Lamentations Of An Old White Sage [by Kenneth Lloyd Anderson]


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[From: WAR, July, 1999]

Lamentations Of An Old White Sage

by Kenneth Lloyd Anderson

Mixing nomadic and gypsy-type peoples (Blacks, Browns, Semites, etc.) who live off the land with Empire Builders (Whites and some Yellows) will never harmonize. Mortal men can not "legislate" it because the differences are instinctive, unique, and genetic to the races.

Leave the saltwater fish in the oceans and the freshwater fish in the lakes and streams. You will then have a better chance at a balanced ecology. You can get along much better with an African living in African "ethnic style" in Africa. Neither you nor the African will ever be at your best if you are next-door neighbors. While you are trying to build-up and live your own preferred "ethnic style," his style tears yours down and vice-versa. Can you point to just one Euro-ethnic White-established street or "community" which did not go down when mixed with non-Euro "ethnicities" at any income and / or social level? Inherent and incompatible, these social and cultural moral values, as well as different types and levels of academic interests and preferences, can not be legislated.

Look, the more integration is forced upon the Whites, which consequently stifles the White Race, the more "racism," "ethnic" micro-sensitivity and racial hate and separatism it breeds. Forced integration into White Societies does not make non-Whites like Whites, more nor vice-versa. Time provides opposite results.

A maturing White child wants to touch the stars and search the bottom of the oceans. The mixed-in African child wants to be a sports gladiator and be legal-law literate to justify all his actions and demands on the Whites; to depend, plunder (on one form or another), rape, and kill the Whites. The imposing and free-loading Latino wants his own language and culture on your soil while being cradled by the White, Euro-based culture. The Jew wants to corral and enslave all "Goyim" into a one-world pasture ("Community" or "Communism") to control, milk, and slaughter any Goyim at will; which ever is most profitable for Jews at any given time. The old cliché in modern vernacular is oh so true: "The more you kiss a Jew's ass, the more he sh*ts on your face and expects you to like eating it." It is ever raunchy.

That's life today. Remember, laws of physics and genetics do NOT play politics. These laws MUST eventually be OBEYED. There is no option and it is not open for negotiations. The more you fight them the more human lives you jeopardize and are accountable for. Arrogant fool, are you listening?

Indignant hate is as much a part of life as is love. All living creatures have the natural ability to feel both. No "legal" threatening and smoke-blowing Jew has the natural ability to deny you these basic human qualities of life, the ability to love and hate. Look how much Jews hate Germans to this day. All because of the Jews' devious hate-inciting propaganda of turning the Germans' desperate war-time effort to delouse the interned, typhoid-infested Jewish threat, into a Jewish-claimed intentional mass-slaughter. This is the most monumental and costliest worldwide racial extortion campaign against the entire White Race in man's recorded history. In this century alone, from the Bolshevik Revolution to today, it is committed by the one blood-thirsty and blood-sucking race who claims to be the best of mankind. The Jewish race claiming to be "chosen by God as a special people just for Him."

When survival of an individual or a race is threatened, hate is a safety mechanism to preserve life. When Whites in this country see the Jew-controlled media demonize the White Race, especially the White Male, the race becomes defensive and is concerned for his existence. When the Jew advertises the White Woman better mated to an "integrated" African, that upsets the White grandparents, parents, siblings, children and grandchildren. Without his White Woman, the White Man dies out. Do you see Jews advertizing their daughters mixing with Africans or any other races, for that matter? Unlike nomads, Empire Builders are fiercely independent. When given no escape, they either die in a pool of blood or drown their enemies in it. The Jew is the self-proclaimed enemy of the White Race. The Jew's actions betray his claimed benevolence. No Race is a more violent, hate-inciting, extorting and international swindler than this century's Jew. He does not hesitate to turn the world's Goyim against each other nor against his own Semite half-brothers. The Jew would spill the blood of all mankind if it brings him high profits. The Jew respects only his own "laws" and looks down on the rest of mankind. The Jew is drunk with the blood of sacrificed nations to his causes.

Look at the recent Middle-Eastern war you fought for him. Now you are again at the brink of war for him, with his half-brother over which he expects of you to give your life for the Jews' profit and safety. In return, he wants to send you into oblivion. Their own turbulent 'holy land' and especially their 'holy city' has been for decades the most violent and continuous peace-threatening real estate in the world among the civilized nations. The abominable suffering he inflicts upon his fellow Semites is outrageous. His 'holy land' can only exist by continually being paid for in billions by the world's gullible, Goyim, White Races.

Hey, bleeding heart Whitey, wimp, sucker, stop being a foolish slave of the Jew! Aptly stated by a true and loyal White Racist: "Think White, act White, be White!" Since the Jew wants to dissolve you and flush you down the sewer, you have the basic human right to hate him. So, hate him! To hell with the Jew's maneuvered 'official,' 'legal,' 'anti-hate,' 'Jew and minority laws'.

You, White Man, are the true world minority. Where are your minority rights? At present you are dying out. A quote from the Jews' own holy writings: "There is a time for peace and there is a time for war." White Man, what time is it now?

Wake up you White mixers and diluters. Who are you to dictate to me what kind of neighbor I may live among, or have living among my own kind? How dare the likes of you insult us and defame our character for the past 30 to 40 years. How dare you offend us by claiming that the incompatible, irresponsible, destructive, free-loading mass of bastard-breeders invading our Euro-ethnic, White-established neighborhoods today, are my equals and equal to those who once lived here. The likes of us Euro-ethnic Whites built up the neighborhoods from the prairie and pasture lands. Our ingenious White Race invented, designed, and built the power grids, utilities, streets, drainage, homes and the entire progressive and advanced civilization. We pay our taxes, build up the neighborhoods, and pay for our children's needs. We responsibly raise our children with social and civil behavior and attitudes which qualify them to attend academic institutions for an academic education. How dare you claim that today's of-color neighbors are our equals. Unlike our former White Euro-ethnic based neighbors, these 'minorities' of today eat up our taxes and destroy our neighborhoods. They make war zones and U.S. Somalias out of our secure, peaceful, manicured dwellings and turn them into diseased dens of gang-banging thieves, prostitutes, rapists, and murderers. With us Whites becoming more and more their targets and victims. They are socially and culturally dysfunctional by our standards and do not genetically possess sufficient academic interest. Nor are they morally or socially qualified to attend our academic institutions. Each of their succeeding over-populating generation is more savage than the last. In your warped, self-induced, color-blind view, what kind of 'equality' is that?

Guns have been in our homes since before this great land was forged into the world's greatest and most advanced nation, by none other than the responsible White European immigrants. You now want to disarm us and make us into human sacrifices for these Third World savages because they abuse and misuse this power of preservation; now, when diseased criminals and Third World blood-suckers are trying to devastate us. If you and your Jewish friends 'legislate' our guns from us, do you know who will still have theirs? Do you think they like, respect or fear you or the Jewish controllers? Will they obey you and give up their arsenal of weaponry to you? If you want to integrate with them, then YOU go live with them! You are too dangerous among us.

When the likes of you move out of a formerly-nice White neighborhood being infested by your 'multi-ethnic non-White equals,' you always move into a more, White-established, secure neighborhood. You 'multi-ethnic' hypocrite! Your excuse may be that you want more safety, better schools, nicer residences, better and more secure shopping centers, etc. The bottom line is that you always move from a darkening to Whiter neighborhood. And why are better living conditions found among the Euro-ethnic Whites? Is it because the non-Whites' forefathers were cared for as slaves 200 years ago? Not Many White immigrants migrated from unspeakable conditions. In short order and without special 'head-start' programs; they do their part to build up and maintain America, the true Euro-ethnic White America. Some continue here in extended abject poverty for a while. But not in the destructive, overbearing, leeching mode of the non-Whites. If it takes the races 'of color' many decades or centuries to 'recover' from what they never had to begin with, needing perpetual Affirmative Action, then their contribution and worth to the White Race World Leadership Society needs to be re-evaluated with all speed. What are their ethnic-brothers' and ethnic-cousins' excuses for being perpetually 'underdeveloped' and starving in their native African and Latino countries, ruled by their own, kind 'ethnic' leaders? Swindling Jews, who weaseled themselves into controlling power positions of the over-tolerant White Races, need to get over it and admit to these facts. If not, then all Jewish presence among Whites also needs to be re-evaluated now without delay. Weeding out white trash at all social levels of White Society is also in order at this time. White Man, perhaps the time has finally come to take out the garbage! Is it not about time to clean house? Do you remember what being all-White is like? Do your White sons and daughters know what being unfettered from foreign non-White ethnic demands and oppression is like? Can you imagine being free from Jewish media? For example, anti-white brain-washing, control, censorship and intimidation? Free from defamation and degradation by hateful, parasitic non-White races? Free from disrespectful races who become more demanding, overbearing, and deadly toward you? Does it bother you, slaving for them as your inheritance becomes diluted into a multi-ethnic, Third World beggar society just like their 'motherland'? Hey Whitey, it's your country. What are you going to do about your turf being taken over by defacing graffiti and gang-banging punks?!!! Spectators never win the game. The couch potato dies early. Get off your ass and clean your house. Make it White.

It's not a question of being anti- other races nor of hating other races. It's a question of not wanting to be interfered with or worse, being providers for and victims of the world's non-White, incompatible, dependent 'minorities'. We don't want nor do we care for their lifestyles, nor their infiltrating. White-like behavior is only temporary. When they out-breed you at your expense, they exercise their 'ethnicities' and you are down and out. Do they say they want to 'integrate' with you? Yeah, right! About as much as you want to integrate with them, given a choice. But, if you like their ways and want to melt down, then you go to their turf and keep away from us. Far away from us.

Wake up White Man. The party is over! It's time to step into your forefathers' shoes and contribute your share to hold onto what he entrusted to you and your offspring. Yours and your children's inheritance. In no way did your forefather intend his hard work and blood-earned conquests to be inherited by Latino banditos, African savages and especially not by the slippery, slimy, swindling 'holy' Jew of the Semite races. In no way did your forefather intend for these invading leeches to devour you into oblivion. Are you worthy of what your forefather entrusted to you? Why are you letting unappreciative and disrespectful strangers kick you out into the street and decimate your victorious stand among the world's nations? Like the non-White Jews disarmed and then kicked the Germans out into the street and held the progeny of the land in 'legal' bondage, before Hitler took up his White peoples' plight. It is no accident that you are in THE world-leader position. Neither Jew, Latino, nor African 'ethnic' ways put you there. It is your Euro-ethnic-based way which holds you superior. But you cannot continue soaring among eagles, much less be the dominant one, if you behave like a bunch of swindling scum gypsies, drunk and doped-up, free-loading and bloodsucking parasites feeding on a powerful host who will some remove the pest. Make peace with the Yellow empire builder and encourage him to contribute to his own Race on his own continents. There is room for all. YOU manage your own and yourself all right. Yours and your White Woman's bonded genes produce the high flying aces of the world she carries and brings to birth.

For you and your children's very life, my White son, WAKE UP! For I do love you. But, I am old and growing weak. Stand up straight on your own two feet, among your global brotherhood. Make me proud of you.

Arheel's Uncle

Senior Reporter
Lamentations Of An Old White Sage

by Kenneth Lloyd Anderson
??? So far I am unable to locate the text online. Another reason to capture it within your own files to preserve it. There are lots of lost writings from the past that were found later.
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Arheel's Uncle

Senior Reporter
Call of the race
Kenneth Lloyd Anderson

An edition of Call of the race (1996)

Call of the race​

fifty eight new poems​

3rd rev. ed.

by Kenneth Lloyd Anderson


Whites, Poetry, Race awareness
A different website, snipped only Anderson's section from here

Of course they are not. What Constantine lacks, Anderson has and vice versa. Whatever else we might wish to say about Call of the Race we cannot criticise the poet for lacking conviction! Anderson has none of Constantine's self-control and mastery of words but he does have an exceedingly clear idea of what he wishes to convey and why:

"An elderly female Hippie/Howls from a drug psychosis/Thinking she sees Jesus/Peeping through her window,"

Anderson is not anti-war and he tells us why:

"The traitorous media/Told us to make love not war,/So we sprawled down on the battlefield/And had a picnic with the ladies,/How quickly we forgot,/Dominated, enslaved and raped women/Are the fate of the conquered in war,"

and he is clear about the nature of the war he wants us to fight:

"The war against the white race has begun/But the decadent professors/Can only tell us to turn our buttocks/Toward the open door;"

and who is responsible for our weakness:

"The anti-hero was concocted/In dark Jewish laboratories,"

and what we should do about it:

"Taunt the liberals/Sneer at the politicians/Dominate the feminists,/And send the capitalists back to their pawn shops,"

Not Apollo but Mars must be our inspiration. Unlike David Constantine, Kenneth Anderson has not been discovered by an established publisher like Bloodaxe (which despite the title seems quite pacifistic in its views) and what he calls his "epic poem" would undoubtedly dismay many with its racialist call to arms, but the poetry has all the strength of deep, violent, unflinching sincerity. The only moment when the poet is dishonest is when he writes, "Alas, times of terror are coming". "Alas" cannot be sincere: this writer is yearning for what he calls the rising racial storms and will do all he can to help it on its way. LIARS

Probably David Constantine and Kenneth Anderson would not wish to be associated with one another,
yet they do share certain poetic qualities which make them both accessible and rewarding to read: a vivid diction, and at their best, both make highly effective use of mythology and mythological or Christian references. David Constantine is the more skilful word-master but if there ever is a racial war it will be Anderson to whom the warm bloodied will turn, even though I do not doubt that Nestor as described by David Constantine will then be everywhere on the prowl and the war not half as just as Anderson assumes, yet juster than the editors of Bloodaxe believe. Nor is Anderson damned if, as Constantine writes, the damned are those who are "loquacious to no effect."

Dominic Campbell

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