Why animals should not own other animals


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Why animals should not own other animals

Arlington nig held after 7 dead pit bulls found in home

An Arlington nig was arrested late Wednesday after police found seven dead and four emaciated pit bulls at his home.


Christopher Clark, 24, who was living in the home in the 700 block of Timberview Lane, was taken into custody without incident on 11 misdemeanor warrants accusing him of animal cruelty.

Police suspect the dogs were being raised for fighting purposes.

The animals were discovered on Dec. 8 after police investigated a report of a foul order (sic) coming from the home. Lt. Miller said that when officers arrived at the home, they discovered fecal matter and dead animals inside and outside the house.

He said that some of the dead animals appeared to have died recently, while other had decomposed.

The four malnourished dogs were taken to animal control in Arlington, where officials will try to nurse them back to health.

Records show that Mr. Clark was sentenced last month to five years' probation for possession of marijuana.
Nigger Charged In Animal Cruelty Case

After repeated calls to Allen Collin's home in East Ridge, animal control officers charge him with animal cruelty.

Officers say it's the result of a month-long investigation, and tips from neighbors.


Both of the animals seized came to the East Ridge Animal Shelter, where after evaluation were taken to an animal hospital because they were in such bad condition. This is also where another one of Allen Collin's pit bulls remains after it attacked a neighbor and another dog.

The first pit bull pup siezed is still nervous and skiddish around people, although since he's been at East Ridge Animal Hospital he's warmed up to some of the staff here.

Officers say they found him in Allen Collin's back yard, hunched over in a crate too small for him to move around in.

East Ridge Animal Control Officer Jonathan Cooper said "he was standing in about two inches deep of feces and urnine, as well as water. The dog was soaking wet, gums were pale. He was shaking vigorously, very cold."

Officers arrested and charged 29-year-old Allen Collins with animal cruelty, who's now out on a $5,000 bond.

Collins is accused of abusing two animals. The other pit bull is an adult male who appears to be doing much better now that he's at the animal hospital.

Cooper said the adult pit was also kept in Collin's back yard, tied down to a tree stump with a heavy logging chain, that Cooper said was almost half the weight of the dog.

He was found emaciated, and because of the heavy chain Cooper says he could not get water or shelter from the rain in his dog house.

"Also he had a condition known as a prolapsed rectum, where his actual rectum had turned inside out and came out from his bottom, probably six-to-eight inches. And that was a result of a severe parasitic infestation in his intestines," Cooper said.

The adult had surgery to correct the problem, and both animals are getting care to remove parasites and gain weight.

The father of the puppy Cooper seized remains in the animal shelter, after being repeatedly picked up by Cooper the last few months.

"And in Otcober his dogs were out again, out running at large. During that adventure for the dog a lady was bitten in the thigh and another dog was attacked," Cooper explained.

Cooper said Collins was breeding pit bulls in the back yard of his girlfriend's duplex, which is illegal.

He credits neighbors with reporting the problems.

"Anonymous tips are valuable in this line of work and other law enforcement," Cooper said.

Cooper is aksing anyone who knows about animal abuse and neglect to call animal services or police for their area.

Allen Collins will be in court, and East Ridge City Court Judge Arvin reingold will decide whether the seized animals can be adopted or of Collins can get them back.