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Principal accused of encouraging students to have ‘revenge sex’ instead of fighting

Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 2:30 PM MDT|Updated: Jun. 20, 2022 at 6:09 PM MDT

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A deposition reveals a Charleston-area high school principal is being accused of racial and sexual harassment, contributing to the school’s violence problem and encouraging students to engage in revenge sex as an alternative to fighting.

The accusations against Septima P. Clark Academy Principal Carolyn Anderson come via a deposition as part of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint made against Anderson by a different employee. In the deposition, the employee said she was subjected to harassment by Anderson and witnessed numerous occasions of inappropriate conduct that violated the Charleston County School District’s policy on professional conduct.

Anderson was made the interim principal of Clark Academy at the beginning of the school year. She was promoted to principal on April 22 and then subsequently placed on paid administrative leave, days later on April 26. The district would not comment on why she was placed on leave, citing a personnel matter. However, the EEOC investigation, which first goes through the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission was filed months earlier on Feb. 16 while she served as interim principal.

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In the disposition, the employee being questioned claimed Anderson would talk about former male co-workers at North Charleston High School, specifically discussing their bodies and genitals. Anderson, the employee said, would also talk about her own sex life with her husband while in the front office.

“She would just tell us how she was having problems with her husband,” The employee said. “How she walked around the house naked, and he wouldn’t have sex with her.”

The employee testified she was also the target of similarly inappropriate sexual comments. In one such occasion, Anderson told her, in graphic detail, that the employee needed to have sex to “straighten her out,” according to the deposition.

That specific interaction was reported to the head of the Department of Alternative Programs Jennifer Coker in an email dated Nov. 23, according to legal documents. The employee said no action was taken.

In an even more disturbing accusation, Attorney Larry Kobrovsky asked the employee about interactions she observed in which she accused the principal of encouraging high school girls to have revenge sex with each other’s boyfriends instead of engaging in physical fights.

“Let me get this straight. During school hours, you, as the [employee position], heard the principal of Septima P. Clark tell female students that they’re being wrong. That when she was their age, you’d just (have sex with) their boyfriends and get back at the girls that didn’t like her that way?” Kobrovsky asked.

“Yes,” the employee responded. She later said, “It’s embarrassing actually because like I’ve never seen a principal talk like that or show those kinds of actions.”

Beyond sexual comments, the employee also accused the principal of exacerbating discipline problems with students. She says Anderson brought in a number of students without properly vetting them - students that would not have been accepted under the previous administration.

Septima Clark Academy is an alternative school for students with unique academic needs. Families go through an application process that involves an interview with staff.

The employee also says Anderson encouraged an atmosphere of disrespect towards adults by not cracking down on discipline issues and failing to address student referrals.

The employee said students would often use the N-word when referring to teachers and use other profanity specifically aimed at female teachers. The employee claimed Anderson failed to discipline students even when those words would be used in her presence.

“I do find it degrading,” the employee testified. “It makes me feel humiliated, even if it’s a black student saying it to me. Because I feel like administration should just take over those type of things. Like, if you get no punishment, of course students will keep doing it.”

As of June 14, Anderson was still on administrative leave. The Charleston County School District says this is a personnel matter and they have not additional comments.
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[BLACK SCHOOL] Supporters rally for Charleston principal placed on administrative leave​

By Live 5 Web Staff
Published: Jul. 6, 2022 at 7:32 PM MST

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Former students and friends of an embattled Charleston County School District principal gathered Wednesday afternoon to show their support for her.

Carolyn Anderson
is the principal of Septima P Clark Academy who was placed on administrative leave just days after she was promoted to the position in late April.

The rally happened at the Ferndale Community Center in North Charleston where her supporters shared personal experiences with Anderson, saying she has dedicated her life to her students.

Anderson’s sister, Priscilla Miller-LaViscount, said her words have been misconstrued and twisted into something that they are not.

“You can say one thing and half of it is put on film,” she said. “And someone can tell somebody starting in the first row something and by the time it gets to the last row, it’s entirely different from what you actually said. So I hope the truth comes out of everything because her character has been defamed.”

An employee of the school filed an EEOC complaint against her in February, accusing her of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. In the complaint, the employee claimed Anderson would touch him and verbally abuse him. Through the investigation, another employee was deposed who corroborated the accusation and further said she was the subject of Anderson’s abuse as well.

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The people who gathered Wednesday night say they are standing with Anderson, insisting the accusations do not represent the person they know. They say she has loved and supported her students and that some even refer to her as a second mom to many students.

“Mrs. Anderson was that village that our community is definitely missing,” former student Tierra Polite said. “Mrs. Anderson is that mother to your children while you weren’t there, that person that would feed your child when they were hungry, that would clothe your child if they didn’t have it. She was that person. She was just our mother when our mother wasn’t there. That’s who she was to sum everything up.”

By denying the allegations against Anderson, they say they hope to send a strong message. They say they are confident the investigation will prove her innocent of the allegations.

Charleston school sought additional security measures after fight with 10 students​

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - After a fight involving 10 students at Septima P. Clark Academy last April, the school’s assistant principal requested three changes, none of which was fully granted.

The April 25 incident at the school prompted Assistant Principal Michelle Robinson to reach out to Department of Alternative Programs and Services Executive Director Jennifer Coker on May 11. Robinson requested an extra school resource officer, a student concern specialist and to order the students involved to remain under virtual instruction for the remainder of the school year.

Robinson wrote to Coker after the students involved in the fight had returned, claiming the students were sending messages and making statements about fighting. She warned about a group of eight boys who she believed were using school bathrooms as a place to meet potentially for a gang or “fight club.”

Coker replied to the email saying they didn’t have any additional student concern specialists that could help at the school. She said she would check on an SRO, though no promises were made and it doesn’t appear an additional SRO was ever brought in. She also said the students couldn’t be forced to go virtual without additional disciplinary issues.

Coker was able to get an additional interventionist for the two days after the email was sent.

But she did offer a few alternatives, including recommendations to lock down the lunchroom, close the gym and assign members staff to monitor the bathrooms.

Robinson told Coker school staff members would start escorting students to and from class.
Otherwise, no additional resources were brought in to keep the students and staff safe.

Clark Academy is an alternative high school but it’s designed to cater to students with academic challenges, not necessarily disciplinary challenges.

This was not the first fight at the school last year. Earlier in the school year, an employee was assaulted and injured by a student. That employee ended up filing an official complaint against the principal, Carolyn Anderson. Among other accusations, he alleged the school was unsafe for staff.

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