central-banking and issuance of fiat-currency (see Mises.org for expo; use site search-engine for specific terms), literally legalized counterfeiting, which replaces REAL MONEY, commodity-based, like gold/silver, which has "intrinsic value" as it is FINITE and limited in quantity, now replaced w. theoretically un-limited, INFINITE currency--which now gives the criminals and oligarchs OVERWHELMING power with consequent oceans of currency flooding the economy/society ("inflation"), giving them previously un-imagined power to fund imperialist wars and much else too, buying-up the media, all politicians, judges, public edjewmacation--EVERYTHING and everyone, w. few exceptions--the key, core, and essence of corruption and power, inexorably turning the society into a satanic sewer, as we see, bringing in hordes of cheap labor, replacing the original race which founded the society in first place, etc.

The goons and fools can't think past the idea of INFINITE currency, which they imagine is such a great development over the old-fashioned "relic" of gold/silver, and cannot connect such out-of-control spending with the consequent and obligatory INFLATION which necessarily takes place, as John Maynard Keynes noted, "not one in a thousand" capable of figuring-out the connection btwn the two. Such central-banking then is the DIRECT and immediate instrument of such SATANIC development.

Thus the cultural catastrophe which naturally and historically ALWAYS takes place in CYCLIC fashion, according to Spengler and Biblic Book of Revelations, makes the criminal conspiracy and enterprise of central-banking a literal MONOPOLY, source of cause of resulting satanism leading naturally to civil warfare, quite aside fm the obligatory imperialism, as we see now as we speak, and the only real immediate solution is SECESSION and "nullification" as featured by such true and genuine hero and genius as John C. Calhoun--also Thomas Jefferson and Madison. So u see we MUST agree w. ur excellent pt., but it only needs fuller development and hist. sociologic ref. for the people to see and understand best of all the whole, large network. We're simply repeating old history.

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1. anarchyst says:
December 24, 2022 at 4:38 pm GMT • 11.1 days ago • 100 Words ↑

Jared Taylor is purposely not naming “the elephant in the room”.
Although Mr. Taylor is doing Whites a valuable service he still “misses the mark”.
Attn: Mr. Taylor, it’s the JEWS.
It’s always the JEWS.

JEWS corrode, debase and eventually destroy every societies that they are allowed to occupy. The historical record shows the parasitic nature of the JEWS.
Why have JEWS been kicked out of 109 countries throughout history?
Answer THAT, Mr. Taylor…if you dare.

• Agree: Zane, eudion2, AndrewR
• Disagree: Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque
• Replies: @didactic1, @Rogue, @CelestiaQuesta, @awry, @Shamu, @Doug Ryler
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Below-copied by ap submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/jfreud/the-new-civil-war-in-america-will-be-white-vs-white/Jung-Freud, 5 Jan 23

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Remember: History Is CYCLIC According To Spengler, Biblic Book Of Revelations
(Apollonian, 6 Jan 23)

Well, the civil war never ended fm time of the 1860s, of course, but the present is STILL the same old satanic (led by Jews, of course) vs. the REAL Christianity, worship of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6); truth vs. lies; objective-determinist vs. subjectivism and HUBRIS of a perfectly “free” human will that equates w. Godliness, etc., including the usual fallacious, delusionary “good-evil” for the goons and children, as always.

More specifically and existentially, the problem is the criminal central bank, the US Federal Reserve (the “fed”), issuing all the fiat-currency (legalized counterfeiting), giving the ruling oligarchs and satanists an overwhelming power, beginning in finance as according to the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”–and they head the “globalist”-satanists-atheist “leftist” faction, leading the over-populated masses of “liberals” and “progressive” goons.

The pretended “opposition” to these “globalist”-leftists is everyone else in general, but they’re mostly led by the vaguely “Christian,” but especially by the hereticalist “Judeo-Christians” (JCs–see Whtt.org for expo) who pretend Christ was “Jew” and support terror-state of Israel (why they get the funding fm a few dissident Jews who oppose–or pretend to oppose–the leftists)–these are the main “players” in the “good-cop vs. bad-cop” charade featured and hyped by the Jews-media and others, like the public edjewmacation establishment.

And this “good-cop vs. bad cop” charade will continue till the central-bank, the “fed,” goes bust, which looks like it might well be pretty soon, the Petro-dollar tottering and getting ready to collapse. So the “solution” is simply the exhaustion of the present system of central-banking, but also secession of the states and nullification of the un-Constitutional laws–pretty simple, really (see TenthAmendmentCenter.com). Also the hereticalist JCs need to be dealt with, part of the strength of the Jews, but that will be relatively easy w. passing of the imperialist-fascist ZOG gov. and “fed.”

Real Christianity will RESURRECT. But note, as history is CYCLIC things will corrupt again in the future and next cycle. Such is tragic human existence, never forget.
Below-copied by ap submitted, but deleted/CENSORED by the kike's buddy, kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/know-th...question-1850-1945/#comment-5744133/MacDonald, 4 Jan 23

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Jews Absolutely HATE Real Metaphysics--Like They Hate Truth (= Christ)
(Apollonian, 7 Jan 23)

"Adorno...," buddy, I must second "Pierre...," at # 76, above, for calling u out so well, so succinctly, as u "protesteth [wayyyyy] too much." U're classic example of one who babbles with sooooo many items and details, thus getting soooo lost within the proverbial "trees," that u lose sight of the "forest," missing the real pt. to things so sadly for all the work u put into ur babbling, and all the work we readers put into the reading.

Just take one little short paragraph of urs: <blockquote>"My point is that to posit a relevant and coherent criticism of anything, especially Jewish power, you have to know what you are talking about. You have to know a little Hebrew, just like you need a little Latin to understand Latin Christendom. To understand Jewish power, you need to be able to comprehend the difference between the Mishnah and the Gemara, between a Yom Tov and Kol be-Seder …"</blockquote> For ur quoted segment of babbling is plainly false--an outright lie--and the wonder is u have the chutzpah to pretending u're Christian. For Judaism is satanism, pure and simple, and our leader, Christ, gives us that simple info at Gosp. JOHN 8:44--and if u were really ANY kind of "Christian," u'd have known that famous citation for New Test. What's the use of all ur wide-ranging reading and study if u forget something so important?

Talk about "metaphysics"?--what is Judaism/Talmudism?--it's "Oral Law Trad.," pure and simple, the Torah "interpreted" ("midrash") for the "good," benefit, dominance, and secure rulership of Jews--it's not only SUBJECTIVISM (consciousness creating reality--see ur Wikipedia entry on that subject), but it's extreme subjectivism, the making of oneself (collectivistically in case of Jews in general) to be co-equal w. God the creator--satanism by definition. Thus "Gemara" is the midrash of "Mishnah," the interpretation of the interpretation, ho ho ho ho. Some "metaphysics," eh? U Jews are toooooo clever by half, as the saying goes.

And Christ?--Christ is truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which "truth" is impossible and meaningless without the God-given OBJECTIVE reality for context and foundation. Christianity is worship of truth, pure and simple, to start off with. Judaism features a "truth" of relativist acclamation, the "party-line" handed down fm the rabbis--it could change according to rabbinic whim the next day, or week, or month.

Thus the rabbis thought they'd handled the Christ problem when they had him executed--"so much for Christ," they chortled to themselves. But real truth of objective reality cannot be killed anymore than that reality can be killed, and the joke is on u Jews, truth always RESURRECTING, coming back to bite, u Jews hated and detested by all peoples, races, and cultures all throughout history and the world, kicked out of nearly every country and land, some several times.

And if a religion, any religion, were really such "rocket-science," as u falsely pretend, like Judaism, then it would be useless as practically no one would be able to understand it--but Christ understood, and so he conveyed it to the world as noted, above--another reason u Jews hate Christ and Christianity so much--u hate truth and the objective nature, and that's the real "metaphysics" of things cultural, isn't it?

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127. Adorno Wasn't Jewish says:
January 6, 2023 at 11:55 am GMT • 23.0 hours ago • 1,900 Words
@Pierre de Craon [pls go to the link, above, top, to see the complete text]
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