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Globalist-controlled DEMOLITION of protein supply in full effect as forced vaccination of all chickens for LAB-CREATED BIRD FLU now imminent​

Monday, April 10, 2023 by: S.D. Wells

Link: https://www.naturalnews.com/2023-04...ickens-lab-created-bird-flu-now-imminent.html

Image: Globalist-controlled DEMOLITION of protein supply in full effect as forced vaccination of all chickens for LAB-CREATED BIRD FLU now imminent

(Natural News) Germany and France are screaming that there will be mass shortages of chicken and eggs in the coming months. Hundreds of millions of birds are being slaughtered across the globe. Now the USDA is weighing in on having all US chickens vaccinated for bird flu. If approved, this will be mandatory for all US chickens. Will these so-called “vaccines” contain mRNA, and will this transmit the deadly spike proteins to all humans that consume chicken? This is all part of the supply chain shut down, and the beginning of the end of all chicken and egg farmers who don’t bow down and serve the kings of pharma – Pfizer. Make no mistake, as this is all part of a globalist-controlled demolition of the protein supply, so all humans (non-rich peons) will be forced to eat grub worms and crickets instead of meat and eggs. Get ready for the pandemic of gain-of-function “Bird-Gates-Flu.”

Bill Gates’ gain-of-function bird flu being created in biolabs in Ukraine right now

When will fake news start the rumor that humans are somehow coming down with bird flu from eating infected chicken from a wet market in China? Manufacturers around the world are hinting that a new strain of avian influenza may jump across the species divide and infect humans, so they are rushing to develop a jab for human bird flu. As H5N1 kills off a record number of birds, according to MSM, there’s an untold story regarding gain of function research that’s being funded by you know who, Bill Gates, via Ukrainian biolabs. Is this the next plandemic the globalists and Fauci are saying is coming soon?

As mainstream media around the globe is flooded with news about the “worst” bird flu pandemic ever, also be aware that the tests the globalists are using for this are the same FRAUDULENT PCR-based tests they used for the Covid-19 scamdemic, and there’s the rub. The Russians took control of US-NATO-funded biolabs in Ukraine and found research regarding spreading gain-of-function bird-flu via migrating birds to all parts of the world. Realize this is part of the fake meat push, that all humans will be terrified of eating real meat and resort to Franken-meat for dinner, crickets and grub worms for lunch and snacks, and Bill Gates’ zombie eggs for breakfast.

Bird-Gates Flu? New York Post publishes sensational headline “Scientists say an apocalyptic bird flu could wipe out half of humanity”

Gain of function is a way scientists make animal diseases contagious to humans. This is how Bill Gates and Fraudulent Fauci funded, created, and perpetuated the Covid scamdemic. Now they are researching and funding a new scamdemic using bird flu, and they’re already announcing, while smiling from ear to ear, that it’s coming soon. Now that the Covid scamdemic has come to an end, the globalists need a new one, to secure fake elections and further the global depopulation agenda. Covid wiped out nearly a billion people, mostly due to the deadly clot shot gene therapy injections. That was just the beginning. Get ready for a new gain-of-function virus called… wait for it… Bird-Gates Flu.
Bill Gates loves talking about the NEXT pandemic, while pushing toxic vaccines to wipe out minorities in Africa and India. Talk about white supremacy – he’s the “king” of it. It’s no longer a matter of if, but when, the bird flu gain-of-function virus will “escape” from the biolabs and attack the human population, wiping out a few billion folks, using more mRNA “vaccines” to help put the nails in the coffins, literally.
Here’s the narrative that mainstream media and the Chinese Communist Party, that runs Washington DC and Beijing Biden, already started to spread (pun intended): The Hong Kong outbreak of bird flu “started with a three-year-old boy in Hong Kong, whose sore throat and tummy ache turned into a disease that curdled his blood and killed him within a week from acute respiratory and organ failure.” Yes, this is the narrative the whole world will get shoved down their throats to start the next scamdemic before the 2024 POTUS election begins. Get ready for masks, lockdowns, more forced (suicide) vaccinations, and the end of food as you know it.
Tune your food news frequency to FoodSupply.news to get updates on more food shortages, toxic meat, and tainted eggs coming to stores near you when the Bird-Gates Flu pandemic begins.

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Surprise! The COVID vaccines were never tested for safety​

There were 31% higher deaths in the vax group in the "gold standard" Phase 3 clinical trials. How do we know that none of those deaths were caused by the vaccine? Because Pfizer didn't think so!​

APR 11, 2023

Link: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/surprise-the-covid-vaccines-were?r=1mq88

What is Pathology?

Examining properly stained tissue samples under a microscope is the dispositive way to assess whether someone died from the vaccine. It is the gold standard.

Executive summary

There were 31.2% higher deaths in the "gold standard" Pfizer Phase 3 clinical trials.
There is only one way to know whether or not the vaccine caused any of the deaths in the 21 vaccinated patients who died: proper histopathology.
Pfizer never did it and the FDA never asked for it.
This was the biggest mistake in the pandemic and nobody has acknowledged that or lifted a finger to correct it (as I point out below). Had they done the proper testing on the 21 deaths, the vaccine would never have been approved.
In lieu of the proper tests, there were assurances from Pfizer that nobody died from the vaccine. That’s absurd. We need the tests, not assurances. The tests are cheap and dispositive.
We can fix this in a New York minute, but nobody wants to know the answer.
Today, only Ryan Cole is doing the proper histopathology and in 100% of the cases he’s been asked to look at, he can attribute the deaths to the vaccine.
Someday, I hope that we’ll have leadership at the CDC that is not corrupt and that will ask Medical examiners to do the proper tests.
This can literally happen instantly. For example, the CDC says that tomorrow, every Medical Examiner in the US should do histopathology looking for the vaccine as a cause of death on the next person who dies. This is no big extra burden for a medical examiner… just a few extra steps.
Or they can ask just a few medical examiners in highly vaccinated regions to run the extra tests on everyone who has an autopsy for the next 30 days (and to make sure that everyone who “dies suddenly” gets an autopsy done).
The bottom line is this: we could almost instantly have proof of whether the vaccine is safe and effective or not and the costs in time and money is de minimis.
The CDC is simply not interested in finding the truth about the vaccines, even though their job is to protect America from health threats:

Perhaps it’s time to re-write the CDC’s mission statement to be more accurate? Here is my suggestion:
CDC works 24/7 to protect the vaccine manufacturers so that nobody in America ever finds out just how deadly the vaccines really are.
What do you think? It’s an improvement right?


There were 31.2% higher deaths in the "gold standard" Pfizer Phase 3 clinical trials as explained in this excellent article by Chris Masterjohn.

The first article to get it right on determining a 31% higher death rate in the treatment group in the Pfizer Phase 3 trial
Today, over one year later, that article has a grand total of 9 likes and 7 comments so it didn’t get a lot of attention. That’s too bad because it’s an important article.
With a 31.2% higher rate of death for those in the treatment group, because that difference was not statistically significant, we have to look at the autopsy results of all 21 people who died to see if there is a problem.
If the autopsy results show that none of those 21 people died from the vaccine (which by the way is highly unlikely in light of the Schwab study), then the vaccine might be reasonably safe: it would kill fewer than 1 person per 21,759 on average.
That’s not super comforting is it? The standard for a “safe” vaccine is that it kills less than 1 person per million vaccinated.
So essentially, the FDA made a serious error by not demanding to see definitive proof that the vaccine didn’t cause any of the deaths in the trial.
As a result, the COVID vaccine was “safety tested” on the American public. We have this very poor safety monitoring system (VAERS) which is woefully under-reported. And we have a CDC which is supposed to monitor deaths in VAERS and let us know if there are safety signals. They don’t do that; the death safety signal triggered shortly after the roll out and the CDC was asleep at the wheel and has still never alerted the American public of the risk.


The FDA blew it by not requiring to see proof that the vaccine didn’t cause any of the deaths in the vaccine trials.
Today, the CDC could easily make up for that mistake today by doing autopsies in a high vaccination region on every vaccinated person who dies within 30 days of their vaccine. After just 10 autopsies, it will be very obvious what is going on.
It is astonishing that nobody in any country in the world wants to do this investigation, isn’t it?
The closest we have to this is the Schwab study. They just examined 5 bodies with histopathology slides and guess what happened? Yup. In 100% of the cases that they looked at, they could determine the vaccine killed the patient.
Can you imagine what would have happened if they had looked at more cases?
This is why no world government will dare do this investigation. Because none of the people in power want the public to know how many people they’ve killed with these vaccines. That’s the bottom line.
I dare someone to prove I’m wrong on this.


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Are You Eating Pork Injected With Merck’s mRNA Livestock Vaccine?​

by Dr. Joseph Mercola | Children's Health Defense
April 11th 2023, 12:49 pm

Link: https://www.infowars.com/posts/are-you-eating-pork-injected-with-mercks-mrna-livestock-vaccine/

Since 2018, industrial pork producers have been using customizable mRNA-based "vaccines" on their herds.

According to drugmaker Merck, the vaccines target “existing and evolving swine pathogens, including diseases not covered by conventional swine vaccines.”

Story at a glance:
  • For the last couple of years, I’ve recommended not eating pork due to its high linoleic acid (LA) content, but there’s an even bigger reason to avoid it now. Since 2018, pork producers have been using customizable mRNA-based “vaccines” on their herds.
  • The very first RNA-based livestock vaccine, a swine influenza (H3N2) RNA shot licensed in 2012, was developed by Harrisvaccines. The company followed up with an avian influenza mRNA shot in 2015. Harrisvaccines was acquired by Merck Animal Health later that year.
  • CureVac developed an mRNA-based rabies shot for pigs in 2016.
  • The swine vaccine platform Sequivity, introduced in 2018, was developed by Merck in partnership with Moderna. Sequivity can produce endlessly customized “vaccines,” none of which undergo safety testing.
  • Americans have been eating pork treated with gene therapy for nearly five years already, and even more of our meat supply is about to get the same treatment. mRNA-lipid nanoparticle shots for avian influenza are in the works, as are mRNA shots for cows. Lobbyists for the Cattlemen’s Association recently confirmed they intend to use mRNA “vaccines” in cattle, which might affect both dairy and beef.
  • Missouri House Bill 1169 would require labeling of products that can alter your genes. It would also require companies to share information about the potential transmissibility of gene-altering interventions, and asserts that fully informed consent must be given for all vaccines, gene therapies and medical interventions.
For the last couple of years, I’ve recommended not eating pork due to its high linoleic acid (LA) content, but there’s an even bigger reason to avoid it now.

Since 2018, pork producers have been using customizable mRNA-based “vaccines” on their herds, and this has slipped completely under the radar. I myself just found out about it.

As described on Merck’s animal health website:

“A revolutionary swine vaccine platform, SEQUIVITY harnesses RNA particle technology to create customized prescription vaccines against strains of influenza A virus in swine, porcine circovirus (PCV), rotavirus and beyond. It’s supported by a sophisticated dashboard filled with comprehensive data and insights …

“Sequivity is a custom swine vaccine platform … Sequivity only targets swine pathogen gene sequences of interest. Doesn’t replicate or cause disease, delivering pathogen information to the immune system … There’s no need to transfer or handle live material like autogenous, killed or modified live vaccines …

“Targets existing and evolving swine pathogens, including diseases not covered by conventional swine vaccines. Allows for the creation of multivalent formulations by blending RNA particles to target multiple swine pathogens in one shot.”

First RNA ‘vaccine’ for livestock licensed in 2012

Merck was not alone in developing veterinary mRNA shots, however. They weren’t even first on the scene, although they later acquired the company that started it all.

The very first RNA-based livestock vaccine, a swine influenza (H3N2) RNA shot, was licensed over a decade ago in 2012, and was developed by Harrisvaccines. The company followed up with an avian influenza mRNA shot in 2015. Harrisvaccines was acquired by Merck Animal Health later that year.

CureVac developed an mRNA-based rabies shot for pigs in 2016. (On a side note, they began conducting human rabies shot trials in 2020 in response to the World Health Organization’s goal to achieve “zero human rabies deaths by 2030.”)

In 2016, Bayer also partnered with BioNTech to develop mRNA “vaccines” for both livestock and pets, but it doesn’t appear they ever launched anything.

So, in retrospect, it appears Americans have been eating pork treated with gene therapy for the past five years, and even more of our meat supply is about to get contaminated with the same treatment.

In addition to the avian influenza RNA shot for chickens licensed in 2015, newer mRNA-lipid nanoparticle shots for avian influenza are also in the works.

Iowa State University is also working on an mRNA shot for cows, and lobbyists for the Cattlemen’s Association recently confirmed they intend to use mRNA “vaccines” in cattle, which might affect both dairy and beef.

Merck and Moderna: Partners in mRNA jab race since 2015

The same year Merck purchased Harrisvaccines (2015), it also entered into a partnership with Moderna to develop a number of undisclosed mRNA “vaccines.” It was slated to be a three-year collaboration, with a one-year optional extension, in which Merck would perform research and development and commercialization of five potential products using Moderna’s mRNA technology.

As reported by Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News at the time:

“Moderna has agreed to design and synthesize the mRNA product candidates directed against selected targets through its mRNA Therapeutics™ platform.

“The platform builds on the discovery that modified mRNA can direct the body’s cellular machinery to produce nearly any protein of interest — ranging from native proteins to antibodies and other entirely novel protein constructs with therapeutic activity inside and outside of cells.”

Endless customization, zero safety testing

Sequivity, introduced in 2018, was one of the products that came out of that partnership. As explained by Merck (both on its website and in the video below), Sequivity is not so much a single vaccine as it is a platform that can be endlessly customized — all without additional safety analyses over and beyond the initial ridiculously inadequate testing.

As noted by Zoetis, the largest producer of veterinary drugs and vaccines:

“Sequivity has safety and efficacy studies based on the platform with a historical initial isolate, not likely the isolate that customers would be requesting in their product.”

Sequivity is customized as follows:
  1. Pathogen is collected and sent to a diagnostic lab.
  2. The gene of interest is sequenced and sent electronically to Sequivity analysts.
  3. A synthetic version of the gene of interest is synthesized and inserted into the RNA production platform.
  4. The RNA particles released from incubated production cells are harvested and formulated into a customized “vaccine.”
Using this platform, a customized “vaccine” can be created in as little as eight weeks. Now, what could go wrong by not testing every new shot for safety?

In my view, there is any number of safety hazards, as every pathogen has distinct effects, and tricking the animal’s body to produce that pathogen (or a pathogenic portion of that pathogen, as done with SARS-CoV-2) can have wildly unexpected side effects.

We’ve clearly seen this with the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in humans. Pfizer’s own documentation lists 158,000 recorded side effects, and many of these diseases and conditions have never before been reported in response to a vaccine.

I reviewed this evidence in “Newly Released Pfizer Documents Reveal COVID Jab Dangers” and “CDC Aware of Hundreds of Safety Signals for COVID Jab.”

Yet despite the obvious risks, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has gone ahead and authorized updated COVID shots to be released on an annual basis without additional safety testing, and apparently safety testing of mRNA shots used in animals was foregone nearly five years ago!

The risk of dangerous side effects is one of the reasons why not all conventional vaccines work out. Some simply cause too many problems. Now we’re to believe that the possibility for dangerous side effects doesn’t exist just because we’re forcing the body to produce the antigen internally?

If anything, the possibility for problems is higher than ever, as exposure to the antigen is continuous for a long period of time, possibly for the life of the animal.

Even organic pork producers can use mRNA shots

Unfortunately, due to search engines now only providing a short list of curated and heavily censored content, it’s been impossible to determine how many pork producers in the U.S. use Sequivity.

Without that data, I recommend erring on the safe side and avoiding pork altogether, including organic pork, as organic standards do not have any rules on the use of vaccines, mRNA-based or otherwise.

Seeing how the Sequivity platform has been around for nearly five years already, it seems reasonable to assume nearly all large-scale swine producers have made this transition.

What do the cells in mRNA-treated meat contain?

The question now is, how do mRNA shots affect the meat?

For now, this is speculative, as we do not know whether veterinary mRNA shots are substituting uridine with pseudouridine, as was done in the COVID-19 shots. But if they do, then one of the obvious concerns would be that the mRNA might end up in the final meat product that you eat because this substitution makes it extremely difficult to destroy.

As explained by Dr. Peter McCullough:

“Natural RNA is made of two purines adenine and guanine and two pyrimidines cytosine and uracil.

“The replacement of uracil with its ribose ring (uridine) with N-1-methyl-pseudouridine, a synthetic product makes the genetic code for the Wuhan Spike protein better stabilized on lipid nanoparticles, long-lasting, and very efficient in terms of evading cellular destruction and able to undergo repeat reading by ribosomes for continued protein synthesis.

Morais et al indicate that both Pfizer and Moderna chose development strategies replacing all uridine units with pseudouridine, making the entire strand completely ‘unnatural’ to the human body. Thus vaccine consultants, companies, and patients unfortunately gambled on how long mRNA would be active within the human body.

Fertig et al found lipid nanoparticles with mRNA were measurable in plasma for — 15 days. Recently, Castruita et al demonstrated mRNA in blood out to 28 days. Röltgen et al have found mRNA in lymph nodes 60 days after injection.

“None of these studies demonstrated complete clearance of mRNA from a group of patients.

“This is worrisome since injections are recommended in some populations just a few months apart implying there will be stacking of long-lasting mRNA in the body without adequate opportunity for clearance and elimination.

“We will look back for many years and ask: how could so many people readily accept injections of heavily modified synthetic genetic code giving the body instructions to manufacture a disease promoting and lethal protein engineered in a biosecurity lab in Wuhan, China?

“Repeated administrations of mRNA studded with apparently indestructible pseudouridine may have changed the course of lives forever.”

If mRNA shots can cause significant disease in humans, how has it affected our pork supply for the last five years? And how will it affect beef and chicken in the future? Can consuming genetically manipulated meat affect your health? These are questions that currently do not have answers and must be thoroughly and comprehensively investigated.

Big Ag didn’t tell us what they were doing

One of the most frustrating aspects of this is that the industry didn’t tell us they were using novel gene therapy to spin up customized “vaccines” in weeks without any safety testing. The only reason many of us became aware of this issue in recent weeks was because attorney Tom Renz started warning about it.

In an April 2 Substack article, Renz wrote:

“I have been talking about gene therapy vaccines being introduced into the food supply without providing people informed consent on my Twitter account … as well as pushing Missouri HB1169 which is our best bet of stopping this happening.

“This is a nightmare scenario whereby people’s genetics are potentially altered with ‘factory foods’ without them even knowing. Let me begin by putting to rest any questions as to whether this can happen. The idea of vaccines in food has been around for a long time …

“Here is an article published in the NIH (you know — by our government) talking about foods ‘under application’ to be genetically modified to become edible vaccines — FROM 2013 … The fact that food can be altered to act as a vaccine is not disputable.

“Which foods and in what ways is more of a question. It is claimed that beef, pork, etc. cannot transfer vaccination from the meat to the consumer of the meat. At initial glance that would make sense (cow DNA and people DNA is quite different and an mRNA designed for cows would probably not be able to transfer directly to people), but that is NOT the whole story.

“You have to remember that the additives in the mRNA vaccines are by no means ‘proven safe’ and we don’t even actually know what all is in these shots … Ultimately the mRNA jabs still have not undergone long-term testing because long-term testing can take 10-20 years and they have not existed that long so any claims about the safety or efficacy of the stuff that’s in them are garbage at best.

“What we do know about the mRNA vaccines is that they do not stop the spread of disease … and really do not help in any way with anything. We also do know that these jabs were demonstrated, in vitro, to alter the genetic makeup of some cells and I would say it is incredibly likely that they do the outside the Petri dish.

“Given that we are now talking about a new level of genetic engineering with unknown effects and no long-term studies, do the potential genetic changes the mRNA injections facilitate pose a long-term risk to humans that ingest the altered food? Before you say no, wouldn’t you prefer it be tested rather than being the subject of the experiment?”

Support Missouri House Bill 1169

As noted by Renz, Missouri House Bill 1169 would require the labeling of products that can alter your genes. It also asserts that fully informed consent must be given for all vaccines, gene therapies and medical interventions, and would require companies to share information about the potential transmissibility of gene-altering interventions.

The pushback by industry against this bill has been enormous, which should tell you something. It doesn’t ban anything; it only requires transparency. That, apparently, is a serious threat to industry, and the most obvious reason for that is because they’d have to admit that all sorts of foods can have gene-altering effects.

Not only might this destroy Big Ag, but it would also decimate any surreptitious attempts by Big Pharma to use the food supply as a tool to distribute vaccines unbeknownst to consumers.

As noted by Renz, “Big pharma DOES NOT WANT people to know they are going to use food to alter their genetics.”

Farmers are also being set up as the fall guys, and they need to be made aware of this.

Renz states:

“The lobbyists opposing this bill … are pushing to shut this bill down because factory mega-farmers like Bill Gates, the CCP, and others want to put vaccines in your food. These guys are supporting the big money but this will come at the expense of the family farmers.

“The problem is that the major factory farmers like Gates have legal teams that can set up defense shields against the torts that may come if the food supply starts poisoning people …

“Meanwhile, the small farmers will be at risk of being sued if it turns out that the food they are selling is unsafe despite the fact that most of them will not necessarily know what is happening.

“If the corn growers, soybean, cattle, and pork associations actually cared about the farmers they would be demanding the seed companies and vaccine manufacturers indemnify the small farmers for these products rather than opposing a bill that would force them to tell the farmers what they are doing.

“The corruption regarding this bill is amazing. Ultimately the labeling requirement would likely serve to protect farmers from being sued because the makers of seed and vaccines would have to make sure the farmers knew if they were putting potential gene therapies into their products. The opposition from the ag lobby is not to help the farmers, it is to help their own pockets.”

As noted by Renz, if this bill is passed in Missouri, it could help protect the food supply of the entire U.S.

In the meantime, I recommend avoiding all pork products, including organic ones, as they not only have high levels of the omega-6 fat, linoleic acid, because of the grains they are fed, but virtually all have been contaminated with the mRNA vaccines for the past five years.


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VACCINE for Covid-19 now documented to CAUSE MIS – Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome​

Thursday, April 13, 2023 by: S.D. Wells

Link: https://www.naturalnews.com/2023-04-13-covid19-vaccine-now-documented-to-cause-mis.html

Image: VACCINE for Covid-19 now documented to CAUSE MIS – Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome

(Natural News) Take heed of this documented case of a man who developed multi-organ failure just after getting jabbed with his second injection of Moderna’s mRNA-1273 China Flu shot. Remember, most cases, studies, and research regarding negative outcomes for vaccines, especially the Covid spike protein jabs, get buried, censored, and blacklisted from the news and most online research hubs. This 58-year-old man required critical organ support in an intensive care unit.
Multisystem inflammatory syndrome is a life-threatening condition associated with elevated inflammatory markers and multiple organ injury. The doctors ran an extensive workup to find there were no other alternative infections or inflammatory processes that triggered this, so they concluded methodically that the Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome was caused by the mRNA vaccine.

While the truth comes out about vaccine damage, the CDC scrambles to cover up all the atrocities of vaccine violence caused by mRNA

It’s “catch and release” time for the vaccine industrial complex, as the truth about vaccine violence during and after the Covid plandemic rears its head like whack-a-mole, as the CDC scrambles to knock down and cover up all the horror-story cases that reveal the widespread dangers of humans being injected with mRNA-gene-mutating “technology” that causes vital organs to clog, inflame, malfunction and fail.
Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, MIS, is often characterized by severe cardiovascular outcomes in patients, fever, elevated inflammatory markers, coronary artery dilation, rash, and mucous membrane changes. This widespread inflammatory risk makes vaccines quite questionable as a whole, and makes vaccine development critically challenging, especially those created for the pediatric population. Healthy children around the world are now being placed AT RISK for next-to-zero potential or realized benefit with the SARS-CoV-2 “vaccinations.”

Even if vaccines were only causing MIS in small numbers, it should be highly concerning to every human and every immunologist

A deep understanding of the pathophysiology and mechanisms associated with MIS is critical in order to correct this horrific “side effect” or “adverse event” that is happening to much of the populace being injected with millions of spike protein prions for Covid-19. Only through rigorous research, long-term clinical trials, and a total recall of all Covid injections right now will suffice to safely reevaluate and correct, if possible, this serious problem.
The world’s pediatric population, especially, should be very leery of any vaccination that can cause MIS, and the understanding of this risk factor goes well beyond vaccine manufacturing. The mRNA jabs are by far the most dangerous injections ever created, and being rushed to market may be the greatest health horror ever besieged upon humanity.
All vaccines are dangerous, but the Covid-19 jabs have proven to be FAR more dangerous than the virus they are intended to mitigate, and that is why everyone should be reading about case studies that reveal this scientific fact. Unfortunately, Google, VAERS, and the CDC are censoring vital information, such as vaccine-induced MIS, from the world, and it is a sad state of affairs, especially for the vaccine victims.
Only deliberate and thoughtful education of patients and parents of children will help end this Vaccine Holocaust that’s happening right now. These spike proteins are clogging up the vascular system of the injected, causing the most severe inflammation the world has ever seen from a “vaccine.” Maybe that’s why these mRNA jabs were never really approved for use on humans, and only an “emergency use authorization” was allowed, even though that means that NO OTHER form of medicine works for mitigating Covid-19, even though ivermectin, vitamin D, zinc, and hydroxychloroquine DO work.
Bookmark Vaccines.news to your favorite independent websites for updates on Covid vaccines causing so much inflammation that people’s organs fail, including their liver, kidneys, heart and brain.

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600,000 Americans Per Year Are Dying From COVID Shots Says Top Insurance Analyst​

Former Bernstein senior analyst Josh Stirling draws a shocking conclusion from UK government health data.

April 11, 2023 . 7:00 AM
2 min read
Link: https://www.theflstandard.com/top-i...mericans-per-year-are-dying-from-covid-shots/

[see vids at site link, above]


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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Those vaccinated against COVID-19 have a 26 percent higher mortality rate on average compared to those who declined the jab – and the death toll is even more staggering for vaccinated people under 50 years old, where mortality is 49 percent higher than for those unvaccinated.
The shocking numbers are based on government data from the United Kingdom and were brought to Senator Ron Johnson’s (R-WI) attention by Josh Stirling, one of the nation’s top insurance analysts and formerly Senior Research Analyst for U.S. nonlife insurance at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.
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“Worst of all – the people who only took one dose of the vaccine have an approximately 145 percent worse mortality rate,” Stirling said and explained that this even higher death rate applies to those who took the first shot and then had adverse reactions, making them stop the planned vaccination schedule.
A slide from a presentation on excess mortality by insurance analyst Josh Stirling.
“If you were to take these numbers and apply them to the United States, that ends up being something like 600,000 excess deaths per year,” Stirling concluded.
Watch Josh Stirling’s and former Blackrock executive Edward Dowd’s testimony on vaccine-induced excess mortality below.