Guyana News: BLACK, recently deported from France: Deportee remanded for murder of shopkeeper in 2007; GOLD & JIM JONES

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Deportee remanded for murder of shopkeeper in 2007​

Michael O’lando Corrica Michael O’lando Corrica
By Stabroek News
June 29, 2023

Forty-four-year-old Michael O’lando Corrica, of Lot 02 Fourth Avenue, Bartica, Essequibo River, who was recently deported from France, was remanded to prison after he appeared yesterday before Magistrate Esther Sam to answer to the capital offence that was read to him.
It is alleged that in February of 2007, Corrica murdered gold miner, Oswald Joris called ‘Buns’, of First Avenue, Bartica.
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Michael O’lando Corrica
BLACKS TRAVEL AFTER THEY KILL, hitch rides on boats/ships/trains/planes.

Man deported from France remanded for gold miner’s murder

After eluding local Police for more than a decade, a 44-year-old man who was recently deported from France has been remanded to prison until July 25 for a murder he allegedly committed in 2006.

Michael O’lando Corrica,

of Lot 2 Fourth Avenue, Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni), was arraigned on Wednesday before Bartica Magistrate Esther Sam, and was not required to plead to the indictable charge of murder, committed contrary to Section 100 of the Criminal Law (Offences) Act, Chapter 8:01.

It is alleged that Corrica murdered Oswald Joris, a gold miner nicknamed “Buns”, in February 2006 during a heated argument in Bartica. After fleeing Guyana through an illegal departure at Moleson Creek, Corrica, called “Tall Man”, made his way to Suriname, before settling in French Guiana. He managed to stay under the radar for several years as he worked illegally in that country.

Eventually, Corrica moved to France, where he secured employment as a labourer with a construction company. His run came to an end when French authorities apprehended him for possession of a stolen cell phone. He was arrested, taken into custody, and subsequently charged with the theft.

Corrica admitted guilt and was given a nine-year prison sentence in France. Following his release, Corrica was placed in French immigration custody until June 21, 2023, when he was deported to Guyana.

Remanded: Michael O’lando Corrica

Upon arrival in Guyana, he was immediately taken into custody by ranks of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), for questioning regarding the murder of the gold miner.

According to reports, Corrica and Joris had been acquainted with each other.

The former allegedly operated a shop in the Arimu area, where Joris worked as a gold miner. In February 2006, a violent altercation between these two men erupted over a woman at Papa Road, Arimu Backdam, Cuyuni River. During the confrontation, Corrica allegedly attacked Joris, inflicting fatal chops on his body before fleeing the scene. Joris unfortunately succumbed to his injuries before receiving medical attention at the Bartica Regional Hospital.

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Reverend Jim Jones, thar's GOLD over thar in Guyana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I studied at SDSU, and read everything at the site re Jim Jones in Guyana.

Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & Peoples Temple -SDSU

Search Results for: gold mining​

The Town of Jones

…fellow-passengers were a discouraging sight. One was a pork-knocker – or gold prospector – and was dressed in shorts and orange rubber boots, and carried a pump-action shotgun. Another had…

Edith Roller Journals: December 1976

…the Earth,” which was about mining. It was mainly an advertisement for the American Smelting and Refining Company, though it showed some beautiful scenery in mining localities. About an hour…

Map of Guyana

…in Arakaka.[4] The proposal was never acted upon. Footnotes [1] Forte, Janette. (1999). “Karikuri: The Evolving Relationship of the Karinya People of Guyana to Gold Mining”. New West Indian Guide…

Q281 Transcript

…to the West German Deutschmark, and the British pound, and the French mark [franc]. Gold continues to soar. The official price of gold is two hundred and eight– eighteen dollars…

My Visit to Guyana

…Port Kaituma has been upgraded because of the increased commerce with the gold discovery and other mining. All of us traveled in the same van. The driver who took us…

Edith Roller Journals: September 1976

Golden. Those who aren’t in it were brought to platform to explain why not. Some did not know about it. Others, their parents wouldn’t consent. If latter were Temple members…

Q373 Transcript

…world prices did not warrant continuing production of it or expansion. Gold and diamond mining are dominated by a few companies. Also the manganese developers found richer places to exploit,…

C-4 Guyana Land Lease

…the right to any gold, silver or other metals, minerals, ores, bauxite, rock gems or precious stones, coal or mineral oil in or under the land leased which shall be…

Richard McCoy Memo on Accessibility to Jonestown

…the GDF must come in and fly out the injured or sick person. Mining is at a standstill in the area since the American company mining for manganese ore departed….

Instructions from Jim Jones Since March 17, 1978

…chain saws. Get our own shell. Jim Murrell [Jim Bogue, aka Jim Morrel] is to get on with gold mining. When JJ starts to get excited, just get the person…

Escaping the Event Horizon
(a rebuttal to John Judge’s The Black Hole of Guyana)

…bauxite and manganese mine, and Jones used the dock they left behind.[149] […] Resources buried there are among the richest in the world, and include manganese, diamonds, gold, bauxite and…

Q201 Transcript

…let go of Africa. He said in plain terms, any fool could’ve heard him. The industrial diamonds, the copper, the zinc, the cobalt, the uranium, and the gold that is…

Q241 Transcript

…uh, stockpile. US is doubling in the selling of gold, to try to somewhat balance out the staggering and falling– faltering US dollar, 750,000 ounces of gold [will] be sold…

Edith Roller Journals: October 1976

…introduced themselves. Golden says truly very fortunate in having ___ ___ who brought in special group. She describes Jim’s activities, introduced Jim. Gave check of $200 for PE equipment. We…

Edith Roller Journals: December 1977

…shooting of Chris Lewis in Hunters Point. Ate lunch at my desk early. Saw the Bechtel film, “The Pinto Valley Project,” on copper mining in Arizona. My Bechtel badge was…

Temple memos on publicity, mid-1977

…and gold-mining next week. I can bring or mail down boxes of recent magazines (last few months) if people want them for general reading, though they’re dated. Have lots of…

Q162 Summary

…day of Jesus, go out without purse or script.” (Matthew 10:9-10, “Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither…

Q606 Transcript
…clicks off and on) I urge you again, to step up your production. Observer reports will be held very vital this time in determining what takes place, so be please…

Affidavits about defectors, critics
…he said the “stupid little country” would never produce a thing. He said there was gold and oil there that they were too stupid to recognize and develop. He said…


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Moscow, Russia was highly involved in Guyana.
Larry Schacht, Jewish pharmacist, was who mixed up the poisons. › memorial › 31209943 › lawrence-eugene-schacht

Dr Lawrence Eugene "Larry" Schacht (1948-1978) - Find a Grave

He entered Guyana on July 17, 1977. He was the Jonestown Doctor. He was on the Jonestown Security Committee and Planning commission (Raven). His remains were interred in Houston, Texas. He is memorialised on the Jonestown Memorial. Also known as Larry. He lived in Redwood Valley, California 95470 before he moved to Jonestown, Guyana. › uncategorized › larry-schacht-doctor-jonestown

Larry Schacht, the Doctor of Jonestown - Guyana Graphic

184 On the day of the Jonestown massacre in November 1978, three native Texans played significant roles. Sixty-year-old Christine Miller, born in Brownsville, is heard on the infamous "death tape" trying to negotiate with Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones to save the lives of more than 900 people.

Anyways ...​

Gold Miner granted $3 Million bail over $956 Million alleged banking fraud​

By News Source Guyana on April 3, 2017

34-Year-Old Sadik Rasul,the owner of SSS Mineral Gold Company, pleaded not guilty to the charges when they were read against him in Court on Monday morning. SSS Mineral Gold is one of the large gold trading companies in the country.

Gold Miner granted $3 Million bail over $956 Million alleged banking fraud

A prominent Gold Dealer was today placed on $3 million bail after he was charged with obtaining under false pretense, the sum of $956 Million from the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI).
34-Year-Old Sadik Rasul,the owner of SSS Mineral Gold Company, pleaded not guilty to the charges when they were read against him in Court on Monday morning. SSS Mineral Gold is one of the large gold trading companies in the country.
The Court was told that on the 21st March at GBTI Bartica’s Branch, he presented three cheques to the bank in the sums of $298 million ,$138 million and $45 million,while on the 22nd he also represented 3 additional Cheques in the sums of $ 290 million,$96 million and $89 million claiming that he had the said amount of Cash in his Citizens Bank Account .
After releasing the money, the bank then made checks and found that the defendant had no such cash in his account at Citizens Bank. Usually, banks would have to clarify the availability of the money before honouring cheques.
Prosecutor Arvin Moore objected to bail and told the Court that the Bank Manager,who followed through with the request did not follow normal protocol.
He also said four persons were paid from the cash collected but are yet to be located.
In addition, the Prosecutor told the court that if released the defendant could tamper with the witnesses and another charge of a $5 M fraud currently is being investigated at the moment.
The Defendant’s Attorney, Sandil Kissoon, told the court that the process of obtaining the sum of money was legal and it was on the part of the Banks negligence,when it did not check the account of the defendant before releasing the money.
He then continued in his statement to say that at the time the cheques were issued, the account of the defendant was closed by Citizens Bank.
Bail was then granted in the sum of $500,000 for each Cheque that the defendant issued, and that came up to a total of $3 million for the six cheques.
He will make his next court appearance on the 21st April, 2017.

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Larry Schacht, Jewish pharmacist, was who mixed up the poisons.
Larry Schacht was a Texan, Jonestown was a CIA project out of TEXAS, He moved to Northern California, then went to Guyana with the Jones bunch. After the Jonestown Massacre, his body was flown back to Texas where he was buried.
MANY of the victims were living in Texas.

There's dozens more than these few:

Annotated Transcript Q357

…(tape edit) Woman 2: We’re going to hear a testimony from Brother Crane, from Texas, who’s had a miraculous healing through Pastor Jim Jones. He came here blind and crippled….

Serial 907

…King, Leola 4/2/13, La King, Wanda Bonita 7/14/39, Indiana Lowe, Love Life Georgia Belle 12/2/88, Mo Lyles, Minnie Magaline 2/28/28 Texas Macon, Dorothy 7/17/45, Texas Mcgowan, Annieunk Nichols, Ida May…

Q1059-4 Transcript

…you can see the catfish pond that I’ve filled, it looks like maggots on a gutwagon. Even Bishop Crane, all those years, President of the Baptist Churches of Texas, the…

Q357 Transcript

…edit) Woman 2: We’re going to hear a testimony from Brother Crane, from Texas, who’s had a miraculous healing through Pastor Jim Jones. He came here blind and crippled. Crane:…

Annotated Transcript Q1059-4

…gutwagon. Even Bishop Crane, all those years, President of the Baptist Churches of Texas, the treasurer presently of all those hundreds of churches, he come up there talking about the…

A Listing of Cults in America

…Zion Ranch,” a community made up of members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also known as Fundamentalist Mormonism) just outside of Eldorado, Texas, police…
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Major oilman and player in Energy Sector - DICK CHENEY. And, it all connects to my RAIN thread and fossil fuel, the OIL & Gold in Guyana.
Leo Ryan rubbed noses too hard with CIA & Dick Cheney, US Dept of State.

United States Congress​

During his time in Congress, Ryan went to Newfoundland with James Jeffords to investigate the inhumane killing of seals,[15][16] and became famous for his vocal criticism of the lack of Congressional oversight of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), authoring the Hughes–Ryan Amendment,[17][18] which would have required extensive CIA notification of Congress about covert operations.[19][20] Ryan once told Dick Cheney that leaking a state secret was an appropriate way for a member of Congress to block an "ill-conceived operation".[21] He supported Patty Hearst, and along with Senator S. I. Hayakawa, delivered Hearst's application for a presidential commutation to the Pardon Attorney.[22]

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, while he investigated, the United States Department of State "repeatedly stonewalled Ryan's attempts to find out what was going on in Jonestown" and told him that "everything was fine".[9]
The State Department characterized possible United States government action in Guyana against Jonestown as a potential "legal controversy", but Ryan at least partially rejected this viewpoint.[27] In a later article in The Chronicle, Ryan was described as having "bucked the local Democratic establishment and the Jimmy Carter administration's State Department" in order to prepare for his own investigation.[12]
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Jonestown, the CIA and the Mystery Tape

Jonestown, the CIA and the Mystery Tape by David Parker Wise A mysterious tape (labeled as Q 875) was allegedly found at Jonestown by the FBI. What makes this tape so very mysterious is that it was made after the deaths, as proven by the radio broadcasts playing in the background.

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Both the CIA and FBI must have found Peoples Temple interesting.

In histories of Peoples Temple told to date, little mention is made that this church was one of history’s best examples of Liberation Theology. Peoples Temple must have been the only church in America where the members raised their collective fists and sang the Russian National Anthem during church services.

Liberation Theology is what the Communist/Marxist/Religionists use in BLM and CCP.
Antonio Gramsci teaching.
Paulo Freire, is used widely in education system throughout the world, here in USA.
Trevor Loudon has discussed it in detail, my take, it is a form of brainwashing people into Marxism using the power of religion.
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Paulo Freire

Since the publication of the English-language edition in 1970, Pedagogy of the Oppressed has had a large impact in education and pedagogy worldwide,[57] especially as a defining work of critical pedagogy. According to Israeli writer and education reform theorist Sol Stern, it has "achieved near-iconic status in America's teacher-training programs".[58] Connections have also been made between Freire's non-dualism theory in pedagogy and Eastern philosophical traditions such as the Advaita Vedanta.[59]
In 2012, Paolo Freire Charter High School opened in Newark, New Jersey. The state closed the school in 2017 due to lagging test scores and lack of "instructional rigor."[71]
In 2006, Pedagogy of the Oppressed came under criticism over its use by the Mexican American Studies Department Program at Tucson High School. In 2010, the Arizona State Legislature passed House Bill 2281, enabling the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction to restrict state funding to public schools with ethnic studies programs, effectively banning the programs. Tom Horne, who was Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction at the time, criticized the programs for "teaching students that they are oppressed".[17] The book was among seven titles officially confiscated from Mexican American studies classrooms, sometimes in front of students, by the Tucson Unified School District after the passing of HB 2281.[18]

It is Critical Race Theory + Religion aka Liberation Theology.
I've often said, those type schools, colleges/universities using Freire's texts hand out degrees such as:

Master of Science in Preservation of Victimhood in Society.
Bachelor's Degree in Butthurt.
Associate Degree in Hoodrat Behavior.
High School Graduate of Riotous Learning.
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PHOTO Album.
A group of unidentified black people in Houston, 1973.

This photograph shows unidentified men and woman gathered outside a bus. The back of the print has "Houston" written on it. The man in the middle has his back to the camera and someone's arms around him, as if he is being met at the end of a bus trip. This photograph is from the "Healings" album in the Peoples Temple Collection. Written on the inside front cover are the names Royal Mershon and Lula Mae Mershon. The date is from the developer's mark in the top border.

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Published on CIA FOIA ( (



Document Type:
General CIA Records [2]
Document Number (FOIA) /ESDN (CREST):
Release Decision:
Original Classification:
Document Page Count:
Document Creation Date:
December 22, 2016
Document Release Date:
December 28, 2011
Sequence Number:
Case Number:

Publication Date:
September 25, 1980
Content Type:
PDF icon
CIA-RDP90-00965R000100170037-6.pdf [3]
100.36 KB
STAT Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/28: CIA-R ' RADIO IV REPORTS, INC 4701 W:LLARD AVENUE, CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND 20015 656-4068 PROGRAM Good Morning America STATION W J L A TV ABC Network DATE September 25, 1980 7:00 AM CITY Washington, DC SUEJECT The CIA and the Deaths in Guyana JOAN LUNDEN: This morning Jack Anderson has some new details on one of the most disturbing events of our recent his- tory, the mass deaths of more than 900 people in Guyana. Now, some of the material you will be hearing has never been heard before, and some of what you will hear is disturbing. JACK ANDERSON: Two years ago, Americans awoke to the shocking news of a mass suicide in the jungles of Guyana. A staggering 900 men, women and children were ordered by their leader, Jim Jones, to drink poison%Kool-Aid. Now, I criticized the State Department here on Good Morning America for failing to give adequate protection to Cali- fornia Congressman Leo Ryan. He was murdered during his inves- tigation of the Jones jungle commune. I now have reason to be- lieve that our government may have known even more about the vio- lent nature of the commune than I first suspected. Congressional investigators have dug up disturbing new evidence that our government may have deliberately withheld. infor- mation from Ryan. Apparently, the government allowed the Congress- man to go to Guyana, despite the known risk, to avoid disclosing undercover CIA activity. Investigators have now obtained an actual tape recording made by Jones during the terrible final hour of the murder-suicide ritual. V November 18th, 1978. The meeting pavilion in the jungle commune. Jones at the microphone. Ryan has finished his investi- gation and has headed for a nearby airstrip. Jones tells his fol- lowers that-one of his guards will shoot the pilot of the plane taking Ryan home. OFFICES INS WASHINGTON D.C. ? NEW YORK ? LOS ANGELES ? CHICAGO ? DETROIT ? 'AND OTHER PRINCIPAL CITIES Materlol aipplied by Radio N Reports, Inc. may be used for file and reference purposes only. It may not be reproduced, sold or publicly aernonsttoted or exhibited. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/28: CIA-RDP90-00965R000100170037-6 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/28: CIA-RDP90-00965R000100170037-6 JIM JONES: [Unintelligible] going to shoot that pilot, and down comes that plane into the jungle. And we had better not have any of that [unintelligible] left when it's over. So, to sit here and wait for a catastrophe that's going to happen on that airplane, it's going to be a catastrophe. ANDERSON: Jones hammers away at the theme that Guyanese or American authorities will shortly return to massacre the com- mune's children. There are unbelievers in that group, Including this woman. WOMAN: And I ,feel like that as long as there's life, there's hope. That's my feeling. MAN: But someday we're going to die. Someplace that [unintelligible], because everybody dies. WOMAN: I think what I feel. And I think we all have a right to our own destiny as individuals. MAN: Right. WOMAN: I think I have a right to choose mine, and everybody else has a right to choose his. ANDERSON: Jones' cajoling soon turns to exhortation. He has just learned that Congressman Ryan has been shot. JONES: Please get her slime medication. It's simple. It's simple. There's no convulsions with it. It's just simple. Just please get it before it's too late [unintelligible]. I tell you, get moving, get moving, get moving. ANDERSON: Now the heart-wrenching and final episode of this macabre drama. JONES: Stop this hysterics. This is not the way for people who are socialists and communists to die. No way for us to die. We must die with some dignity. Mother, mother, mother, mother, mother,. please. Mother, please, please, please don't -- don't do this. Don't do this. [Unintelligible] with your child, but don't do this. Hurry, my children, hurry. [Unintelligible] from the hands of the enemy. Hurry, my children. Quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly. No more pain now. No more pain [unintelli- gible]. No more pain. ANDERSON: Well, that's how it ended. And despite all the investigations, much of it remains a mystery that wet-re still trying to solve. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/28: CIA-RDP90-00965R000100170037-6

Source URL:


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A seminal work on Jim Jones, leader of The People's Temple and the massacre at Johnstown Guyana.
original body count done by the Guyanese was 408, and this figure was initially agreed to by
U.S. Army authorities on site. [16] However, over the next few days, the total of reported dead
began to rise quickly. The Army made a series of misleading and openly false statements
about the discrepancy.

Major oilman and player in Energy Sector - DICK CHENEY. And, it all connects to my RAIN thread and fossil fuel, the OIL & Gold in Guyana.
Leo Ryan rubbed noses too hard with CIA & Dick Cheney, US Dept of State.

WHICHEVER source documents readers decide to read, books, videos, IF they do not include CIA, MOSCOW, OIL, FOSSIL FUEL, Energy Power Plants, GOLD, then they are adding fluff for covering up the most suppressed information, the real story which is in RAIN thread.
There are always other motivations that are used to make the tree limbs/leaves surrounding the bigger trunk operation in the Energy sector appear to be something it is not.

A newly released youtube documentary is FULL OF BS, so is Steven Jones, Jim's son.

YOUTUBE: Over 900 Died Because Of Him - Jonestown: Paradise Lost - Full Documentary

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Foreign Relations, 1977–1980, Volume XXIII, Mexico, Cuba, and the Caribbean​

10. Letter From Reverend Jim Jones of the People’s Temple of the Disciples of Christ to First Lady Rosalynn Carter 1

San Francisco, March 17, 1977

Dear Mrs. Carter:

I regret I was out of town and missed meeting your sister-in-law, Ruth Carter Stapleton, when she was in San Francisco recently. In case you wish anyone to get in touch with me in the future, the private emergency line at Peoples Temple is (415) 922-3735. (With 9000 members in our San Francisco church, it’s often extremely difficult to get through the main numbers.)

A short time ago I traveled to Cuba with a group of prominent doctors and businessmen from the United States. We met with Cuban officials in the medical field who say their country is badly in need of hospital equipment. The friends who I was with are prepared to make arrangements right away to get the supplies shipped to Cuba that are needed. The Cubans requested they do so, and say it would be a tremendous start in breaking down barriers between them and the U.S.

An urgent response is needed, however, since Cuba cannot wait too long and will be compelled to look to European countries even though European medical equipment is inferior to the same type of equipment manufactured in the U.S.

I am personally of the opinion that such a move is consistent with the humanitarian aid you spoke about not long ago, and is an opportunity to help win Cuba away from the Soviet orbit. Anything that you could do regarding this matter, of course would be deeply appreciated.

You have my sincere best wishes for the continued success of the new Administration, and you can be assured of our vast support in [Page 24] the quest for a new moral tone that your husband is so valiantly attempting to bring to this country.

Let me again express my deep appreciation for the privilege of dining privately with you prior to the election.2

Very respectfully in Him,

Rev. Jim Jones

  1. Source: Carter Library, National Security Affairs, Staff Material, North/South, Pastor, Country, Box 24, Guyana, 1/77–12/78. No classification marking. Rosalynn Carter wrote at the top of the page, “M—Send to Zbig or proper person.” M is presumably a reference to Margaret McKenna or Margaret Costanza.
  2. Attached but not printed is an April 12 response to Jones, in which Rosalynn Carter wrote, “Dear Jim, Thank you for your letter. I enjoyed being with you during the campaign—and do hope you can meet Ruth soon. Your comments about Cuba are helpful. I hope your suggestion can be acted on in the near future. Sincerely, Rosalynn Carter.” An attached cover page includes forwarding information to Pastor, and a note in an unknown hand reads, “Dr. Brzezinski.”

Mexico, Cuba, and the Caribbean​


Carter, Eleanor RosalynnJones, James WarrenMcKenna, Margaret A.Pastor, Robert A.Stapleton, Ruth Carter

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Jim Jones was the Alex Jones for the USA black community.
Jones also won the National Newspaper Publishers Association Man of the Year Award, given by the Black Press of America.[18] The Temple also broadcast a weekly hour-long radio show that ran in several cities, including KFAX in San Francisco.[20]

Who blacked up San Francisco government?

George Moscone

Mayor of San Francisco

Peoples Temple in San Francisco

Moscone's Refusal to investigate Peoples Temple

In August 1977, after Housing Commission Chairman Jim Jones fled to Jonestown following media scrutiny alleging criminal wrongdoing, Moscone announced his office would not investigate Jones and the Peoples Temple.[13] The later mass murder-suicide at Jonestown dominated national headlines at the time of Moscone's death.[14]

After the massacre, Temple members revealed to The New York Times that the Temple arranged for "busloads" of members to be bussed in from Redwood Valley to San Francisco to vote in the election.[15] A former Temple member stated that many of those members were not registered to vote in San Francisco, while another former member said "Jones swayed elections."[15] Prior to leaving San Francisco, Jones claimed to have bribed Moscone with sexual favors from female Temple members, including one who was underage; his son, Jim Jones, Jr., later remembered how Moscone frequented Temple parties "with a cocktail in his hand and doing some ass grabbing".[16]

Moscone–Milk assassinations

Dan White did both. Irish American.
Origin of the Twinkie Defense. White served five years in prison for the two murders. Less than two years after his release, he returned to San Francisco, and later committed suicide. Or, more likely suicided.

Assassination of Moscone
Happened days after Jonestown hit the newspapers. Dan White did it, he had fought for years to keep his area crime free, majority White people.
Dan White also wanted to off Carol Ruth Silver and Willie Brown.
Silver grew up in a Jewish family in Worcester, Massachusetts.[6] She attended the University of Chicago, earning a bachelor's degree in 1960 and a J.D. degree in 1964.
In 1961, she was a Freedom Rider during the Civil Rights Movement, civil rights activists who rode buses into the South to challenge ongoing racial segregation by deliberately violating the laws for separate waiting rooms at interstate bus stations.
Then she went to SF to help screw the city up.

A lot.

========= Other problem.
Michael Prokes, who directed the Temple's relations with several San Francisco politicians and media, survived when he was ordered to deliver a suitcase containing Temple funds to be transferred to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.