Another Black Police Chief in the News

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ESL Police Chief Retires Two Weeks After Arrest

(ESL, IL - A nasty corrupt city said to be 98% Black and 2% "other" - who the "other" is, I don't know).

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (AP) -- The East St. Louis police chief has resigned, just two weeks after he was arrested on obstruction of justice and perjury charges.

Ronald Matthews, 55, had worked for the East St. Louis police department for more than 32 years. He'd been the police chief for 21 months.

Acting City Manager Alvin Parks says he received Matthews' resignation letter Thursday.

Marion Hubbard will continue as acting chief. He's been filling in since Matthews was arraigned on January 21.

Matthews is accused of helping a former auxiliary police officer with a felony record regain a pistol that had been taken from him and lying about it.

Da Lawd Knows Da Be R

acist - Know wut imsayin?

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I knows - dey got a camera on yo azz right now
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A secret informant was identified today as a defendant in an East St. louis corruption probe appeared in federal court. Kelvin Ellis, the East St. Louis director of regulatory affai
rs, faces several felonies including an attempt to have a federal witness killed.

Ellis's bond hearing affected the more serious charge of obstruction of justice in connection to voter fraud during last fall's presidential election.

Ellis's family was disappointed at the judge's refusal to grant bond. During today's hearing the government played audio and videotapes of ten meetings between Ellis and Rudy McIntosh, the deputy chief of the East St. Louis Police Department and a government informant.

I ain't tried to kilt nobody man - sheet. I gunna pop
yo azz doe - is you don't get dat camera up off me!

"Be Pimpin City Hall
ESL, IL. City Hall = Whore House

Kelvin Ellis, the East St. Louis director of regulatory affairs, conspired to
discredit, then murder, a federal witness because she had threatened to expose a prostitution ring Ellis was running out of City Hall.

It ain't be tru - iz framed

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The Belleville News-Democrat is reporting that Deputy Police Chief Rudy Mcintosh is on paid leave while state police investigate a 25-year-old homicide, possibly linked to him.

Deputy Police Chief Rudy Mcintosh

McIntosh, Pruitt and others were questioned hours after the shooting, but no charges were ever filed. Except for an inconclusive ballistics report that came in 11 months later on the .32 slug from Reese's brain, the investigation appeared to end the day after the shooting.

nother witness,
Clifford Dillon, 23, said he heard shots and saw McIntosh standing over Reese, the report stated.

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Monkeys in government.

What wil they think of next?
Primates in charge, monkeyshines acoming!!!!! Celebrate diversity!!!!