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DEEP STATE COUP: Intel Agencies Spied On, Withheld Information From President Trump, CIA Official Admits​

by Jamie White
May 1st 2024, 5:37 pm


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Former CIA Directors Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel coordinated to withhold classified information from Trump because "he’ll leak those details."

Alex Jones joins James O’Keefe’s X Spaces discussion to break down these bombshell revelations and how to move forward with holding the Deep State accountable.

A CIA cyber operations project manager admitted in undercover video that intelligence agencies deliberately withheld information from President Donald Trump while he was in office and regularly spied on him and his family.
Amjad Fseisi, a project manager working in Cyber Operations for the CIA and an NSA contractor with top-secret clearance working for accounting firm Deloitte, told an O’Keefe Media Group journalist that intel agencies “kept information from him [Trump] because we knew he’d fucking disclose it.”

Alex Jones joins James O’Keefe’s X Spaces discussion Wednesday to break down these bombshell revelations and how to move forward with holding the Deep State accountable:

“So the agencies kind of, like, all got together and said, we’re not gonna tell Trump…Director of the CIA would keep [information from Trump]…” he said.

“The executive staff. We’re talking about the director and his subordinates,” former CIA Directors “Gina Haspel…And I believe Mike Pompeo did the same thing too.”
Amjad reasons “There are certain people that would…give him a high-level overview but never give him any details. You know why? Because he’ll leak those details…He’s a Russian asset. He’s owned by the fucking Russians.”

“He could ask, but if he doesn’t know he doesn’t know,” he added.
Fseisi also admitted that intelligence agencies exploited the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to spy on Trump and his team, and still continue to do so.
“We monitor everything,” Fseisi said, adding “we also have people that monitor his ex-wife. He likes to use burner phones.”
“We steal it [information]” and “We hack other countries just like that,” he added.
The CIA’s press secretary Chelsea Robinson released a statement denying all claims to O’Keefe’s bombshell reporting :
These claims about CIA are absolutely false and ridiculous. CIA is a resolutely apolitical institution that provides intelligence support to policymakers including the President of the United States, irrespective of who occupies the office. We are a foreign intelligence focused Agency and do not monitor the former President. The individual making these allegations is a former contractor who does not represent CIA.

O’Keefe issued a response rebuking the CIA’s denial:
“In the video which was taken last week, the CIA official waves his intelligence community green badge. Green Badges are specifically hired for those contracted by the agency. Kash Patel, former Deputy Director of National Intelligence, said ‘An individual possessing a contractor Green badge is only allowed to lawfully possess it while [officially] employed as a contractor to the intelligence community. Upon any termination, credentials are returned to the home agency and destroyed immediately.'”
As Infowars reported, the FBI and DOJ illegally ran a spy operation against then-candidate Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, using FISA to illegally acquire intelligence that was later used to justify the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane probe.
James O’Keefe explained how Fseisi, if his statements are true, violated a slew of federal laws.
Contractors like Fseisi hold the duty to withhold sharing confidential or national security information. In denying his statements, Fseisi may have realized he could be held liable for violating internal agency provisions and federal laws like the Executive Agency ethics provisions, which restrict what he may share with others outside of his contracted-to agency, O’Keefe wrote on X Wednesday.
Additionally, any government worker or agency head who withheld information from a superior (i.e. President Trump) may violate: (a) obstruction of justice by deception (18 USC 1512); (b) conspiracy to obstruct (18 USC 371); and false statements (18 USC 1001). Agency regulations may also provide offenses related to insubordination, reflecting poorly on the agency in public, or misrepresentation or dishonesty.
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) called for a Congressional investigation in response to OMG’s bombshell report.
“I’m formally calling on the @Weaponization Subcommittee to immediately launch an investigation into @OKeefeMedia Group’s bombshell report containing video evidence that American intelligence agencies withheld intelligence from President Donald Trump before & during his presidency and used Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) authorities to spy on President Trump,” Gaetz wrote on X.

These admissions confirm reporting from 2017 claiming U.S. intelligence officials withheld sensitive intelligence from Trump because they were “concerned it could be leaked or compromised.”
Former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in 2016 likewise encouraged intelligence agencies to give Trump “fake” intel briefings while he was a presidential candidate because he’s “dangerous.”
“Fake it, pretend you’re doing a briefing, but you can’t give the guy any information,” he said.
“This guy, he’s part of a foreign power,” Reid continued. “We knew he liked Putin before this, but this is quite ridiculous.”
As an aside, Fseisi’s assertion that Trump is “owned by the fucking Russians” is baseless and debunked given the Crossfire Hurricane investigation led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who after a two-year investigation concluded no evidence was found to support the claim Trump was a Russian asset.
Additionally, the Durham Report later found the narrative that Trump was “colluding” with Russia was manufactured by Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016 in tandem with former CIA Director John Brennan and President Barack Obama.
Will Republicans in Congress hold the intel agencies accountable or will they roll over because they’re compromised and terrified of their retribution?

Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon admitted implementing censorship policies due to Biden government pressure.​

May 3, 2024 8:48 am by CWR


In a startling revelation, tech giants Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon have admitted succumbing to government pressure, igniting fears of a chilling effect on free speech online. The implications of this admission are profound, raising concerns about the erosion of digital liberties in the digital age.
If it’s getting worse, we could see a potential escalation into a full-blown crackdown on dissenting voices.


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Merrick Garland and Chris Wray Proudly Announce Government Censorship Apparatus to Target “Cyber-Enabled Campaigns” and Censor Americans in Run-up to 2024 Election​


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Three of the most corrupt government offiicals: US Dept. AG Lisa Monaco, AG Merrick Garland, and FBI Director Chris Wray announce new efforts to combat “election threats” as an excuse to censor Americans. May 13, 2024.
Attorney General Merrick Garland, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, and FBI Director Christopher Wray announced on Monday their latest plan to censor Americans under the guise of combatting “election threats.”
Attorney General Merrick Garland who is directly tied to the historic persecution of opposition candidate Donald J. Trump led the discussion today in Washington DC on election threats.
He should have mentioned his name first when he lectured on current election threats.

Merrick Garland today mentioned the DOJ and FBI’s work to protect elections from national security threats. Garland added, “It includes our National Security Division’s and the FBI’s work to protect our elections from national security threats, including malign foreign influence and cyber-enabled campaigns.”
Talk about gaslighting! These are three of the most controversial and corrupt officials in Washington DC today lecturing on clean elections.

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) noted the convenient timing of this announcement by Garland and Wray.
Just last week the Biden regime was forced to dissolve and disband the unlawful DHS Intelligence Experts Group stacked with deep state partisans like James Clapper and John Brennan following a lawsuit by America First Legal and Ambassador Richard Grenell.
It took them only a week to announce their latest efforts to censor and silence Americans.
Convenient timing. When one facet of the Censorship Industrial Complex is shut down, a new one springs up.
Always the same cast of characters in this game of whack-a-mole. We’ll root them out wherever they appear.
— Rep. Dan Bishop (@RepDanBishop) May 13, 2024

Cyber security expert Mike Benz then weighed in on this latest development by the government censorship complex.
Mike Benz: The trick here is all “misinformation narratives” are deemed to have a campaign behind them, & any US civilian who clicks the retweet button to amplify said narrative is deemed to be participating in said “campaign”
The trick here is all “misinformation narratives” are deemed to have a campaign behind them, & any US civilian who clicks the retweet button to amplify said narrative is deemed to be participating in said “campaign”
— Mike Benz (@MikeBenzCyber) May 13, 2024

And off they go!
Mike Benz spoke to Lou Dobbs about the Government Censorship Complex earlier today.
Mike Benz: This is a really extraordinary scandal that really originated in the run-up to the 2020 election, where for the first time ever, the United States of America had a permanent domestic censorship office parked at CISA, as you mentioned, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at DHS, which used a really devious set to gain long-arm jurisdiction over opinions on the Internet. What they did is they said there’s this thing called critical infrastructure, which ranges from elections to public health to basically any sensitive policy issue. If you make a post online that undermines public faith and confidence in that critical infrastructure, then you are in effect committing a cyber security attack on US critical infrastructure, necessitating a DHS intervention by what way of censorship.
This really dirty trick of calling a cyber censorship, cybersecurity, is how DHS got involved in this business. DHS teamed up with the FBI in the 2020 election. They also created a series of cutouts in the private sector and the academic worlds to serve as the attack dogs for DHS content, for social media content DHS wanted taken down. This was an extraordinary scandal that burst open around 2022. There’s a preliminary scandal that burst open in about 2022.
My organization, FFO, was the tip of the spear in reporting all of that. There have been probably four or five Congressional hearings as well as three or four lawsuits about this. And one of them is currently awaiting a decision at the preliminary level at the Supreme Court. But because the Supreme Court stayed the injunction, DHS and the FBI were actually enjoined from being able to do what they’ve just done by the trial court and the appellate court because of a decision by those courts that this was in violation, an interim decision, that this was a violation of the First Amendment.
But the Supreme Court waived that, which is a standard procedure for them as they deliberate after the oral arguments and all the briefs have been filed. So the FBI and DHS are taking advantage of this lull period, awaiting a SCOTUS decision, to resume the same dirty work that they were doing in the 2020 election, which, I should add, culminated by their own arithmetic in 22 million tweets just on Twitter alone being categorized as terms of service violations under a new terms of service policy that only was installed because of DHS pressure. And they bragged on tape that this delegitimization of election processes policies wouldn’t have been in place without DHS pressure.
On @LouDobbs this week, I detailed:
1. The Resurrection Of CISA’s Censor Shop
2. The Stakes Of The Biggest Supreme Court Case
3. The Blob’s Use Of A “Boomerang” VS A “Knife”
— Mike Benz (@MikeBenzCyber) May 14, 2024

Mike Benz was speaking about the Supreme Court case Murthy vs. Missouri that includes The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft as one of five plaintiffs.

FBI admits colluding with Big Tech to ramp up online censorship efforts ahead of 2024 election​

By PatriotRising
May 16, 2024


fbi 2024
Remember all the collusion stories we wrote about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and its efforts to control free speech through social media infiltration? Well, we have learned that the censorship has resumed ahead of the 2024 election.
The FBI just “resumed collusive efforts,” according to The Federalist, with social media companies like Facebook and Twitter to censor posts and silence influencers who are caught spreading “disinformation,” as, of course, defined by the FBI and its controllers.
Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, spilled the beans about it at a recent press conference, telling the media that federal agencies like the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) are once again colluding with Big Tech to “remov[e] disinformation on their sites as the November presidential election nears,” this being a direct quote from NexGov and FCW.
The censorship talks between Big Government and Big Tech resumed this past March, according to Warner, right around the time oral arguments were heard by the Supreme Court in the Murthy v. Missouri censorship case.
After Warner dropped the bomb about all this, shocking the media, an FBI representative confirmed that the agency has, in fact, linked back up with the social media sphere to silence anyone and everyone whom the deep state does not like.
“The FBI remains committed to combatting foreign malign influence operations, including in connection with our elections,” the FBI representative reportedly told The Federalist. “That effort includes sharing specific foreign threat information with state and local election officials and private sector companies when appropriate and rigorously consistent with the law.”
“In coordination with the Department of Justice, the FBI recently implemented procedures to facilitate sharing information about foreign malign influence with social media companies in a way that reinforces that private companies are free to decide on their own whether and how to take action on that information.”

Deep state destruction of America​

As for CISA’s involvement in the scheme, CISA External Affairs Specialist Tess Hyre declined to comment, but did reveal that CISA Director Jen Easterly will be participating in an “election security” hearing in “the coming weeks.”
Neither the FBI nor CISA will say when the communications with Big Tech about censorship resumed, nor have either of the two federal agencies identified the specific social media companies they are working with to silence free speech.
What is worse, neither the FBI nor CISA will even define what constitutes “disinformation” in their eyes, nor will they reveal what other federal agencies are doing to make it disappear from the internet.
Concerning the Murthy v. Missouri case, U.S. District Court Judge Terry Doughty issued a preliminary injunction back in July of 2023 barring federal agencies from colluding with Big Tech to censor content online of which they disapprove.
“If the allegations made by Plaintiffs are true, the present case arguably involves the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history,” Doughty wrote in his ruling.
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld that injunction last September. However, the initial ruling did not pertain to CISA, which is often referred to as the “nerve center” of the federal government’s censorship operations. Later that year, the court corrected the ruling to include CISA.
Then it went to the Supreme Court, which lifted the Fifth Circuit’s injunction in October to once again allow Big Government to collude with Big Tech to censor Americans – so much for Donald Trump’s “freedom”-minded packed SCOTUS.
The FBI is a scourge on the American landscape. Learn more at

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