HITLER DIED FOR WHITES Divinely Inspired Messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022

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Divinely Inspired Messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022


Divinely Inspired Messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022

There really is a cosmic battle of good against evil. That may sound too simplistic to some, but that's what it boils down to.

God-As-He-Truly-Is (GAHTI for short) is much different than most religions have fantasized. He is in the Cosmos and nature and is everywhere in the subatomic level of existence. He is all good. Anything that opposes Him is, by definition, evil.

At our human level of existence, the evil is manifested in and done by evil-doing humans--anti-Whites--against GAHTI and His special plan for Whites who He has selected for His special purpose.

GAHTI has told us directly of His purpose for us and His laws for us that help His purpose for us. These laws are also found in the laws of nature and evolution and which involves the upward evolution of White people along a strictly White line which requires us to stay separate from all non-Whites and to never mix with them socially or mate with them.

The evil hates GAHTI and White people and wants Whites to go out of existence. One of the ways it is working to accomplish this evil is by tricking Whites into blending with non-Whites.

GAHTI wants us to do the right things and to avoid blending and further our evolution but He also wants us to make our own way in existence without His constant intervention or help.

He wants us to struggle against the evil at our level of existence and defeat it by being stronger, smarter and just better at survival and to support those who take the lead in doing so for all Whites.

Saint Hitler, was one of those Whites who did take the lead and who fought the evil-doers at our level of existence and this made him enemy #1 of the evil in human form. His battle was good against evil and he represented good and GAHTI and was working to do His will and cause our evolution by improving our kind while also increasing the birth rate of the best of us. For his struggles and sacrifice for us, we honor Saint Hitler on his birthday of April 20.

Saint Hitler was, indeed, doing the work of GAHTI. That's why we call him a Saint, but anti-White evil-doers have smeared him and his memory and used lies to fool His people-WHITE PEOPLE--into believing the lies. Saint Hitler was involved in politics of course but his real religious beliefs meant that everything he did was religious. That is, he believed, as some of us also believe, that true religion--our religion--is all encompassing and there is no separation of our religious beliefs and the rest of our lives.

These religious beliefs are part of everything about us and what we do. They are with us every second of every day for the most religiously inclined among us who may be more touched by the spirit of GAHTI.

And those of us who are more religiously inclined ask of everything: "Is this good for White people?" And, the asking of this and acting accordingly for the benefit of White people is doing the work of GAHTI because His purpose for us, is also our purpose. It is also like a prayer in that it is not only asking ourselves if this is good for White people but also asking GAHTI if it is good for White people.

It's sad to watch racially unaware Whites, who should know better, siding with the anti-Whites who want Whites to disappear from existence by any and all means possible.

And the latest way to kill off all Whites is to encourage multiracial marriages and relationships while at the same time encouraging Whites to not have any children.

Even just a cursory knowledge of how DNA and genes are combined with half from one parent and half from the other tells us that children born of mixed race matings between a White and any non-White get half of their genes from the non-White parent. This is miscegenation. This is the genocide of Whites. This is blending. This is destroying one's White family line. We often call it bedroom genocide because that is where the non-White fetuses are usually conceived.

Even if the child looks more White than non-White, they still carry the non-White genes and they are NOT White people because their genome is not the product of two White parents.

Saint Hitler was not evil. He was good. Understand this. He was good for White people--his people. Non-Whites and deceived Whites who buy the lies about Saint Hitler want you as a White person to think Saint Hitler was evil. Don't buy it. Think about it. Read about what Saint Hitler was really all about and what he wanted. Read between the lines of the hate literature sometimes disguised as history books that tries to demonize him. As you read, note and remove in your mind all the disgusting and childish negative adjectives which are a clue to the fact that these are more anti-White propaganda than a truthful and unbiased retelling of history as it really was. Here's the truth: Saint Hitler was trying to protect, preserve and help the survival, expansion and evolution of White people. And, that is exactly what GAHTI also wants.

Now, GAHTI rarely steps in to help us because He wants Whites to grow up, be adults, and take care of ourselves and work for our evolution to prove that we should evolve and that we really are the people that He should have selected.

Part of our evolution ever higher is being able to be self-reliant and take care of ourselves and be in charge of our lives and our evolution and cause it to happen by our Right Blood, our Right Belief and our Right Action. We already have the Right Blood, just because we were born of two White parents who were also born of all White parents. Now we have to activate our Right Blood and, again, that is done by Right Belief and Right Actions and that is what this religious/spiritual faith as revealed to Arman is all about. Remember, when we speak of Right Blood, we really mean White genome and White genes.

Yes, we worship GAHTI, but the main ways we do that is through Right Belief and Right Action. We try to live right and do the right things including having as many White children as we can so we provide the raw material for our evolution which involves the evolution of our DNA code and genes,

We also try to improve our minds and our bodies. And we try to be good people who do no harm to ourselves or others even if they are not White. We are friendly and polite to everyone and we don't look for trouble and we try to avoid it. We honor just laws and try to be good neighbors and avoid conflicts in our personal and work lives.

We know that we do not have to reveal our religious beliefs to any others unless we so choose and that we can deny our beliefs if we feel revealing them can bring any sort of harm to ourselves or others. We know that GAHTI doesn't want us to be martyrs but to live long, productive and happy lives.

All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is and to his selected people!# # #​

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