Is news a four-letter word?

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Is news a four-letter word?

What is the purpose of producing and consuming news?

1. entertainment value

2. propaganda, 'brainwashing' potential

3. to promote the conceit that we live in a representative democracy
where a 'informed electorate' is critical for participation

4. something to use as fodder for casual conversation

5. actual survival information that you will be acting on in the next 24 hours

6. other

7. all, some or none of the above.

Although I have tried to make my news summary presentation entertaining for the last six years I really have not had the goal of being a 'sit-down comic'. News that is not entertainment, especially 'commentary' tends to be more or less propagandistic, consciously or not.

As public opinion is most often generated by the news media - it does seem that many people think that it is 'important' to 'keep up on the news and world events' - although their congressperson has yet to call them for their advice on an important bill coming up in congress. (They may get phony 'opinion polls' from the national political party committees that are only disguised requests for donations.)

We certainly do not have a 'representative democracy' - the 'elected' leaders and their appointed courts do not respresent either the desires or the real interests of the majority of the american population.

I would hate to be an 'accomplice' in the dissemination of news as propaganda for those that make the news.

As much as possible, I have tried to focus on real news - locally reported crime is 'real' enough and I think should be of survival interest to most citizens.

Still, being informed of news - even keeping a critical suspicion of possible 'imbedded' propaganda does not necessarily make any difference in your life or others - unless this information may lead to action or lack of action that may be relevant to enhance the survival of yourself, your family and friends.

Yet this is not an appeal to start writing letters to the editor of your local paper, or to start telephoning your congressperson, or making another donation to your 'political action group' - as I have already editorialized, this seems a total waste of time and effort - as it seems to have no real effect on either local or national policy.

I wish I could offer a realistic recommendation on "What's new - and so what?" - but I can not at this time. Even if I were to advocate a revolution to return 'power to the majority of the people' - I doubt that any of the one thousand regular New Nation News readers would be motivated to bring large banners into the streets tomorrow...
and even if they did - it might be as futile as the guy standing in front of the tank in Tienanmen Square.

There have been large populist movements and demonstrations in america in the past - the last large protests being over the dangerous and deadly involuntary servitude in the draft for the undeclared war in Vietnam.

Governments do change - and all 'revolutions' start somewhere but just handling personal life is more than enough of a problem for most people. Things do seem on a downhill trend in the areas of violent crime, illegal immigration, loss of jobs and taxation for the interest on the national debt to fund foreign adventures for armchair generals.

It may be some years before the accumulation of mismanagement by the appointed leaders of special selfish interests results in mass demonstrations and riots in the streets. Or perhaps, thanks to the advancments in technology, the people will continue to vote for the 'tallest lessor evil with the best haircut' and continue to believe that we live in the best country in the world while gaining weight and watching TV as the once bright light of American quietly sinks into post-empire status and merges into the mudhole of other third-rate nations where unemployment, debt and corruption can be ignored when the diverse national sports team wins the gold at the Beijing olymics.

And even if the disaffected masses - living in the rat-infested ruins of this once 'super power' 'take to the streets, rooftops and sewers' to protest the cutback in food and health coupons -

in how many languages will the mass media report the declaration of martial law and the thankful relief of the New Peoples Party government leaders at the arrival of large divisions of U.N. Coalition Peacekeeping troops from China, Brazil and South Africa to restore order in the darkened cities and the squatter and rebel-
infested National Parks?

Tune in tonight for the latest news...
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