Psssssssssst--here's a hint, morons--"woke"?--it's actually same as "SATANIC," fools; get a clue, suckers


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At least Gutfeld/FOX News does a little analytic kind of thinking on the latest buzz-word, "woke," suckers. My pt. about "woke" is it's same as satanic--which means it's a Jew tool, machination.


Conservatism Inc. Shill Bethany Mandel Humiliates Herself When Asked to Define 'Wokeness'​

Chris Menahan
Mar. 17, 2023


[see vid at site link, above]


Bethany Mandel, a "conservative thought leader" pushed on the public by the controlled media and the shills at Fox News, humiliated herself before the entire world this week after being asked by a libtard to define "wokeness."

Despite opposing wokeness being Mandel's whole schtick, she struggled to come up with a definition for the term.

From HuffPo, "Conservative Pundit Can't Define 'Woke' During Interview About Her Book On Wokeness":
Conservative commentator Bethany Mandel co-authored a whole book on the “current woke indoctrination” supposedly going on around the country. But when asked to define the term at the very center of it, she flopped.

Mandel struggled for half a minute to come up with an answer to what “woke” means during an appearance Tuesday on “Rising,” a web series produced by The Hill.

“This is going to be one of those moments that goes viral,” she predicted, accurately.

In the end, the author of “Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation” — released earlier this month — offered that “woke is something that’s very hard to define,” and said it had to do with reorganizing society “to create hierarchies of oppression.”

“It’s hard to explain in a 15-second sound bite,” she said with an apology.

“Rising” host Briahna Joy Gray responded, “Take your time.”

But Mandel was then rescued by the program’s conservative co-host, Robby Soave, who stepped in to say, “It’s definitely something that you know what it is when you see it.”
Wokeness at its core is simply anti-white hatred. Whites are evil oppressors and are inherently bad and everything they produce is therefore bad and a product of oppression.


As wokeness pioneer Ashleigh Shackleford explained bluntly many years ago, "All white people are racist... You're always going to be racist... Y'all are born into a life to not be human and that's what y'all are taught to do -- to be demons."

The view is held not only by the left but by many of the controlled opposition leaders on the right, such as former Daily Wire editor Josh Hammer, who is now an editor at Newsweek.


None of these controlled opposition leaders actually care about fighting anti-white "wokeness" because they fundamentally agree with the core sentiment.

Josh Hammer published an article from Bethany Mandel in Newsweek on Friday lamenting how her "humiliation went viral."

Mandel claimed she was a victim of anti-natal prejudice because she has six children and "heard one of the [Rising] hosts speaking about parents in what I perceived to be a negative way" before they went on air.

From Newsweek, "I Was Asked to Define Woke. My Humiliation Went Viral":
Throughout the entire interview I felt a panic attack growing, but just tried to get through the duration of the appearance without an incident. As we talked, I was stammering and trying not to set traps for myself. I did not want to open up questions about my own personal life.

Finally, I was left speechless at one question—the basic definition of the word "woke."

It was a fair question; after all, it's the centerpiece of my book's premise. But by that point, the panic attack had arrived and I was rendered speechless. Eventually, I sputtered out what I thought was a decent definition of the word, but by then it was too late.

I knew the momentary brain freeze would go viral, and I was right. The clip has been viewed millions of times, and a dozen articles have been written about the most humiliating seconds of my life.

As soon as we hung up, I broke into a sob. My husband and kids immediately surrounded me. I'm not usually a crier. In fact, the last time I got a bit tearful was two months ago towards the end of my home birth, during the worst stage of labor called transition.

Watching me cry and panic was not a sight my kids were used to seeing, yet for the next day, they saw it a few more times. For the next day, I visibly struggled emotionally. But I also kept plugging on with more appearances on radio and podcasts, albeit without the confidence I normally exhibit and enjoy.

Though I've become more self-conscious of my pauses, I haven't stopped working to promote a book I spent a year and a half researching, writing, and editing. I'm proud of that work and our final product, and won't let a short period of anxiety detract from it or define it, or me.

My kids are all home with me on a regular basis and have had a front row seat for this show, my lowest and most frustrating professional experience to date. But I'm glad they were.

On Wednesday morning, as the clip was going increasingly viral, I felt compelled to sit my older kids down and be honest with them. I told them I was on edge, and that daddy was working from home in order to help me juggle, but also to be emotionally supportive.

I told them a lot of people were sending me unkind messages and comments, and that I would do my best to not let my feelings affect my mood, but that it might, and if it did, that I'm sorry. Saying this out loud made me more conscious of trying to keep that promise.

I wouldn't have planned this experience, but it was a valuable one for my older children. They saw their mother fail, and they saw her get back on the horse. They saw their mother humiliated, but they also saw my confidence in myself remain intact.

They are also watching me try to win back my confidence on camera, working hard not to let one moment give me permanent stage fright. They saw what an emotionally healthy marriage is: My husband silently taking on the tasks that I usually do to give me a break. They saw him give me pep talks and hugs when I needed them, and they saw him joke with me as I moved on enough to be able to laugh at my own misfortune.

We homeschool our kids, and a lot of the time that looks like math or phonics lessons. But sometimes it looks like this; real life lessons in resilience, humility, and perseverance.
What a load of crap. Humility would be focusing on raising your children rather than working to subvert the right.

Just a few years ago, Mandel was in the media for talking about how she bought a gun to "protect herself from anti-Semitic Donald Trump supporters."


Now she's fighting to lead the right and pick our president!



Newsflash, suckers--observe here, a perfect reason Republicans lose soooo easily to the satanist-globalists, which is they, the Republicans, simply don't know what they're doing, who they're fighting against--SATANISTS (always led by Jews, suckers). And what is satanism?--it's extreme subjectivism--which Perino somewhat grasps. "Woke" IS satanism, but the dumb, brainless puke ("the people") refuse to face up to it--why they will continue to lose and die (like they did when they willingly took the poison vaxxes).​

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Fox Host Finally Admits It: ‘Woke’ Is Whatever You Want It to Be​


William Vaillancourt
Mon, March 20, 2023 at 9:59 PM CDT

Fox News

Fox News
What it means to be “woke” is in the eye of the right-wing beholder, Fox News host Dana Perino admitted Monday, just one week after a conservative author’s struggle to define the term on live TV went viral.
Perino was reacting to commentary from MSNBC host Jen Psaki on Sunday in which the former Biden White House press secretary said that the term — which conservatives on Fox News have hurled at topics as disparate as Xbox and Legos — is “simply not the boogeyman [Republicans] would have you believe.”
Perino began by likening the term’s fluid meaning to that of “political correctness,” citing the approval of audience members when Donald Trump criticized it during rallies in 2015 and 2016. “Everybody that was clapping knew exactly what he meant,” she said.
To be “woke” is “sort of like the Supreme Court definition of pornography: you know it when you see it,” Perino continued, referencing Justice Potter Stewart’s criteria for obscenity in the 1964 case Jacobellis v. Ohio.
“So, the Democrats want to get you in an argument where you’re having to define woke-ism as if Webster’s Dictionary is defining it. And that’s not what it is,” Perino contended.
“It could be a feeling. It could be a sense. And I wonder if Republicans or conservatives are going to have to define it more. [Psaki] could be right. I don’t know. But this will be tested.”

Los Angeles LGBT Center to Host Drag Queen March with Honey Davenport on Easter Sunday to Mock Christians​



On Easter Sunday the LGBT Center in Los Angeles is hosting a drag queen march in West Hollywood Park to mock Christians on their most bles...​

Woke Bud Light Executive Behind Dylan Mulvaney Marketing Campaign Trashes Bud Light and Its Customers During Interview – Gets Buried on Social Media by Catturd and Others (VIDEO)
DEVELOPING: Mass Shooting in Louisville, Kentucky – Multiple Casualties Reported – UPDATE: Five People Killed, Shooter is Also Deceased

On Easter Sunday the LGBT Center in Los Angeles is hosting a drag queen march in West Hollywood Park to mock Christians on their most blessed holiday.
The drag queen march will start at 10 AM in West Hollywood Park and will end at 1 PM. The event will include performances by Honey Davenport and Kerri Colby.
This is clearly an assault on the Christian faithful.

Drag queens and Democrats are OUTRAGED that Americans are pushing back on their pornographic shows with children. In typical Democrat fashion they insist this is an assault on ALL drag queens. In reality it is a protest against exposing children to pornography and inappropriate sexual entertainment.
Keep the drag shows for adults.
We still have R and X rated movies. Adult entertainment is no different.
FOX News reported:
The Los Angeles LGBT Center, an organization that provides “programs, services and global advocacy” to LGBT identifying people, plans to host a drag march Easter Sunday in protest against “anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.”
A tweet by the Los Angeles LGBT Center reads, “This year alone, there are over 400 pieces of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation on the books. On Easter Sunday (April 9th), we’ll gather in our Sunday Best to show the world what we’re made of – and that we’re not going back.”
The event is slated for 10 a.m. at West Hollywood Park. The rally will include LA County Supervisor Lindsey Horvath and West Hollywood Mayor Sepi Shyne as speakers, and performances by RuPaul’s Drag Race Alums Honey Davenport and Kerri Colby. The march is scheduled to begin at noon and end by 1 p.m.
The Western World Has Forsaken All of Its Former Values



Let’s be honest and face it. The Western countries are no longer democracies with free speech, a rule of law, and accountable governments. They are tyrannies.
Wherever you look you see free speech stifled. You see law used as a weapon against journalists like Julian Assange and an American president like Donald Trump and his supporters. The Biden regime has put one thousand Americans in prison for attending a rally for Trump by asserting without any evidence that the rally was an insurrection. The Western media is a propaganda ministry. The West’s foreign policy consists of war.
Law professor Jonathan Turley puts it this way:
“After Musk decided to buy Twitter, Hillary Clinton called upon European countries to force social media companies to censor Americans. The European Union quickly responded by threatening Musk and other executives. Now, UK Technology and Science Secretary Michelle Donelan has announced plans to jail social media executives if they fail to censor so-called “harmful” content on their websites. The government, of course, will determine what is deemed too harmful for citizens to see or hear.”
Democrats want to imprison Matt Taibbi for examining the Twitter files released by Elon Musk and showing that Twitter was coerced by the US government to censor the truth on many topics. In other words, as I warned would happen, it is already a de facto criminal offense to speak the truth and soon will be de jure.
Increasingly, leaders posing as democrats act as dictators. The French president recently ignored the elected parliament and decreed a change in the pension age that the French people opposed. The Canadian president decreed mandated injections of an untested substance in violation of the Nuremberg Laws and punished the truckers for protesting. US presidents Bush an Obama issued unconstitutional degrees by suspending habeas corpus and ordering execution on the basis of suspicion alone without due process. And now we see the British government planning to arrest Elon Musk for permitting free speech on Twitter.
Even crimes are being legalized with cities controlled by Democrats refusing to enforce property crimes if they are committed by blacks.
And only the French protest. Americans come across as sheep. The latest poll, possibly a concocted piece of disinformation as polls often are, finds that most Americans do not want Biden or Trump to run for president. One can understand about Biden whose main achievements are to normalize sexual perversion and to set the US on a course of war with Russia and China. But Trump stood up for the American people against the ruling oligarchy. If it is true that Americans want to abandon the only leader who speaks for them, the American people have acquiesced to tyranny.

Family Files Federal Lawsuit Against Massachusetts Police and Government for Medically Kidnapping Infant & Toddler at 1 a.m. in Home Invasion​


[see vids at site link, above]


Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

A family who took their 3-month-old son to an emergency room in Waltham, Massachusetts last year at the advice of their pediatrician because the infant had a 103 degree fever, is now suing Waltham police and social workers who came to their home unannounced at 1 a.m. in the morning and forced their way into their home to remove both their 3-month-old baby and his 3-year-old brother, with no warrant, simply because an x-ray taken of the baby a couple of days earlier showed a healed fractured rib in the baby.
That was all it took for local authorities to medically kidnap their children, by forcing their way into the family’s home in the middle of the night and terrorizing the young children by kidnapping them and taking them away from their parents.
The parents were eventually cleared of all charges and their children were returned to them, but now the parents are suing to try and stop this from happening to other families.
This story has received national media attention, and The Pacific Legal Foundation has taken up their case and filed a federal lawsuit.
Alarmed by her three-month-old son’s 103-degree temperature and at the family pediatrician’s urging, graduate student Sarah Perkins brought baby Cal to a hospital emergency room just a few miles from their home in Waltham, Massachusetts. Sarah’s husband Josh Sabey, a documentary filmmaker, stayed home with the couple’s toddler, Clarence.
Doctors at the hospital ordered an X-ray to check the ailing baby for pneumonia. To Sarah’s surprise, the scan revealed a roughly two-week-old, healed fracture on one of Cal’s ribs. That’s when a new nightmare began.
Hospital staff notified the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF), who immediately opened a child abuse investigation. A social worker aggressively interrogated Sarah, who had no idea how her son’s injury happened. After Sarah called home, Josh brought Clarence to the hospital and they too faced DCF’s questions.
Finally, after Sarah and Cal were kept overnight at the hospital, the family was allowed to return home. Although they would be required to check in with DCF in a couple of days, the couple believed the stressful episode was largely behind them.
But the next night around 1 a.m., DCF workers knocked on the family’s door. They were accompanied by Waltham police officers. Although they had no warrant or court order of any kind, DCF had decided to remove the children from the home. Sarah and Josh protested, but when police threatened to break down the door, the couple got their children out of bed. Baby Cal was still nursing, so Sarah got stored breast milk out of the refrigerator for DCF to take. The couple tried to keep three-year-old Clarence calm by telling him he was going on an adventure; but the boy, desperate to stay with his parents, soon began screaming. Undeterred, DCF took both children away into the night and placed them with a foster mother. (Source.)
Here is a video report from CBS Boston with actual video footage from the night the police broke into their home:

Sadly, this is a common story in the U.S. and not rare at all. We have covered dozens of these stories over the past several years.
Another story that received national media attention in 2019 happened in Arizona where a military SWAT-like operation with Arizona police broke down the door of a family at 1 AM because the parents did not take one of their children who had a fever to an emergency room at the request of a doctor.
AZ parents fever police2
The child was reportedly sleeping soundly and only had a fever of 100 degrees when the police and social workers arrived in the early morning hours. The family’s security camera captured the break-in which is why the story went viral and received national attention.
In our investigation of the story, we determined that the family may have been targeted by the medical mafia because they chose not to vaccinate their children. See:

Was Arizona Family that had Police Break Down Their Door at 1 A.M. Targeted by Medical Community Because They Don’t Vaccinate Their Children?

As we have reported over the years, taking your child to an emergency room is one of the most dangerous things parents can do these days, as there is a huge industry devoted to “medical child abuse” and “child abuse pediatricians” along with their “child abuse” teams which can only be funded and their salaries justified by finding “child abuse” in pediatric patients brought to the hospital.
Unsuspecting parents bring their child to the emergency room and often end up having x-rays taken of their child, and based solely on an x-ray these “child abuse” pediatric doctors will order a child be seized from their parents, even before an investigation can be conducted.
It is a horrific violation of constitutional rights, as even terrorists, rapists, murderers, etc. are afforded due process of law in the criminal justice system, but parents are not given those same rights in Family Court.
After a medical doctor suggests “child abuse”, the children are often ripped away from the parents without any charges even filed, and then they have to prove their innocence, which can take months or even years, to get their children back.
Here are some previous cases we have covered.
Marty beautiful baby adores mama

Baby love with Marty Peele. Photo courtesy Peele family.
In 2015 North Carolina mother Marty Peele contacted us after being arrested for “child abuse” because x-rays of her baby showed ribs that were broken and then healed. Local media were publishing stories about her and portraying her as an abusive, criminal mother.
We investigated her story and interviewed friends and family members, and then published her side of the story in December of 2015. The story got a lot of traffic, and about 3 months later producers of the Dr. Phil show contacted us seeking permission to use our article in a show they were preparing on Marty’s story.

Here is the Dr. Phil segment. [see site link, above, top]


Infant with Brittle Bones Medically Kidnapped in North Carolina as Mother is Arrested

Here are some other previous stories we have published: [see site link, above, top]

Ted Cruz: Biden ‘Is Cheering’ On This ‘Full On Invasion’ At The Border, ‘They Want This To Happen’​

MAY 14, 2023


[ck vid at site link, above]

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed the Biden administration late this week over the ongoing catastrophe at the U.S.-Mexico border, saying that what is happening there is intentional and is a result of Biden’s policies.
More than 83,000 illegal aliens crossed the border this week — the most in U.S. history — amid the ending of Title 42, a public health statute that was used at the border during the pandemic to help stem the flow of illegal immigration. In anticipation of its end, up to 700,000 people, including many from Central America, were waiting at the border for entry.

Cruz told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday night that Biden was “AWOL” and not doing his job while the U.S. is seeing “a national security crisis unfolding on our southern border.”
“On Monday, the Border Patrol apprehended over 10,000 illegal immigrants. Yesterday, the Border Patrol apprehended over 10,000 illegal immigrants. Those are both records,” Cruz said. “And this is a full on invasion. It is a crisis. And the Biden administration is cheering it on … they want this to happen. They want more people to come in, and they don’t care about the body bags that are piling up.”
“They don’t care about the women being sexually assaulted,” Cruz continued. “They don’t care about the children being brutalized. They don’t care about the over 100,000 drug overdoses that we had last year, two thirds of which was from Chinese fentanyl coming across the southern border. And I gotta tell you, my home state of Texas is paying the price. And in Texas, we are furious about it. We’re frustrated.”
Cruz later added that the volume of illegal immigrants pouring into Texas was “so massive that it defies words.”
“Democrat mayors are freaking out and declaring a crisis. The Democrat mayor of Chicago, the Democrat mayor of Washington, D.C., the Democrat mayor where you are in New York City declares it a crisis when he gets even a few illegal immigrants,” he continued. “We’ve had over six and a half million cross under Joe Biden and 50 show up at Martha’s Vineyard and the woke lefties there declared a full on humanitarian crisis.”

WATCH: [ck site link, above, top]

DeSantis suggests Trump doesn't understand the 'woke' threat to America​


2024 Republican presidential nomination showdown: Trump and DeSantis trade verbal fire over the term 'woke'​


DES MOINES, IOWA – The current top two contenders for the Republican presidential nomination are trading verbal fire over the term "woke."
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told reporters on Saturday that "woke is an existential threat to our society."
DeSantis, greeting Republican activists at a major GOP 2024 presidential cattle call in Iowa, the state whose caucuses lead off the Republican White House nominating calendar, was asked about comments former President Donald Trump made two days earlier.
Ron DeSantis in Iowa

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks with Iowa voters at Sen. Joni Ernst's annual Roast and Ride, which this year attracted all but one of the declared GOP presidential candidates, on June 3, 2023 in Des Moines, Iowa (Fox News )
"I don’t like the term ‘woke’ because I hear ‘woke, woke, woke.’ It’s just a term they use, half the people can’t even define it, they don’t know what it is," the former president said on Thursday during remarks at the Westside Conservative Club in Urbandale, Iowa.
Asked about Trump's comments, the Florida governor said Saturday that "to say it’s not a big deal, that just shows you don’t understand what a lot of these issues are right now."
Trump, who launched his third straight White House campaign last November, is the current commanding front-runner in the polls.
Former President Donald Trump campaigns in Iowa

Former US President Donald Trump arrives to meet with local Republican leaders at the Machine Shed restaurant in Urbandale, Iowa, US, on Thursday, June 1, 2023. Trump returned to the state on Wednesday to begin a series of appearances and interviews, including a Fox News town hall with Sean Hannity that will be broadcast today. Photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images (Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
DeSantis, who's seen his stature with conservatives across the country soar in recent years in part due to his culture wars battles against some major corporations, school unions, and the media. He often touts that Florida "is where woke goes to die."
The governor is solidly in second place in the GOP nomination polls, far behind Trump but well ahead of the rest of the field of actual and potential contenders.
DeSantis at the Iowa State Fairgrounds at Sen. Joni Ernst's Roast and Ride. The annual motorcycle ride, which benefits veterans, this year attracted all of the declared Republican presidential candidates except Trump.