New Nation News Editor's Desk, My Thoughts On National Integrity

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New Nation News Editor's Desk

My personal viewpoints really aren't very important - if I thought they were, I would use more of my web space to promote them. I report on the news that I think is significant and my choice of news is mostly where I express my editorial opinion.

I can not possibly agree with everything that I link to. Mostly I focus on news that relates to racial and cultural conflicts.

Most readers would tend to assume that I agree with all of my 'guest commentators' - but that is not necessarily so. I feature guest commentators that I think readers of this web site might find interesting - in the hope that someone will come up with some practical solutions to some the problems that I report.

This web site is not a "front" for any organization nor do I hope to form any organization. I have no program or plan to save the world or the race or even the whales. Unfortunately I have no practical solutions. I wish someone did.

Of course I support some specific issues and would support the efforts of others that attempt to actively promote them.

Let me see. I have supported the second amendment, the right to "keep and bear arms" that is supposed to be in the Constitution.

I support the enforcement of immigration laws. Beyond that, I would like to stop all immigration to the U.S. except for healthy people of European/Caucasian descent and persecuted whites from countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa.

I am opposed to 'affirmative action'. I am opposed to all forced racial integration - especially in public schools.

People should be able to hire whom they chose and live in neighborhoods where there is no forced racial integration.

For the protection of our children - absolutely no tolerance of homosexuality, pedophilia or miscegenation can be permitted.
Violators would be appropriately prosecuted and/or deported.

After all illegal aliens have been deported, the majority of a state should be able to restrict Citizenship, residence and tourism to those that would be compatible based on race and religion. That's not too radical, is it? However with current trends, since the war between the states in the 1860's - it is, I admit, pretty unlikely for any group to achieve.

However, as recently as World War II, Japanese Americans were segregated and removed from the West Coast.

If it were in my power, I would bring back all U.S. military from around the world and for starters, put them on the borders - especially the Mexican 'border'. Once the borders were secure from invasion of illegal aliens and drugs there would need to be border-to-border sweeps to arrest and deport all illegal aliens.

Of course with the military all back home - a nuclear missile shield would have to be developed and all uninspected container shipping would have to be stopped.

I would also give all U.S. based international corporations a year to return all operations to this country or face expropriation. No more 'out-sourcing'. The U.S. and a like-minded Canada should be self-sufficient. Tariffs would be increased to the point of discouraging all imports except perhaps of any raw materials that are not available in North America.

"Duel citizenship" can not be allowed - all Citizens must affirm allegiance, speak English and prove their identity to vote. No more multilingual ballots - no more Spanish or Chinese media. Foreigners should not be able to own any real estate or interest in any corporations in the U.S.

The federal government should stop all welfare, all foreign aid and all subsidies. The U.S. could support moving the state of Is
rael to Baja California to secure peace in the 'Middle East' during the transition to our energy independence from Muslim oil.

We need to reestablish our leadership in space exploration to secure an off-world gene pool.

Now there may be other goals that would be worthwhile to pursue - but if the above can be archived we can discuss those.
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