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Newsnet14 is an online resource for people of European descent around the world.

We are devoted to bringing you news that the mainstream media feels isn’t newsworthy. Today, many stories remain hidden only being reported in local areas, when they really deserve international attention. It is our duty to shine a light on these issues and let the mainstream media know that they cannot hide the facts.

The places we call home are no longer “our” nations. These people who decide our fate, these “elected officials” are put there not by you or me, but by Zionist media mongers.

They are leading our people to a path of extinction, and we cannot allow this to succeed. The European race makes up only 2% of the world population, and at the current rate we will be extinct in only 5 generations. Our enemies know this, and continue to bombard us with the same anti European propaganda, designed to proliferate guilt and self hatred on a daily basis.

We must all realize is that Our Race is Our Nation. European Americans have more in common with a Swede living in Stockholm, or an Italian living in Venice, when it comes to morals, and culture than they do with the African American, or Mexican living next door.