Rabbi Lindstench: Race Traitor or Jew?

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Rabbi Lindstench: Race Traitor or Jew?

By Pastor Eli James

“We know we have passed out of death to life because we love the brethren. He that loves not his brother abides in death. Whosoever hates his brother is a murderer: and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.”�� - I John 3: 14-15.

Christian Israel, there is an infiltrator trying to pose as an “Aryan Nations Christian Identity Pastor.”�� Here is the scoop.

One of ZOG’s favorite tactics against True Israel is to prop up phony pastors. They usually come out of the prison system. I have had much personal experience with the subversives among us, as I have related in this earlier article, posted on my website: http://anglo-saxonisrael.com/site/node/111 The most common tactic of the subversive is false accusations, made publicly, in order to discredit the true servants.

What these impostors never realize is that disobeying Yahweh’s laws immediately disqualifies them from being a part of our congregation. It may be easy to fool White nationalists, but CI is hard to impersonate.

Numerous people have called me a Jew or a mamzer or worse, but none of them have been able to prove any of their charges against me. Those who know me personally know that I do my best to be a guileless Israelite. I do not claim to be perfect, but neither do I actively go out to make trouble for others. Sadly, we have another impersonator trying to weasel his way in, but his behavior has exposed him as an impostor.

One of the biggest complaints I get is that I am too lenient with the trolls in the chatrooms of my talk shows. Martin Lindstedt has been a frequent troll during many of my shows; and the only time I have censored him is when he has resorted to ad hominem attacks or profanity. These two things are part of his act, as I will abundantly prove in this expose’ of this ZOG agent.

First of all, Rabbi Lindstench has a morbid fascination with excrement, as this link shows:


The fact that he calls his “ministry”�� the “Movement Turd”�� should be a quick tip-off to anyone that he cannot possibly qualify as an Identist, since we are not to engage in loose language or obscenities. Martin Lindstedt is an obscene person. His morbid fascination with excrement is a very Jewish trait, as are many of Rabbi Lindstench’s traits, such as lying and impersonating a pastor. It demonstrates that he is really mocking us to our faces; and wants to rub our faces in it!

Lindstedt’s Violations of the Law

If you read his writings or listen to his shows, you will observe the following violations of Yahweh’s Sacred Laws:

Rumor-mongering: Lev. 19:16, Prov. 18:8, James 1:26.

False accusations and unprovoked personal attacks: Lev. 19:11-16, James 4:11.

Foul mouth: Ephesians 5:4.

Abstain from the appearance of evil: I Thes. 5:22.

Evil cometh from the heart of a man: I Kings 8:38-39, Matt. 15:18-19.

Lying and false witness: Ex. 20:16, Deut. 19:16-19.

Troublemaking (agitation and provocation): Prov. 6:16-19.

Failing to give proper reverence: Deut. 10:12, Psalm 89:7.

Sodomy: Romans 1:22-32.

Ingratitude: Luke 17: 12-19.

Self-glorification: James 3:13-16.

Boastful: James 3:5-6.

Identity, which is based on the Bible, not on Martin Lindstedt’s eyesight or disingenuous opinions, clearly tells us that, in order to be a True Israelite, we must obey Yah’s Laws. This, Rabbi Lindstench adamantly refuses to do, as he continues to attack well-established ministries with lies and ridicule.

Rabbi Lindstench fits the profile of an infiltraitor so well, that he begs to be investigated, so let’s set the stage.

Profile of an Infiltrator

Both White Nationalism and Christian Identity have had to deal with infiltraitors for a very long time. The process of infiltrating White patriotic organizations actually began during World War II, when the Ku Klux Klan was heavily infiltrated by agents under FDR (Federal Dictator Rosenfeldt), a Jew-rat if there ever was one. During the communist/Zionist Rosenfeldt regime, true patriots, who were opposed to America’s entry into WWII, were persecuted and smeared as “Nazis,”�� even though they were merely opposed to another useless war. Sound familiar? Has anything changed? Ezra Pound, Elizabeth Dilling and Charles Lindberg, Jr., the famous aviator, were targeted by the ZOG beast in the most vindictive manner. Anyone who publicly stated that it was Jewish bankers who were promoting WWII was shouted down and smeared.

The infamous 1977 Nazi demonstration in Skokie IL was actually arranged by a Jew, Frank Collin, posing as a Nazi. {See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Collin After being exposed as a jewish infiltrator, Collin left the neo-Nazi movement and became a pornography distributor.} Given all of the money the Jews have, it is easy for them to hire people to infiltrate any and all patriotic movements. Today’s Jews are even bragging that they have infiltrated the Tea Party movement, in order to undermine it.

The German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, was one of the first to expose this Jewish tactic, when he said,

"Every time new and promising opportunities for meddling have arisen, the Jew has been immediately involved. He has demonstrated an uncanny ability to sniff out like a bloodhound anything which was dangerous to him. Having found it, he uses all his cunning to get at it, to divert it, to change its nature, or, at least, to deflect its point from its goal. How does the Jew respond? He establishes a Schopenhauer Society." - http://www.jrbooksonline.com/eckart.htm

To demonstrate how well Arthur Schopenhauer understood the perfidious Jew, he also said,

"While all other religions endeavor to explain to the people by symbols the metaphysical significance of life, the religion of the Jews is entirely immanent and furnishes nothing but a mere war-cry in the struggle with other nations."

Alas, their power is today stronger than it has ever been, at any time in history! Satan is, indeed, the prince of this world! We have to understand how these Jew-financed infiltraitors operate and how they insinuate themselves into our company.

Here is the typical profile of an informant/infiltrator: Someone who

1.) has been prosecuted and convicted of a crime and sent to prison. Usually, these potential informants are convicted of drug charges, as in the case of Bradley Jenkins, who was posing as an Aryan Nations “Identity minister”�� right after his release from jail. Sometimes, these potential prisoners agree to become informants before going to prison, and make a deal to avoid prison.

2.) plea-bargained for a lower sentence.

3.) had his sentence reduced in exchange for being let out early.

4.) after being released, appears out of nowhere, claiming to be a White nationalist, patriot, or Christian Identity.

5.) incites people to commit violent or illegal acts.

6.) talks a good game at first, bashing the jews and commies, but does not walk the Identity walk.

7.) as he attracts his own following, he begins bashing real patriots

8.) never produces any Christian scholarship of his own. Rather, he uses the cut and paste technique of posting factual articles about the jews and Zionism, but never doing any positive work.

9.) avoids the “Good News”�� that Yahshua will return to destroy our enemies. Instead, he encourages us to engage in violent acts or violations of the law.

10.) flagrantly disobeys Yahweh’s laws, while claiming to be an “Identity minister.”��

11.) once exposed for these violations of Identity protocol, he begins all out attacks on real Identity adherents.

Does Lindstench fit this profile? The infiltraitor du jour is the self-proclaimed “Pastor”�� Martin Lindstedt.

Beware of Martin Lindstedt

The surest way to get a White nationalist in trouble is to bait him into doing something illegal or violent. The ADL loved it when Hal Turner recruited gullible White nationalists and entrapped them into doing something stupid. The important thing to realize here is that Hal Turner was not just a propagandist, he was setting people up. His undoing was caused by the fact that a real patriot had intercepted emails that Turner was exchanging with his FBI handler.

In my Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter, I reported on Hal Turner on several occasions. Apparently, Pastor Visser did not get this Newsletter, or he might not have gotten involved with Mr. Turner. I suspect that all of Visser’s current problems are a direct result of his brief involvement with Turner. Here is the text of a Newsletter I put out in October of 2008:



Hal Turner is a federal agent. The real reason his show was taken down was that he was exchanging emails with the FBI, informing on White Nationalists. Having been exposed in this way, he shut down his old site. This was a voluntary decision by himself, because his cover had been blown. Now, in the referenced video, he is trying to make a comeback. He claims that the shut-down was due to "goverment pressure." Don't be fooled. Hal Turner is a sophisticated shill. All White patriots should be aware of who and what Hal Turner is. A good agent provocateur must occasionally provide true information in order to be credible; but his purpose is really to entrap unsuspecting White nationalists, who might be prone to acting on his provocations. Turner even brags about this in his email to one of the feds!!!

In January, hackers broke into Turner's computer server and found e-mails between Turner and an FBI agent who was apparently Turner's handler. Turner was providing information to the FBI agent about individuals who attended his neo-nazi rallies, along with a potential assassination plot against Senator Russ Feingold.

"Once again," Turner wrote to the agent, "my fierce rhetoric has served to flush out a possible crazy."

When he was confronted by his readers, Turner shut down his website and vowed to separate himself from the "pro-White" movement. His site later returned in the form of a blog hosted on blogspot.com.

The Southern Poverty Law Center documented the case in an article entitled, FBI's Use of Neo-Nazi Informant Knocked. Both the FBI and Turner have refused to comment on the allegations.

Considering the fact that Turner has been left alone [by the authorities - Eli] despite arguing that killing certain federal judges "may be illegal, but it wouldn't be wrong" and outright calling for the murder of immigrants crossing the border from Mexico, it's no surprise that his latest scam, despite its blatant illegality, will go unnoticed by the same authorities that Turner apparently accepts a paycheck from.

The SPLC article states, In 2006, Turner told his audience to "clean your guns, have plenty of ammunition, [and] then do what has to be done" to undocumented workers.

Around the same time, he suggested that half the U.S. Congress "may have to be assassinated." A year earlier, he suggested "drawing up lists of yeshivas," or Jewish religious schools. He once started a website called www.killtheenemy.com for the purpose of posting photos and names of those who marched in favor of immigrant rights. Hearing that anti-racist activist Floyd Cochran was visiting Newark, near his home town, last June, Turner said he had "arranged for a group of guys to physically intercept" Cochran and added that Cochran would likely "get such a beating that his next stop is going to be University Hospital." (Although complaints were made both to the FBI and to Newark police about this threat against Cochran, both declined to press criminal charges.)

So Turner's alleged relationship with the FBI apparently affords him immunity from any legal consequences of making death threats, just as neo-con radio talk show host Michael Reagan was left alone despite openly advocating the assassination of Mark Dice and stating "I'll pay for the bullets".

[End of text from Oct. 6, 2008 Newsletter.]

I can honestly state that my Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter has always provided the most factual, up-to-date information on the activities of the Jews, the Illuminati, and their henchmen. Most “anti-Zionists”�� dare not go into the territory of exposing the fact that the Jews are neither Shemites nor Israelites. Nor is their religion based upon the Bible. Only we in Identity ever expose these facts. That’s why we are a constant target of ZOG-sponsored infiltrators.

Recently, two members of my Chicago congregation were attacked by the ARA (Anti-Racist Action), a communist front group. The ARA attacked them with chains, and our Identity brothers had to defend themselves with pocket knives. Guess who got arrested? The police arrested my friends and let the ARA attackers go free. They were charged with possessing pocket knives that were too long!! Can you believe this? But this is what we Identity Folk have to put up with, for defending our Race and our Religion. Even more recently, the two men who were physically attacked have had their email accounts hacked. We have the name of the ARA hacker, but the FBI refuses to do anything about this swine. Instead, they harass us for complaining about him.

Shortly after I issued the warning about Hal Turner, guess who posted an article on Turner’s site?


In this article, Lindstedt attacks Hal Turner, but don’t be fooled. There is another actor that has just danced upon the stage! In the wake of Hal Turner’s demise, Rabbi Lindstench now masquerades as one of the people who condemns Turner as a “phony.”�� Well, this is just another Jewish tactic, which can be added to his profile. It is a very clever tactic to feign patriotism by pretending to expose those who have already been battered and bruised. It makes one look warrior-like. (We have to imagine Lindstedt wearing a Viking helmet and an oversized sword!) But it’s just another Jewish ruse. Once a fellow infiltrator has fallen, he is fair game; and it is easy for other agents to pretend to attack one of their own, in order to ingratiate themselves with gullible White Nationalists. This is exactly what Lindstench has done. When Martin Lindstedt looks in the mirror, he sees Hal Turner. As Turner was coming down, Lindstedt was being groomed as his replacement.

Here are Lindstench’s own words from the above link. I have highlighted some of the more provocative statements:

Well, after 3 1/2 years I am finally out on bail. ZOG/Babylon/the Beast for whatever reason finally decided to belatedly obey its own sacred scrap of toilet paper, the CONstipation and Bill of Goods. [“Whatever reason”�� indeed! There most definitely IS a reason, but Lindstench is not offering any good reasons. Things just happen, right? Also, Lindstedt’s disrespect of our Constitution is fascinating! Whose side is he really on? ZOG doesn’t have a Constitution or a Bill of Rights. Is he talking about America? – Eli]

I suspect that I am like Lenin and my hero Felix Dzerzhinsky, who would be turned loose whenever the Tsarist regime was tottering and finally released in the October Revolution of 1917, to then exterminate the old regime. [Lenin was released under the orders of the Jew, Max Warburg, then head of German Intelligence under the Kaiser. (See this article for how WWI was orchestrated by the Warburg brothers: http://mostaqueali.blogspot.com/2008/12/scum-that-threaten-humanity-jewish.html ) I suspect that Lindstedt’s release was arranged by Warburg’s relatives. Isn’t there a policy that the local community should be warned when a convicted child molester is turned loose upon society? Was this policy followed in the case of Lindstench? Maybe Martin is being facetious when he refers to Dzerzhinsky, a Jewish mass murderer of White Christians, as his “hero.”�� (http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/RUSterror.htm Dzerzhinsky was appointed by Lenin to be the first head of the terrorist Cheka.) Or maybe Lindstench is just being coy. How provocative!!! Is this prose anything like the writings of Swift, Comparet, Rand, Emry, et al? Or is this a raving lunatic, sly like a fox, or one pretending to fill the shoes of the above?]

In the time I've been imprisoned, I've been tortured and drugged, like every police state loves to do before it collapses. And as a result I hate -- a lot. So what I am interested in is building up my Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri corporation, a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church, into the White Man's Racial Hate Religion. And yes, we will exterminate all the jews and niggers and beaners, but first we must exterminate the whiggers, the typical 'white nigger' servants of ZOG, ZOG's herd animals. [So, here is Lindstench stating that he was let out of the nuthouse early, for vague reasons, and that he intends to reinvent himself as a 2-Seedline “Identity”�� minister, and his intention is to turn Christian Identity into a religion of hatred! How convenient for us!! - or rather, for the jews!! Then he will EXTERMINATE all of his enemies! He sounds more like Hal Turner all the time, while pretending to despise him! Are your red flags going up yet? Who is this clown? What’s his track record? What has he ever done for Jesus Christ or the White Race? When I confronted him on his talk show, on Halloween night, this creature of the dark claimed that he had no money to defend himself against the charges of statutory sodomy, so he elected to go to the asylum instead of to the joint, where child sodomizers are considered to be the dregs of the earth, by their fellow inmates. Nasty things happen to child sodomizers while they are incarcerated. It’s called “prison justice.”�� Surely, Lindstench was hoping to avoid such an experience. Oh, pardon me! Sodomite Lindstench is our new Furher!!! He is not the first Hitler impersonator, trying to lead us into the next race war!! Sadly, he will not be the last. Of course, Lindstedt exempts himself from being one of these potential wiggers!]

Frankly, I intend to either skin alive whigger regime criminals or let them pleads guilty to the mental disorder of Piglice Testicle Eating Syndrome. The goal of the CJCC/AN is to enhance the Great Tribulation to where only 5 to 10 million Whites exist on the continent when Christ returns, no non-whites, no whiggers. [His goal is “enhance”�� the violence! How noble! M I’m sure it will be bad enough. Yahshua doesn’t want or need Lindstedt’s so-called help! Now, either Lindstedt possesses a truly sick mind, OR HE IS PLAY-ACTING, when he spouts this garbage.]

So I suppose I should not lament now that rule of law has been eliminated for Whites. After all, we love the buildup of lawlessness, [This, coming from someone who refuses to obey Yahweh’s laws! Talk about hypocrisy! Or in Lindtedt’s case, maybe it’s hip-pocrisy! It’s hip to be a White Nationalist on the net!!!] the rise of torture as a means of police procedure, imprisonment without bail, forced lawyers to make plea 'bargains' [Maybe it’s because the case against Lindstench was so solid that he no alternative but to plea-bargain. Yet, after he gets out, he has plenty of time and resources to file nuisance lawsuits in the name of White Nationalism!!!] -- everything ZOG and whiggers did to destroy my family and in their attempt to destroy me. [I would say that sodomy is a much greater threat to the stability of families.]

This is a war for survival, and it is stupid to allow your enemies survive to fight against you. [Here is another blatant call for violence. The man who claims to oppose Hal Turner’s rhetoric uses the same, blunt rhetoric!!! Can we afford to have such an animal in our midst? The Bible says, “Vengeance is mine, saith Yahweh.”�� If Lindstedt would read a Bible, perhaps he would understand that “Tarry till I come”�� means that we should build the Kingdom, by practicing brotherly love in the spirit of guilelessness, instead of wasting our time trying to fight against the KGB and the CIA, with their legions of assassins and swat teams. The Scriptures constantly assure us that He will protect us if we obey His Will. The Scriptures also warn us against taking stupid actions against an all-powerful enemy. “Who can make war against the Beast”��? Lindstench, if you want to step in front of the Israeli bulldozer, be my guest, but if you trick someone into doing likewise, you will be a murderer. You may eventually thank me for calling you out before your imitations of Hal Turner go too far.]

Randy Turner has my deepest contempt as a 'presstitute.' A typical liar and coward, it never had the decency to ask about my side of the matter -- didn't even think of doing so. [So, while calling Turner names, pointing the finger at him, he diverts your attention from himself, another presstitute! Or don’t you get it yet?]

And like all of its scruffy breed, didn't wish to report on my Nov. 4th lawsuit, The Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri et.al, v. Senator Barack Hussein Obama, et.al. 08-3405-CV-S. In it I also sue jewn McCain, but the gravimen of my suit is that if openly Whites are not allowed to run for governor, then why should niggers be allowed to run for president? But ZOGlng whigger ass-clowns don't want law, or order, or civilization, but rather their own way. [ Maybe his lawsuits aren’t worthy of the respect he demands? It’s fascinating that someone, who had no money for defending himself against sodomy charges, finds the time and money to file nuisance lawsuits. Maybe he is just wasting our time, building himself up as a “persecuted White nationalist.”�� Here is a wigger calling other people “wigger.”�� The ADL loves it when “White Nationalists”�� fight amongst themselves, and use blatant hate speech, ethnic slurs, and calls for violence. It gives the Jews the opportunity to point at them and hold them up as the poster boys for Identity and White Nationalism. “See, good Christians and jews, here is the face of Christian Identity. HATE! HATE! HATE!”�� saith the ADL and the SPLC. The squeakier the rat, the more publicity he gets, and the more bad publicity for Christian Identity – which is, of course, the intention.

By propping up their phony “pastors,”�� the ADL uses them as the “Jerry Springers”�� of Identity. This is Lindstench’s true function, as should be obvious to anyone that has eyes to see and ears to hear. All you have to do is check out his supposed “Identity”�� postings and talk shows, which are filled with nothing but obscenitites and HATE SPEECH – AGAINST CHRISTIAN IDENTITY!! This is why Identity is so easily ridiculed, because of people like Hal Turner, and his successor, Rabbi Lindstench. Martin Lindstedt’s clever but transparent tactic is to pretend to oppose and expose Hal Turner. This has fooled quite a few people; but the proof that Lindstench is NOT anything close to an Identitist is the fact that, for the last year or so, Lindstedt hasn’t even bothered to criticize jews. Instead, he has used his own talk show, almost exclusively, to bash True Israelites, calling us “mamzers”�� and “phonies,”�� while he steadfastly refuses to obey Yahweh’s commandments against rumor-mongering and baseless, false accusations. As I said, this is his real motivation and this is why ZOG has set him up. This nobody, whose background is that of a filthy degenerate and law-breaker, who was just released from the asylum, now pretends to be an “Identity pastor.”��]

Well, enough for now. After 3 1/2 years my web page has been hacked by ZOG, and my old computer equipment is offline, so I must post to racialist forums such as www.stumbleinn.net

[Yes. Hal Turner used the same pretense: “I am such a poor, persecuted victim of ZOG,”�� saith the hacker. Boo hoo. Crocodile tears!]

The Troll Attacks

On his 10/28/2010 talkshoe show, Lindstedt, after talking about cannibalistic chickens for about half an hour, finally gets to the meat of his “sermon.”�� He mocks those in CI who have been listening to anyone else but himself. Of these people – meaning you, dear Israelite - he says they are “diseased animals that follow them,”�� “they don’t act normal”�� – this coming from an escapee from the asylum – “they don’t know how to behave,”�� “mamzers on a hill of tampons in a sewer.”�� After hearing that, I had heard enough. Not only is Rabbi Lindstench an embarrassment to the White Race, even the jews will not have him. That’s why they pay him to annoy us! Here’s the link, if you can stomach listening to it: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=75473&cmd=tc

We in Identity stand on the Law. Rabbi Lindstench, by his own admission, stands on his own opinion. Martin Lindstedt is no Identist. He is a lawbreaker. If any in the White Nationalist movement admire him, they will eventually pay the price for following him, just as those who paid the price for following Hal Turner. The difference between Christian Identity and White Nationalism is that you have to know and follow Scripture (which is by no means jewish in origin) to be an Identist. Hence, an infiltraitor/provocateur is easy to spot within Identity. He’s the one standing in the corner losing his religion. He wants a soapbox for Christmas, but he will get judgment instead. White Nationalists do not have Yahshua. They think they can beat the beast by attacking it with violence. This attitude makes them very exploitable. Whenever they do, they fall into the meatgrinder.

Filling in the Blanks of Lindstedt’s Profile

Martin Lindstedt

1.) has been prosecuted and convicted of “statutory sodomy”�� and sent to an asylum.

Martin Lindstedt was prosecuted for sodomizing a child. He does not and cannot deny this.


2.) plea-bargained for a lower sentence.

The fact that his case was put on hold indicates to me that he had begun the process of plea-bargaining and co-operation with his handlers.

3.) had his sentence reduced in exchange for being let out early.

He admits this in his blog, but does not specify the reason why he was let out early. We can only guess! Since Lindstedt only requires opinions as proof, my opinion stands as proof!!!

4.) appears out of nowhere, claiming to be a White nationalist, patriot, or Christian Identity.

Shortly after being released from the lunatic asylum, having been duly convicted of sodomy against a child, Lindstench began masquerading as an Aryan Nations “pastor.”�� Well, anybody can create a website and call himself a pastor. Does he have a congregation? Does he follow the Holy Scriptures in his behavior? The most important question is “What does he teach”��? I was never a follower of his talk show, but I understand that he has never had more than a handful of followers. Most tune in for laughs.

5.) incites people to commit violent or illegal acts.


6.) talks a good game, bashing the jews and commies, but does not walk the Identity walk.

I will detail his violations of Yahweh’s laws below.

7.) as he began to attract publicity, begins bashing real patriots, betraying his real agenda

Here is a link to his talk show, which is filled with anti-White and anti-Identity diatribes, attacking those who listen to myself, William Finck, Sword Brethren, and others. He was a frequent lurker during my Talkshoe broadcasts. Anyone who has participated in those shows knows that I never booted him out of the chatroom unless he resorted to ad hominem attacks against others in the chatroom or if he resorted to obscenities. So, Lindstench is a liar when he accuses me of “censorship.”�� I do not have to tolerate his nonsense during my shows. Nor should any minister have to tolerate someone getting up in the middle of his sermon and starting his own sermon from the pew. You can go to his site any time and listen to his garbage. Here is the blurb he sent to advertise his own show.


The fact that he calls his “ministry”�� The Movement Turd is a mockery of Christianity and Christian Identity. He has never produced any Christian scholarship, nor does he intend to. Even the commentators on his blog weren’t fooled by him. The fact that he has taken, as a middle name, the name of a Jewish mass murder is a good indication of how sincere he is. Who let this guy out of the asylum? Can Christian Identity afford to let such an obscene whore speak in our name?

8.) never produces any Christian scholarship of his own. Rather, he uses the cut and paste technique of posting factual articles about the jews and Zionism, but never doing any positive work.

I might be wrong about this, but I haven’t seen any; and I don’t have the time to peruse all of his shows and postings. I have provided some links herein for you to see for yourself what his ministry is worth.

9.) avoids the “Good News”�� that Yahshua will return to destroy our enemies. Instead, he encourages us to engage in violent acts or violations of the law.

His pleasure is hate rhetoric. We know that this does not benefit Christian Identity. The Jews have been known to hire provocateurs to pose as ministers. We should be on our guard at all times for those who refuse to walk the walk. Most of his hate-spewing is actually directed against Israelites, which violates Yahshua’s command that we be guileless. Rabbi Lindstench is so full of guile that he exudes it into the stratosphere. Jesus said, “Be ye therefore wise as serpents, yet guileless as doves.”�� Rabbi Lindstench has “wise as serpents”�� part down pat.

10.) flagrantly disobeys Yahweh’s laws, while claiming to be an “Identity minister.”��


11.) once exposed for these violations of Identity protocol, he begins all out attacks on real Identists.

This has apparently been going for a long time, but I only recently became aware of Lindstedt’s attacks upon our established identity shows. This is when he started to call myself and Sword Brethren “mamzers.”�� He did this without any proof whatsoever, so I called in on his show on Halloween night – fitting night for a spook to be exposed! – and challenged him to obey Yahweh’s laws. He was unrepentant and defiant, claiming that “My own eyes”�� is all the proof he needs to condemn someone. The Bible says that you have to have two or three witnesses. Now, when confronted with such evildoers, we are admonished to expel such evildoers. (Psalm 26:5; II Chron. 19:2; I Cor. 5:9-11; II Cor. 6:14-18.) So, I am doing my part to expose him.


Every con artist has to have a convincing sales pitch, by which to hook his victims. By coming out against easy targets, such as Turner, and those who were associated with him, Wickstrom, Faber and Visser, Lindstedt tries to set himself up as “the good guy.”�� This is a very clever tactic; but it is only part of this race traitor’s disguise. The bottom line is this: YOU CANNOT BE AN IDENTIST UNLESS YOU KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS. This, Lindstench has never done; and even worse, he adamantly refuses to do this, thus being a law unto himself. This is what the Pharisaic rabbis do. So, take your pick: race-traitor or Talmudic rabbi. Which is worse?

Lindstench is a shill and he is working for ZOG. He is definitely a hater and this is exactly the impression he wants to make for Identity. He imitates Cain and Esau, not Abel or Jacob. His agitations for violence come right out of ZOG’s playbook. Exposing the likes of Lindstench is important, so that more patriots become aware of ZOG’s tactics. The battle between good and evil is heating up; and the lines are being drawn. Whose side will you be on when the Judgment Day comes?

Lindstedt may have fooled three followers; but I am not fooled. And he is threatening to violate laws against personal privacy by publishing people’s home addresses and phone numbers. Invasion of privacy is serious business. Those who engage in it are lawbreakers. No Identist I know of has ever published the names, numbers and addresses of other Identists. If you disrespect another person’s privacy, then you have no right to your own. The fact that Lindstedt has threatened to do this proves that he is nothing but a viper. You can bet that he is not so stupid as to do such things without anticipating protection from his handlers; but even his handlers will shy away from him when his subversive activities are made public, along with his crimes. ZOG doesn’t keep useless eaters around for very long.

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God”�� (II Tim. 3:1-4).

Gee! Sounds like somebody we know!!!

By his own words and actions, Lindstedt stands guilty of making false accusations, which is a violation of Yahweh’s law. And the law demands that the false accuser be punished according the punishment of one who is guilty of the crime. Since child molester Lindstench has falsely accused people of being homosexuals, he deserves the punishment prescribed for sodomites in the Old Testament and Romans 1.

Given his deliberate provocations against all of Identity, I had no choice but to call Lindtedt out on my show last Sunday, Oct. 31. Here is the link to that show: www.talkshoe.com/tc/22187 Later that night, I called in to his show and accused him of violating Yahweh’s laws. He had no choice but to take my call, otherwise he would have been perceived as a coward. He did not deny these violations. He merely stated that he needs no evidence other than his own eyes. His arrogance and blasphemy are patently evident to anyone who has eyes to see or ears to hear. My participation in that show began at about thirty minutes into the show and again toward the one hour mark. Let Lindstedt convict himself:

Here is Lindstedt’s most recent post, commenting on my call into his show:


Final Link to Poor, Persecuted “Pastor”�� Potty Mouth Lindstench

Here is what this creature from the dark side had to say about Pastor Visser’s recent scrapes with the Georgia Child “Services”�� Department. Referring to a picture of Visser with his daughter:

The picture above looks like it was made for the After-Skrule TalmudVision Movie Special "My Anglo-Mestizo Daddy Molested My Little Pussy & What's All The Effin' Fuss About?" Link: http://www.thebeerbarrel.net/showth...quot-on-Talkshoe&p=10929&viewfull=1#post10929 Is this the way a human being talks about a little girl? What are you, Lindstench? Did you crawl out of a sewer? Can anyone be more jewish than this?

Are these the words and thoughts of a Christian, or even a White Nationalist? Sounds like he wants to be a witness for ZOG against Pastor Visser. Lindstench condemns himself with his foul mouth and total disrespect for other people’s privacy. Of all the agit-prop informants I have come across, Lindstench is the only one who has non-stop excrement coming from his mouth. He is a transparent mole. He must live in his commode. I really feel sorry for his wife and children, to have to put up with a gargoyle in human form. Please help me expose this apostle of crudeness by forwarding this essay to anyone and everyone in the White Nationalist community.

“By their fruits shall ye know them.”�� Has Lindstedt ever produced any good thing? Not that I am aware of. On the contrary, he stirs up hatred and anger wherever he goes. A guileless Israelite he is not. As a caricature of a White Nationalist, Lindstedt stands proud of his heresies; but his chutzpah days are numbered. He has been exposed. He is little more than a self-glorifying troll.

Here is William Finck’s commentary on Lindstedt. It should be understood that Lindstedt had been given free space on Bill’s blog. But this Talmudic infiltraitor could not resist biting the hand that feeds him, thus antagonizing William Finck. This is an example of Lindstedt’s “gratitude”�� to those who help him – just like a viper jew. When Bill realized that Lindstench was using his freedom of speech to bash Identists instead of jews, Bill had no choice but to boot him off the blog. http://www.zogbots.com/content/so-called-pastor-martin-luther-dzerzhinsky-lindstedt

Final Comment to Rabbi Lindstench:

Martin Lindstedt, here is my advice to you: Go back to your ZOG handlers and tell them “The jig is up. They know who and what I am. My cover has been blown. Can I please go home now?”�� If you’re lucky, they will no longer extract any more pounds of flesh from your ample rump. An apology to REAL IDENTISTS and REAL WHITE NATIONALISTS is in order, as I am sure you have made some people very angry with your charade. However, if you are unrepentant, you will surely suffer the consequences of your treason.

In your brief career as a CI impersonator, you have displayed one of the most seriously reprobate minds that I have ever witnessed. Given your own, self-incriminating words and behavior, there are only two possibilities: 1.) race-traitor or 2.) joo. Either way, I advise you to repent before Yahshua returns. Be virtuous (Prov. 31:10-11) and prove yourself worthy. If ZOG allows you to go home in peace, I suggest that you immerse yourself in the Scriptures and become a true Israelite.

In closing, I feel a tremendous sense of sadness at what you’ve allowed yourself to become. Your brazenness and open disregard for any type of civility are quite shocking. I’ve never seen anything like it. We will pray for you, Martin. I hope your motivation is the fear of being sent back to prison, rather than the apparent joy you display in mocking us and Christianity.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”�� - James 4:7.

Pastor Eli James

Lindstedt labors vainly to give us the impression that he is minister know-it-all but fails tragically. It is obvious that Lindstedt is mindlessly parroting the words of other, true, Christian Indentists; endlessly repeating, but not understanding a word of what he is saying, let alone believing what he is saying. This was made quite obvious during his interview with Pastor Finck:

Pastor William Finck interviews Pastor Martin Lindstedt on Talkshoe

At five-hours long I'm not going to listen to it again, but I believe it was in the first hour. He begins babbling some ignorant nonsense he probably stole from someone else--after claiming to be a Christian minister no less--and he starts to get confused (the curse of a liar) and after being corrected once or twice by the great Pastor Finck, he makes the most asinine of statements!

He says something like: 'I'm not so much interested in the theology of CI, only in the political aspects of CI'; or some such garbage. At least that's what I recall from listening to this interview almost a year ago, a "Political Identist"!? I've never heard such a thing in my life, but then and there I knew this Lindstedt was a fraud; he's no Christian, no Son of Adam, and no one to be associated with.
Lindstedt is literally mentally ill. He was released from a mental hospital not too long ago, he has admitted as much in his broadcasting... where he sings, howls and makes strange sounds. He, unfortunately, like quite a few self-described ministers, have something wrong in the brain. I can't speak for all, but as far as Lindstedt, I really don't think he can help what he does, says or how he acts. That's about the best I can say about him. I ignore anything and everything associated with him. The poor bastard. :crazy:
I agree with you all concerning the lunatic Lindstedt. I can only take his show for a couple of minutes before I am repulsed by his lunacy. As a firm Christian Identity adherent, I seek the truth of the scriptures and constantly study them to arm myself against the constant lies of the jews. I view Eli James and Bill Finck as modern day scholars and prophets. Lindstedt comes across as a jew to me.