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Bond markets react as government prints money, fueling inflation, pushing yields higher, paralyzing economy… ‘U.S. is being ‘irresponsible’ with national debt’​

April 3, 2024 10:11 pm by CWR

Link: https://citizenwatchreport.com/bond...-s-is-being-irresponsible-with-national-debt/

As the United States hurtles towards a fiscal precipice, the specter of an irredeemable debt crisis looms large, pushing gold to unprecedented heights. Citadel founder and CEO Ken Griffin sounds the alarm, decrying the nation’s “irresponsible” handling of its ballooning national debt, a reckless spree that mortgages the future of generations to come.
With a staggering $34.6 trillion debt burden and annual interest costs exceeding $1 trillion, America finds itself ensnared in a fiscal quagmire with no discernible exit strategy. Inflation, far from abating, runs rampant, exacerbated by the wanton weaponization of the dollar abroad. It’s little wonder that gold and bitcoin continue to smash through record highs, buoyed by the sinking confidence in traditional fiat currencies.

Bond markets awaken to a sobering reality: the government’s only recourse lies in the perilous path of printing more money, a move destined to fuel inflationary pressures and drive bond yields and interest rates to dizzying heights. Bloomberg Economics’ grim forecast projects a staggering Debt-to-GDP ratio of 189%, far surpassing the Congressional Budget Office’s more conservative estimate of 155%.

Yet, this figure merely scratches the surface, accounting solely for debt held by the public and conveniently excluding intragovernmental debt from the equation. Gold’s meteoric rise underscores the growing anxiety pervading financial markets, with prices scaling dizzying heights not witnessed since the dark days of 2020.

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As gold charts its relentless ascent, the signs of overbought conditions flash ominously across daily, weekly, and monthly charts—a stark reminder of the precariousness of the current financial landscape. With each passing day, America teeters on the brink, grappling with a debt crisis that threatens to unravel the very fabric of its economy.

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Former Federal Reserve Exec Thomas Hoenig: Our Money Is Dying​

Link: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2024-04-04/former-federal-reserve-exec-thomas-hoenig-our-money-dying

Thoughtful Money's Photo

THURSDAY, APR 04, 2024 - 17:12

The Federal Reserve is one of, if not the most, significant institutions in the world given the global impact of its policy decisions.
It influences the price of nearly everything, as well as the availability of jobs, the stability of our banking system, and the purchasing power of our money.
When the Fed Chair speaks, the entire world stops to listen.

But the average person has a poor understanding of how this colossally important entity operates. Or even why it exists.
And after a series of asset price bubbles -- which some argue we're in another one now -- a chorus skeptical of the Fed's actions has emerged.
So today we're doing our best to shine as bright a light as possible on the Fed: how & why it operates, the good & as well as the shortcomings of its actions to date, what direction its policies are likely to take from here, and how all of this impacts the households of regular people like you and me.
We have the great privilege of speaking today with Thomas Hoenig, former CEO of the Kansas City Fed, former voting member of the Federal Open Market Committee, a former director of the FDIC, and now a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Mercatus Center.
This is an extremely important interview, folks. IMO, perhaps the most significant one I’ve yet done.
Here are my top takeaways from it:
  • Dr Hoenig admits the Federal Reserve has experienced substantial “mission creep” since its creation as a lender of last resort. Its track record is very much “mixed” in terms of delivering on the intent of its policies. In Dr. Hoenig’s opinion, its efforts to add stability sometimes instead only create more instability.
  • While very critical of the Fed’s QE and ZIRP policies in the wake of the GFC, and more recently in the $trillions in monetary & fiscal stimulus unleashed post-COVID, Dr Hoenig thinks current Fed policy is “about right”. Though he expects the Fed to come under serious pressure soon as ebbing liquidity allows recessionary forces to build. He thinks the Fed will need to make an important decision within the coming year: return to QE and re-flame inflation, or allow a recession to occur.
  • Dr Hoenig criticizes the Federal Reserve for pandering to various interests, noting that short-term thinking and pressures from Wall Street, Congress, and interest groups often lead to decisions that prioritize immediate relief over long-term stability — a sort of “We’ll act now for optics sake and hopefully figure things out later”
  • In Dr Hoenig’s opinion, our fiscal policy is a runaway disaster. He criticizes both political parties of Congress for their roles in the cycle of ever-increasing deficits. Democrats advocate increased spending and tax hikes, while Republicans aim to keep taxes low but fail to curb spending. He warns of dire long-term consequences for future generations due to this impasse.
  • Dr Hoenig is very worried about the current stability of the banking system (and this from a former Direct of the FDIC!). He advocates for essential reforms to address government spending, prioritize essential areas without relying on future borrowed funds or inflationary measures, and communicate transparently with the public. He stresses the importance of reducing debt growth substantially below national income growth to avoid a full-blown crisis scenario in the future.
  • Dr Hoenig predicts the purchasing power of the US dollar (and other world fiat currencies) will continue to decline due to current policies and the lack of a “discipline” to money creation. Until such a discipline is restored (perhaps a return to some sort of hard backing of the currency), the dollar’s fall in purchasing power won’t abate.
  • Dr Hoenig suggests investing time in reading history and biographies as a valuable way to learn about leadership and gain insights into what strategies works and which don't.
Watch the interview with Dr Hoenig in full below: [see site link, above, top]

Why Did Speaker Johnson So Totally Betray His Party And Country? If It Walks Like A Bribe And Talks Like A Bribe...


Patrick Cleburne

Link: https://vdare.com/posts/why-did-spe...it-walks-like-a-bribe-and-talks-like-a-bribe/

Saturday was a disaster for America. The ZeroHedge headline is sufficient: House Passes $95 Billion Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel And Taiwan —But Not US Border, by Tyler Durden, April 20, 2024.
How did this happen? Not even a separate Border funding bill, which would have at least flushed out the Treason Lobby RINOs?
How could Speaker Mike Johnson have been induced to capitulate so totally?
A plausible hypothesis was advanced in ‘What do they have’: MTG, Tucker Carlson claim House Speaker Mike Johnson is being blackmailed into funding Ukraine, by Katherine Huggins, Daily Dot, April 4, 2024.
“Do you think he is being blackmailed?” Carlson asked.
“I have no idea. I can’t comprehend, Tucker, what radically changes a man,” she replied…How did Christian conservative Mike Johnson go from being a Christian conservative, voting that way, legislating that way to the Speaker of the House that actually funds that agenda. I mean what in the world happens?”
Of course this is certainly a logical possibility. But ever since Speaker Bob Livingston was destroyed in 1998 at the beginning of the Clinton impeachment battle it has been clear that the ancient D.C. truce was over. Attacks over private life issues on political opponents are to be expected—at least for Republicans. If Johnson had any weakness, why on earth would he have taken the risk?
Personally I think the answer is obvious: bribery.
Americans have to face the ugly truth that bribery is playing a bigger role in U.S. politics than ever—at least since the Railroad boom in the Gilded Age created famous opportunities for graft.
But back then businessmen were buying commercial privileges. Now we have billionaires buying foreign policy. (And immigration policy too, driven I believe in most cases by ethnic predilections rather than economics.)
Since at least the Obama Administration, the behavior of the Congressional Republicans has become increasingly odd. This has been particularly true in the more voter-susceptible House. Issues evocative to their voters were simply ignored. In 2011, after Obama’s law-flouting Administrative Amnesty Coup, their inaction caused me to observe in Immigration And Administrative Amnesty: What Specter Is Haunting The GOP?
The analogy is to the well-known procedure of finding new planets by considering gravitational fields and orbital paths.
There is something out there exerting terrifying force on all of these people. Even the Presidency, apparently, is not a big enough prize. What are they afraid of? Can the Chamber of Commerce really be so powerful?
This curious pattern became increasingly glaring over foreign policy, too. In 2013 in Syria: Why Are Boehner And Cantor Defying Base And Ignoring Country? Because They Have ADD! I was even able to quote RedState:
Regardless of your feelings on Obama’s harebrained planned[sic] for military intervention in Syria, you have to look askance at why John Boehner and Eric Cantor decided to support the authorization to use military force in Syria when 80% (+/-) of Americans oppose the deal…
and I was able to answer:
Already by February Adelson had paid $5 million each into PACS controlled by Boehner and Cantor as discussed in Sheldon Adelson gives $5M to Eric Cantor-backed super PAC, by Robin Bravender, Politico, 7/15/12. Who knows what has changed hands or been promised now?
Not that Adelson is alone as we learn in Adelson New Obama Ally as Jewish Groups Back Syria Strike By Julie Bykowicz & Jonathan D. Salant Bloomberg Sep 4, 2013
ADD was my shorthand for Adelson Dollar Disorder, a tribute to the outsized influence over the GOP wielded by casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson for well over a decade until his death in 2021: And So Farewell To Sheldon Adelson—Zionist Activist; Immigration Enthusiast (But Only For U.S); Chinese Asset?
Unfortunately there are plenty of billionaires all too happy to keep Adelson’s standard flying. I discussed one such recently in Is NeoCon Billionaire Paul Singer Buying Democrats A House Majority To Ban Trump From Ballot? Singer’s donations kept Nikki Haley’s wrecking campaign going so long.
To most, it might seem incredible that major turning points in a nation’s history could be influenced by bribery. But it seems to be so. Merkel: Gone Mad—Or Bribed? GOP Example Suggests The Latter discussed Angela Merkel’s still amazing 2015 decision to override European Union policy and admit millions of Muslims, with predictably terrible results, and considered the general issue.
I noted there that the British after the fall of France in 1940 paid a high Spanish general 2 million pounds sterling (140 million pounds today) to keep Spain from allying with Germany.
The spectacle of an elected politician doing something totally against the preferences of her own base and manifestly in contradiction to the interests of her nation requires a powerful explanation.
If it looks like a duck, walks like duck, quacks like duck…it’s probably a duck.
Quack, quack, Speaker Johnson.

EXCLUSIVE: James O’Keefe Gives Update On CIA Coup​

May 2nd 2024, 6:32 pm

Link: https://www.infowars.com/posts/exclusive-james-okeefe-gives-update-on-cia-coup/

[see vids at site link, above]

OMG founder James O'Keefe gives update following report exposing Deep State's coup attempt against Trump administration and America.

O’Keefe Media Group founder James O’Keefe joined Alex Jones on Thursday to give updates on his organization’s bombshell exposé showing a CIA contractor admitting the Deep State withheld information from and spied on former President Donald Trump.

Undercover video filmed by an OMG operative featured a CIA cyber operations project manager admitting intel agency officials deliberately kept information from Trump while he was in office, in addition to regularly spying on him and his family.

Following the bombshell revelations, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) called on Congress to open an investigation into what appears to be a Deep State coup attempt on the Trump administration and America.

ABC’s Stephanopoulos Declares ‘The Deep State Is Packed with Patriots’​

by Jamie White
May 14th 2024, 1:04 pm

Link: https://www.infowars.com/posts/abcs-stephanopoulos-declares-the-deep-state-is-packed-with-patriots/

[vids at site link, above]

Mainstream media continues defending what they characterized for years as a conspiracy theory.

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos proclaimed Tuesday that the “Deep State is packed with patriots” who “don’t care about political parties.”
What an odd thing to say, especially considering the media and Democrats for years had dismissed the existence of the Deep State as a conspiracy theory.

Stephanopoulos made the remarks on The View while discussing his book where he interviewed many bureaucrats in the intelligence agencies and military.
“Some people like to call those people the Deep State. Well, the big thing I learned doing this book is that the Deep State is packed with patriots,” he said.

“People who go to work every single day on the frontlines of the most intense crises the country faces and do it to serve their country and to serve the presidency — not the president — they don’t care about political parties. They’re there to serve the presidency and the institution.”
The media has been more open about its defense of the Deep State AKA the Administrative State in recent months since former President Donald Trump announced his intention to purge “rogue bureaucrats” in the Deep State if elected in November.
Biden in response issued a new rule last month that would make it harder to fire unelected government employees.

In March, the New York Times published a piece insisting “the Deep State is actually kind of awesome.”
In a classic straw man fallacy, the NYT portrayed the Deep State as a group of nerdy, innocent and well-to-do government workers performing important functions for humanity, like working at NASA sending satellites into space, decontaminating water for the Environmental Protection Agency or ensuring safe workplaces for the Department of Labor.
But anyone who pays attention to politics or Trump’s remarks on the Deep State understands Trump is referring to rogue intelligence agency officials and Democrat bureaucrats carrying out the whims of the Biden administration.
The documentary Chasing Trump highlights this point by exposing the politically motivated anti-Trump Democrats who’ve brought charges against Trump during an election year and even campaigned on doing so.
Additionally, a CIA cyber operations project manager recently admitted in undercover video that intelligence agencies deliberately withheld information from President Donald Trump while he was in office and regularly spied on him and his family.
That doesn’t even begin to touch on the Russia collusion hoax or the impeachment hoaxes against Trump that were generated by intelligence agencies and media manipulation.
The targeting of Republicans, Trump supporters and conservatives by the federal government and lack of accountability for lawbreaking Democrats had become so obvious and pervasive that House Republicans formed the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government.
That Weaponization Committee released a report this month showing the federal government routinely tasked Big Tech companies to censor conservatives on a range of topics from COVID vaccines to the Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell.
Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss even penned an op-ed last month warning the Deep State plans to sabotage Trump’s second term.
“Even if President Trump is re-elected, his battle will have only begun,” Truss wrote in her piece “The Deep State Lies in Wait for Trump.”
“Across the West—especially the English-speaking world—there has been a shift of power away from democratically accountable officeholders to unelected bureaucrats and technocrats.”
“His second term will be much like my time in office if he doesn’t confront the entrenched bureaucracy,” she added.
Creepy Joe, the stumblebum moron, vegetable, pervert, criminal, etc., takes some serious, compelling criticism fm "The Five" on Jewwy FOX News, suckers