Good morning from the occupied "Left" Coast ?

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Good morning from the occupied "Left" Coast ?

Soon under Basket case Benedict Biden & company.....

Press 1 for Undocumented Worker voting Democrat-socialist
Press 2 for Haitian refugee immigration legal help
Press 3 for Afghanistan refugee free government benefits
Press 4 for Muslim tourist finding materials for IED or IUD
Press 5 for Chinese spy that speaks Mandarin
Press 6 for LGBTQ refugee from Muslim Sharia Law
Press 7 for TRANSGENDERED 'person' needing emergency hormone injection
Press 8 for Ex-NFL player applying for job as coach for HS girls basketball
Press 9 for Neo-nazi White Supremacist wishing to report to reeducation camp

...behind schedule today - due to (well is really doensn't matter)
but if you drop by later this evening -- there should be some new 'content' :)

But if you are impatient, and curious and just can't wait... to see the 'breaking' new news posts that I repost from the NNN reporter's forum
then you can just sign up, log-in and there it is!

No nagging pop-ups (poop-ups) that I keep getting from the 'main stream commercial fake news media' :)

Fake News

No, this website (New Nation News - and the NNN Reporter's Newsroom 'Forum'
are all 100% totally FREE, FREE, FREE AT LAST! "At no cost to you" - Get the real news that you DESERVE
- Don't put up with the puerile pablum of pretentious politicians

And why waste your time picking through the so-called 'news' when serious volunteer Reporters at New Nation News - devote themselves to bringing you the REAL, SIGNIFICANT NEWS RELATING TO MINORITY AND MIGRANT CRIME
and other tidbits related to the SWIFT DECLINE OF Constitutional, Caucasian, Christian America
(Sweet Land of Liberty) - (Land of the Free and Home of the Brave)

Suddenly Slipping down the Slide to Satan's Sink hole - Third, perhaps Fourth World Amusement Park!
Move over INDIA, Brazil, Liberia, The Congo... AMERICA will be the new tourist destination of Chinese millionaires, other Nouveau riche upper-level bureaucrats of the New non-American World Order visiting various period themed brothels and ethnic zoos.

planet of the apes
The arsenal of Democracy - Superhero Guardians of the Free World! From the Halls of Montezuma Mexican Aztec human sacrifice to the Shores of Kabul, Afghanistan - braving scary "ISIS-klm ('Kill-em sect)" to export thousands of not too deep cover Muslim Jihadists getting a free airlift to the HEARTLAND OF THE 'GREAT SATAN' thanks to brother in the faith Biden who submitted to Allah through the mentoring of Obama....

Ref: Joe Biden's use of (Muslim phrase) 'Inshallah' to mock Trump raises eyebrows
"The use of one of the most ubiquitous phrases in Arabic by gaffe-prone Biden, 77, a Roman Catholic, raised eyebrows in the Mideast and migrant communities, with many debating the contextual meaning of the phrase."

so get it while you can.... before it's CANCELLED by the intolerant ANTI-FREE SPEECH, ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-WHITE, ANTI-GOD,
Antichrist, ANTI-MOM AND APPLE PIE (recall the prophetic apocalyptic

Bye Bye Miss American Pie - "bad news on the doorstep...")

PRO-antifa, PRO-blm, PRO-mask, Pro-tax, Pro-climate-change, pro-marxist, PRO-LGBTQ....


sheeple with masks

Well, you probably already have a good idea how 'UNITED WE STOOD' and DIVERSIFIED we fell

bible Amos 5:13 Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time.
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