Police Seize Dogs As Part Of Dogfighting Investigation

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Police Seize Dogs As Part Of Dogfighting Investigation
Owner Of House Wanted On Murder Charges

POSTED: 6:49 pm EDT April 19, 2008
UPDATED: 7:50 pm EDT April 19, 2008

PHILADELPHIA -- Police said the owner of a house where dogs were seized in connection with a suspected dogfighting ring was wanted on murder charges.

A police officer had noticed crates of pit bulls in the back of a house on H Street in Kensington. When police and animal control officers went into the home on Saturday, they found the dogs in deplorable conditions, police said.

"We observed 20 pit bull dogs in poor physical condition," George Bengal of the Pennsylvania PSCA said. "Apparently they had been used for fighting. They were all scarred up. Some had open wounds."

Officials seized the dogs, which were taken to the SPCA.

According to police, Terrence Hayward, the owner of the house, had a warrant out for his arrest on murder charges.

His wife was also arrested on numerous animal cruelty charges.