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Nation of Islam, Black Hebrew Israelites, and other sundry black groups who claim to be 'Asiatic Blacks'
was/is an intelligence project of Japan. Today, the Chinese are running riots and violence in many cities.
I have a working theory that the late 1970s ZEBRA MURDERS in San Francisco was led by Japanese, as well as other Asian intelligence assets. The Black Dragon Society home location was San Francisco - ASIAN stronghold, as well as divisions in Detroit, Chicago, also NYC.

This film, is basically a historical documentary, although, Wikipedia does not see it that way.
The first 25 min episode lays out the actual true history of the Black Dragon Society and their subversive movement among blacks. The other 14 episodes run 15 mins, back to back within the film.

G-Men vs. the Black Dragon REMASTERED | Full War Movie | Rod Cameron | Roland Got | Constance Worth - youtube free​

the archive 15 episode version here

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For unbelievers, here's 24 minute relatively 'unbiased' research documentary video done by a BM, which is very good, but it does not mention the 1978 ZEBRA murders connection.

I agree with his last statement, "the rest of the world, those who know, are laughing at the blacks who're in the cult."

NOT in the video:
Japanese George Takei, the Startrek 'actor' is very Anti-White politically, AS IS THE Jewy STAR TREK series. Old liar man Takei will never tell the truth about the extremist Japanese subversives operating within the USA prior to Pearl Harbor. Unit 731, an extremely evil human experiment group in Japan, which US Gov't covered up to benefit from.
Japan submarines, out bombing of

Bombardment of Ellwood oil fields on coastal Santa Barbara​

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Niggerian Mafia has/is taking over Italy, African transnational organized criminal syndicate.

Better start paying attention to who your local blacks are. Do I have to dig up the black guy tweet re "these are not our niggers" for a reminder of our invasion???

The ultra-violent cult that became a global mafia - BBC

According to the 2021 Organised Crime Index, based on analysis from 120 experts in Africa, Nigeria has the highest levels of organised crime on the continent - and these networks are expanding abroad.

Better start paying attention to who your local blacks are. Do I have to dig up the black guy tweet re "these are not our niggers" for a reminder of our invasion???

Regular street corner groups of USA niggers move around, jive with each other, are loud, often get into fights.
They're being seen often. Just quietly waiting.

"THESE ARE NEW NIGGERS. These are not OUR niggers"
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Communist negress terrorist lesbian gap toothed Angela Davis received the Lenin "Peace" Prize.
I really do hate that commie bitch, about the same way I hate Eldridge Cleaver, serial rapist of White women/girls.

Angela Davis receives the Lenin Peace Prize in Moscow (1979) - YouTube

Happy White girl, 3 yrs old. Let's hope some random vicious colored boy doesn't decide to

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Eldridge Cleaver
COWARDS at the USA Government website 'National Archives' on black history neglects to mention the smallest iota of his habits of serial rape of White women/girls, despite quoting from his book, 'Soul on Ice'.

WIKIPEDIA does tell about his serial rapes.
In the most controversial part of the book, Cleaver acknowledges committing acts of rape, stating that he initially raped black women in the ghetto "for practice" and then embarked on the serial rape of white women. He described these crimes as politically inspired, motivated by a genuine conviction that the rape of white women was "an insurrectionary act"

Cleaver taught more black men to rape White females, primarily as a revolutionary act against the system.
However, this book by the negro pos urban gorilla warfare serial violent criminal is free to read, in his own words. Cleaver is better off dead.
Soul on Ice is a memoir and collection of essays by Eldridge Cleaver. Originally written in Folsom State Prison in 1965, and published three years later in 1968, it is Cleaver's best known writing and remains a seminal SEMEN SPREADER'S work in African-American literature. The treatises were first printed in the nationally-circulated monthly Ramparts and became widely read for their illustration and commentary on Black America. Throughout his narrative, Cleaver describes not only his transformation from a marijuana dealer and serial rapist into a convinced Malcolm X adherent and Marxist revolutionary, but also his analogous relationship to the politics of America.
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***TIKKUN*** Magazine is closing.

Dear Lord,
Please stop the Jews from repairing, er, destroying the world, please
give them the old 'Cass Sunstein's Holy NUDGE' and get them to leave
our White communities alone.
We really don't want or need your constant TIKKUNS so frequently
pulled out of your giant worldwide collective of Holy Tuchus' and neither does
the world.
Thank you Lord,

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