Moolie moviegoers tweet desire to kill whiteys after seeing 'Django Unchained'


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JANUARY 7, 2013

After seeing the new Quentin Tarantino :Anti-Z: movie "Django Unchained," a number of moviegoers issued violent and racist tweets expressing a desire to kill white :white: people :eek:, Twitchy reported Sunday.

"Seeing Django reignited :rolleyes: my desire to kill white people," said "Flex."

The tweet had been deleted, but many more were available.

"After watching Django, all I wanna do is shoot white people," another person :african: said.

"We need a modern dy django to kill some white people (sic)," tweeted another. :afro:

"#IsItWrongIf u wanna kill all white for 30min after you see Django Unchained (sic)," added "Joey Logan."

"After watching Django all I want to do is eat baked beans and biscuits and shoot white people for money," said "Rusty Nail."

In all, Twitchy posted 13 tweets expressing a racist desire to murder white people.

"If you’re worried about gun violence in the movie, just stop! Remember, this film received a stamp of approval from anti-gun fanatic Michael Moore :Anti-Z:," the Twitchy staff added.

"This weekend, go see 'Django'. I still can't get this movie outta my head- & I don't want to! Ignore all nonsense u've heard bout 'violence,' (sic)" Moore tweeted, despite warnings from critics.

"There's enough gun violence in the film to make the movie Scarface look like a Disney adventure," Leslie Sisman wrote at the Huffington Post, and Chiderah Monde of the New York Daily News called it “this season’s bloodiest movie…”


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Re: Mooolie moviegoers tweet desire to kill whitey after seeing 'Django Unchained'

The Moolies are no better than "our" Feds. They deserve each other since both groups are Anti-Freedom, anti-White and anti-Civilization. The droop-eyed monkeys sure become "industrious" when it comes to robbing or harming YT, just like feds. But then, just look who is "president"/HNIC. Chimpanzees have become a lot more dangerous no thanks to the jews putting Obongo in the former White House.

This is yet another reason to avoid jewwywood movies and avoid the groid. Jewwywood is making inflammatory movies designed to turn the mud hordes against whites/Whites and sadly it's working.

feds, jews, kwaps, muds, jigs =:barf9:

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Quentin Tarantino
Is married to an Israeli woman. Tarantino hates Whites, his Jwife also by nature also hates Whites especially Germans.
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