NNN Reposter


By H. Millard (c) 2022

Arman is clear that the Bible and other religious books of various religions are not religious books to us, but some of them contain truths that are often hidden in allegories and parables or in fictionalized accounts with some kernels of truth in them.

Here are just a few of these hidden truths and what they really were about:

--Adam and Eve--were not the first humans. They are a fictionalized account not of the first humans but of the first White humans.

--The Garden of Eden--is a name given to the place where the Adams and Eves (plural, because there were more than just two of this new type of human--Whites ) were to live and multiply their kind while remaining separate from and not mixing and mating with the other already existing dark humans.

--Original sin--is the fictionalized account of some of the Adams and Eves (aka Whites) doing evil by mixing and mating with the darker humans. As the contamination in the White genome from some mixing and mating with darker humans spread through the population of the Adams and Eves (the Whites) so that all carried some non-White DNA in their genome the evolution of Whites upward slowed down.

--Noah's ark and the The Great Flood--is really a fictionalized account of God trying to to wipe out contaminated (by non-White DNA) humans to start over with more pure White humans so White evolution upward could continue.

--Sodom and Gomorrah --another attempt to wipe out Whites and non-Whites who were mixing and mating (miscegenating) and practicing homosexuality and not producing pure White children.

--The Code of Manu--is an ancient book in Hinduism that is all about keeping White Aryans from mixing or mating with the dark natives of India who were living there when the White Aryans invaded. The Code of Manu is a law book that demanded that the White Aryans not mix or mate with the darker natives and the means given in this book started the caste system. A word for caste is "varnu" and this also means color. Although, today, we are often incorrectly taught that the castes are all just based on the type of work people do, it is really based on color with the higher castes being lighter skinned.

You can find many more examples and truths in ancient books if you read with the sure knowledge that Whites were and are the newest type of human on the planet and that God-As-He-Truly-Is has selected Whites and has always wanted us and still wants us to stay separate from all non-Whites, to never mix or mate with them, and to evolve ever higher into a new species of human that will, in the fullness of time, no longer be able to bear viable children with any non-Whites. Always ask of everything: "Is this good for White people?" And, then act accordingly for the benefit of Whites and for no other kinds.# # #​